Why Does Treason Dream: Sex In A Dream With Another Man Or Woman

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Why Does Treason Dream: Sex In A Dream With Another Man Or Woman
Why Does Treason Dream: Sex In A Dream With Another Man Or Woman

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guy with girl
guy with girl

Among psychologists and psychiatrists of the 20th century, theories are still popular that the situations experienced in a dream are the intrigues of the subconscious. Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, was especially fond of this. The article will try to answer the question of why you dream, what you change, based on the interpretation of dreams by the Freudian methodology.

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  • 1 How was psychoanalysis born?
  • 2 More about Freud's method
  • 3 Woe from wits or what do men think during sex?
  • 4 Fears attacked by a cat that looks with too much interest
  • 5 Remembers the multiplication table so as not to ejaculate ahead of time
  • 6 Thinks about paying off the fine he received last month
  • 7 Tries to give an orgasm to his beloved
  • 8 enjoys her body
  • 9 About nothing

How was psychoanalysis born? I

The scientist was born in the Austrian city of Freiberg at that time on May 6, 1856 in a family of German Jews. Siegmund's father was a fabric merchant who lost his business due to the economic decline of the town. Soon, the family sets out in search of a better life, first to Leipzig, and then to Vienna. After some time, the father's affairs improved, which made it possible to move to a more favorable area of ​​the city and send the children to a prestigious gymnasium.

Sigmund gravitated towards science and sincerely loved reading. The boy went to school a year earlier than his peers and received a diploma with honors upon graduation. The young Freud had little career choice due to nationality. From the available options, the young man chose the medical field.

Having entered the University of Vienna, the future scientist was often attacked by fellow students who were anti-Semitic. Freud himself said that criticism and condemnation of others from school developed in him independence from other people's opinions.

Even in his first year at the university, the young scientist was impressed by the zoologist Karl Klaus, in whose laboratory he worked even after graduation. Sigmund passionately wanted to devote himself to science, but the difficult financial situation in the family forced Freud to leave the laboratory and start a private practice. The meeting with Martha Bernans, Freud's future wife and mother of his six children, also played a role.

To gain the necessary experience, Sigmund gets a job as a doctor at the Vienna City Hospital. Over time, the paths of the scientist and psychiatry are connected, which will be until the death of the doctor.

the girl is sleeping
the girl is sleeping

In 1885, Sigmund Freud won a grant for an internship in Paris from Jean Charcot, a famous psychiatrist in Europe who worked with hypnosis. After returning to Vienna, working with a friend and colleague, Josef Breuer, the scientist finds the method of free association. This technique is described in a jointly published work in 1895, A Study of Hysteria. The method consists in describing all, even the most strange and ridiculous thoughts on a topic set by the doctor, which are further deciphered as signals of the unconscious.

In 1896, Freud's father dies, which was a strong blow for the man. The scientist applies the principles of psychoanalysis to himself, including deciphering dreams, to get out of depression.

On the basis of research, the following work is published - "The Interpretation of Dreams". Sigmund Freud himself until the end of his life was convinced that this book is fundamental in the theory of psychoanalysis.

More about Freud's method2

Why do you dream that you are changing? The problem must be approached comprehensively. Dreams, according to the scientist, are an attempt by the unconscious to penetrate consciousness when a person is sleeping. Dreams are a mixture of symbols and hidden desires, sometimes completely incomprehensible to a person, motives that originate from childhood.

Dream about treason
Dream about treason

The desires of the unconscious cannot penetrate the consciousness of a waking person due to the so-called dream censorship. During rest, this guard, in order to preserve psychic energy, lets the unconscious into dreams, but does so in a distorted form. This includes: sexual desires, including those prohibited for ethical reasons in society, and hatred.

According to Freud, the dreams that a person sees are of a dual nature. The first layer is explicit dreams, the story itself about blue caterpillars that eat pate, for example. The second layer is implicit dreams, that is, what the subconscious is talking about. The latter go through several stages to become the first.

At the initial stage, thoughts turn into images, that is, from some abstract feelings into concrete dreams. It is at this point that the power of dream censorship weakens.

The next stage is thickening, when a prefabricated image of a place or person appears in a dream.

After - displacement, when the emphasis is placed on the details of the manifest dream. Thus, important events elude attention.

Secondary processing, which is the fourth stage, makes the manifest dream more or less logical, lulls the beholder's attention.

Now it is clear that the answer to the question of why you dream that you are changing is not so simple. The very fact of betrayal is only an outer shell, which most likely does not say anything. To understand the real subtext, it is necessary to analyze more deeply.

Why dream of treason
Why dream of treason
  • Think about your feelings at this time?
  • What was happening around?
  • Do you remember who was with you?
  • Where were you?
  • Have you seen such a dream more than once?

Answer the questions honestly and track your emotions. Sleep with cheating has different meanings for every person. Work with your conscious and subconscious mind. If you feel you need help, see a specialist.

Grief from wits or what do men think during sex? 3

At least once in her life, every girl, looking at her partner, was perplexed. The impenetrable face of a loved one gives absolutely no idea what men think during sex. Sociologists decided not to disregard this issue and figure it out. This article contains the 6 most frequent answers that the representatives of the stronger sex gave during the survey.

Fears being attacked by a cat that looks with too much interest

Not all couples manage to close their bedroom doors in a fit of passion. And the young man also fears that his beloved will not hit the wall. Usually, this category includes answers about the interior around the couple during sex.

Treason in a dream
Treason in a dream

The bedroom is not always the ideal place for intercourse. Toys forgotten by children, pets or the blinking indicator of their own mobile bring confusion to a man's thoughts. The best solution would be to turn off your phone and close the door so as not to dwell on minor things. Nice things and souvenirs are also good to keep at a safe distance from the bed.

Remembers the multiplication table so as not to ejaculate ahead of time

There is a stereotype that it is correct to have an orgasm at the same time. Let's think logically. The female body, which needs extra time for arousal, and will receive an orgasm later than the male. Just imagine, out of 7 billion people on Earth, you cannot find two absolutely identical ones, even if they are twins. Is it any wonder, then, that different bodies of both sexes need different time to release.

The girl always asks not to finish before her, and the partner, clenching his teeth, counts the sheep. The question of how pleasant sexual intercourse is in this case for both remains open. Even with a quick orgasm for one partner, no one canceled oral sex or stimulation with a finger or an intimate toy for another.

Why dream that you are changing
Why dream that you are changing

Thinking about paying off the fine he received last month6

Modern life is full of stress. It is not always possible to completely relax even during intimacy with a loved one. There are days when life puts pressure not only on women, but also on men. A huge number of responsibilities remind of themselves with lists from the refrigerator door, from the diary and from the mobile phone application. A relaxing warm bath and massage for your partner will make even the busiest businessman forget about business. It is necessary to create such an atmosphere so that every first thought is only about your favorite and subsequent pleasant minutes.

But it is possible that the guy is simply not interested and bored, so what else to do if not accounting. When a partner is indifferently lying somewhere below and only occasionally shows signs of life, it will be clearly more interesting to reduce debit with credit. In this case, take the initiative. And you don't even need to stock up on edible linens or new toys, although this is also encouraged. An unexpected posture or a kiss in an interesting place will confuse even the most ordered thoughts. The element of novelty is pleasant not only for the partner, but also for the partner.

Trying to deliver an orgasm to her beloved7

This is for girls who have lived all their lives with the clitoris, the question of orgasm is not even worth it. If the fair sex has masturbated at least once, she already has an idea of ​​how to reach the peak.

For men, it's always a puzzle. Lower or higher, harder or softer, here or there. There are so many questions from which a man is slowly losing his mind and is no longer glad that he got involved in this business.

the girl is sleeping
the girl is sleeping

Solving the problem, as always, is on the surface. Just guide your loved one, tell when to be soft and when to be tough. A man feels orgasm a little differently, therefore, unknowingly, he can do something wrong. And girls are changeable creatures. Today I like one thing, and tomorrow my soul lies with another, just tell the guy about it.

Enjoying her body8

As they say, a man loves with his eyes, but this does not mean that now you have to be afraid for every fold. A loved one enjoys the shine of the eyes and soft hair, beautiful lingerie and soft curves of the body.

To create a stronger effect, you can turn on dim lights in the bedroom or light candles. Unblinking Christmas lights are also good and you don't have to remove them after the holidays. Small garlands with warm light will give you comfort at any time of the year.

Many men said that at such moments they could not believe themselves that this beauty had chosen him as a life partner.

Sleep is treason
Sleep is treason

About nothing9

It is possible that this is the result of the correct advice described above. The vast majority of respondents marked this answer option. A man feels so good that it makes no difference between the color of the bathroom rugs and the value of Apple stock. Again, it is good for a restless mind to be in a vacuum. It's like meditation, only with a sexual connotation.

Experience shows that it is not so important what men think about during sex, the main thing is how they feel.

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