What Do Girls And Guys Want From A Relationship? Major Differences

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What Do Girls And Guys Want From A Relationship? Major Differences
What Do Girls And Guys Want From A Relationship? Major Differences

Video: What Do Girls And Guys Want From A Relationship? Major Differences

Video: What Do Girls And Guys Want From A Relationship? Major Differences
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Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Men and women are people who differ in different behaviors, different emotional reactions, and of course they also expect different things from relationships. No wonder there are disputes about why women want love and men want pleasure.

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  • 1 What a woman is looking for in a relationship
  • 2 What a man is looking for in a relationship
  • 3 The reason for the conflict between male and female love
  • 4 What is the reason for these differences.
  • 5 Secrets of female and male psychology

What a woman is looking for in a relationship

Most often, women want feelings and care from relationships. It is important for them to take their opinion into account. To do this, a woman needs:

  • Feeling always loved, protected and desired, even when she doesn't look very good.
  • Hear compliments and confirmations of love, and as often as possible.
  • Feel touches, hugs and kisses.
  • Talk to a man about everything, including experiences and emotions.
  • Take care of him, support and help.
  • Be confident in loyalty.

What a man is looking for in a relationship2

A man, especially at the beginning of a relationship, pays great attention to the appearance of his beloved. It is important for him that she is attractive, seductive and he is proud that she is around. However, this does not negate the need for respect and love for security, and ideally for procreation. He also looks for in love:

  • Recognition of your attractiveness and love.
  • Sensual pleasures and recognition as a man.
  • The ability to dominate relationships and care.
  • Providing your own comfort and convenience in everyday problems.

So, even now it is clear that a woman wants love, and a man puts more emphasis on pleasure and his own comfort. But do not forget that it is also extremely important for a man to be loved, to realize his value for this woman. He simply attaches more importance to sexual relations and pleasures, it is more difficult for him to sacrifice something.

women want love
women want love

The reason for the conflict between male and female love3

Traditionally, there are accusations from women that men are selfish and callous, that they only need one thing - pleasure. The man, in turn, accuses women of self-interest, cutesy and insincerity. Although most often they want the same thing - to find their man and be happy with him.

It's no secret that a man loves with his eyes and most often draws attention to attractive women. But often a miracle happens, and love helps a man to see the real beauty of his beloved, which cannot be spoiled by years, illness.

Women often miss the important point that they love her not because she is beautiful, but consider her beautiful because they love her. And they begin to unreasonably accuse men that only appearance is important to them and that they do not know how to love at all.

What is the reason for these differences.4

The attitude towards love in men and women is different for several reasons:

men want women
men want women

Historical. The fact that a woman is equal to a man and should have the same rights and obligations began to speak relatively recently. Even 100 years ago, a woman practically had no opportunity to choose her life path, to live independently and support herself. Too much depended on the man, his desires and how he treats the woman and her children.

He could choose and make decisions on which the life of the family depended. Traditionally it was believed that only the house depends on the woman and she should provide the most comfortable environment for the man. Therefore, it was so important to fulfill his whims, listen to his desires and try to obey. The woman had to be attractive, seductive and submissive.

Psychological. Women value relationships and love differently. They are more ready for close communication, cooperation and sacrifice of their interests and desires. At the same time, their psyche is more flexible and it is easier for them to change and adapt. Also, on a subconscious level, there is a desire to smarten up, like it. A man is more active and pays less attention to his appearance. Even today, not every man is ready to visit beauty salons, to take care of his nails and skin.

want love
want love

Biological. Earlier, and often today, a woman is dependent on a man in a position while raising a child. That is why she needs to build a strong relationship with the father of her children, so that you can ensure the most comfortable life. The most important thing for a man is to pass on his DNA, unfortunately, often after this moment the relationship ends.

Moreover, he does not need to carry and feed the child for a long time, he is distinguished by greater physical and moral freedom. At the beginning of the 20th century, a woman left alone with a child was practically sentenced to death by starvation or humiliation. The man was not so connected.

Secrets of female and male psychology5

The most important secret of building relationships, psychologists believe, is that a man most often does not understand a woman well and finds himself in a situation of a casual meeting, a spontaneous impulse. A woman prepares for a long time and purposefully decides to enter into one or another relationship. However, a woman must have a truly military cunning, so that, while maintaining the interest of a man and the belief that he is the best for her, she does not frighten him off with an ardent desire to get married.

Finally, the most important conditions on which any relationship between a man and a woman is built is sexual interest. For a man, at the beginning of a relationship, physiological pleasure comes first, and for a woman it can be a concession. In the future, the relationship to this will either coincide and turn the couple into an equivalent union, or it may turn into a means of blackmail and violence.

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