How To Really Know That A Girl Doesn't Care About You

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How To Really Know That A Girl Doesn't Care About You
How To Really Know That A Girl Doesn't Care About You
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girl and guy in the morgue
girl and guy in the morgue

Not all young men and men are given the gift of understanding the fair sex. Sometimes their reactions and behavior are difficult to explain and interpret correctly. And almost every guy is interested in the question of how to understand that a girl is indifferent to you. Or he wants to know by what signs one can judge that the girl is interested in him. All this is so complicated … until the moment when a person does not understand the rather simple and unambiguous features of communication between representatives of different genders. There are some simple tips and practices to help you determine the degree of a woman's affection for a man.

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  • 1 Calm and sober assessment
  • 2 Non-verbal signs
  • 3 Verbal signs

Calm and sober assessment

One of the main problems is that men are too sensitive to their feelings when they try to evaluate the girl's reaction to them. And the very first thing they need to do is to calm down and abstract from feelings and experiences. Strong emotions can drown out the voice of reason, and it is he who will help to discern and understand the true intentions of the girl. Although this sounds rather unusual, because usually women, not men, appear in the role of suffering from their emotions. But this does not mean that representatives of the stronger sex are never influenced by their feelings. On the contrary - it happens much more often than women and men themselves imagine.

Don't make any hasty decisions, as emotional people usually like to do. You need to calmly observe the girl, note her reaction, behavior, speech. Some people really like to aggravate the situation. Often, conflicts arise because they feel angry about what is happening. And this must be avoided in the first place. If a girl sees a guy's emotional instability, then she will move away from him, even if she initially felt sympathy for him. In this case, it will be much more difficult for a man to find out her true thoughts about him.

Non-verbal signs2

After a man has tuned in to observe and analyze how the girl behaves towards him, it is time to celebrate something specific. Do not worry too much about how to understand that you are indifferent to the girl or she is pretty, because this is determined quite easily. Non-verbal signs are the first thing that will speak about her attitude towards a guy. These include gaze, body language, seeking intimacy, or avoiding physical contact. Each of these points should be dealt with in more detail.

signs of interest
signs of interest

Eye contact shows that the other person is interested in the person they are looking at. If a guy often observes a girl's eyes on himself, then she is definitely interested in him. And if she often looks to the side or directs her eyes to something else, then this is a sign of her disinterest. Body language can also help determine how a girl feels about a guy.

If she is completely turned towards him, does not hesitate to gesticulate, touch him - then this definitely speaks of interest. If the opposite is true, then she definitely does not want to be near this person. The extreme manifestation of her indifference or unwillingness to communicate is that she will avoid being with a guy at close range and leave the room when they are alone.

Verbal signs3

Such elements of behavior as the girl's speech, the manifestation of initiative and interest in the conversation, the manner of communication will speak directly about the girl's interest. If she herself starts a conversation with a guy, then for him this is a very advantageous situation. If he has to literally impose his society on her, try to entertain her, find some topics, but she answers in monosyllables or even rudely, then she is simply not interested. The same can be said for questions. If she is interested in communicating with a young man, she will herself be interested in something from him. Otherwise, the guy will have to pull out at least some meaningful answer to his question with pincers. You don't even have to talk about what this means.

how does a girl react to you
how does a girl react to you

Another key thing that allows you to determine whether a girl likes or dislikes you is humor. The way she will joke and perceive the guy's jokes. If she laughs at each of his pearls, smiles, somehow jokes in response, maybe even teases in a friendly way, then this is an unequivocal interest. If she constantly insinuates that the jokes were from the category of "something to yourself", that the guy is stupid, and her "jokes" are too poisonous and offensive, then for a young man this is an extremely disappointing outcome.

The safest way is to simply ask the girl directly about her attitude. Pretty straightforward, but almost guaranteed the guy will get some kind of reaction to such a bold treatment. A girl can often be taken by surprise with such a question, because she will have no time to come up with a lie, so that the answer will be as sincere as possible. What is said at such a moment can be surely trusted.

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