Why Does A Girl Lose Interest In A Guy: Reasons For Frustration

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Why Does A Girl Lose Interest In A Guy: Reasons For Frustration
Why Does A Girl Lose Interest In A Guy: Reasons For Frustration
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Why does a girl lose interest
Why does a girl lose interest

Sometimes it starts too well and ends badly, and the man racks his brains trying to figure out why the girl is losing interest. There may be several reasons and they are all different, but the essence is the same - the girl understands that she is not ready for a serious relationship.

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  • 1 The main reasons why loss of attraction is possible
  • 2 Where is he in a hurry?
  • 3 Inconsistency with reality
  • 4 Girls are hunters too

The main reasons why loss of attraction is possiblei

It may seem like only men abandon women, but this is not always the case. A lady can also plunge into herself, and then, having emerged to the surface, declare that she "does not really need it - all this is necessary." And then the man does not sleep at night and tries to understand why the girl is losing interest.

If we ignore the most obvious “fell in love with another”, then there may be several reasons: low self-confidence of a lady is one of the common reasons. At the beginning of a relationship, such a girl is amazed at how confident a man is, and flies to him like a moth to a flame. But soon she realizes that she feels like a typical gray mouse next to him. At the same time, such uncertainty is always noticeable, even when the relationship is still at the stage of the candy-bouquet period.

The downside is also possible - when a man is too unsure of himself. If he cannot take on some responsibility, change life for the better, the lady may get tired of trampling in one place, and she begins to act.

Another reason why a girl loses interest is the emergence of a large dependence on a guy. This is a real paradox! At first, the lady is desperately looking for a relationship, needs a man, becomes attached to him, but realizing that nothing good will come of such attachment, she begins to understand herself, and as a result loses interest in a man. Simply put - the girl understands that he is not the one she needs.

A guy who realizes that the girl was very attached and suddenly became cold, can try to convince his beloved that his feelings are really real. Most often, only a marriage proposal helps as a guarantee that the man's relationship and intentions are really serious.

the girl loses interest in the guy
the girl loses interest in the guy

An inappropriate time for a relationship is also a possible reason for a girl's loss of interest. She realizes that she has taken on too much - studies, work, an English project, and also dancing in the evening and fitness for the weekend. She just has no time to devote time to a man and he fades into the background.

It is also possible a situation when the lady has not yet morally moved away from a difficult relationship - in this case, interest in a new partner will fade away as quickly as it appears.

Where is he in a hurry? 2

When only the first date has passed, and the man is already insisting on continuing the night or becoming "more than friends", the girl may suddenly realize that she is not yet ready for this kind of relationship, and then interest in the man quickly disappears.

Strong and trusting relationships are built only on the balance sheet. A man who wants to achieve the location of a girl must first of all take into account her desires.

Reality inconsistency3

Starting to meet with a new gentleman, a lady idealizes him, and often does this not intentionally, plunging into her own dreams. The contact between a man and a woman becomes closer over time, and then there is a dissonance - the girl realizes that the man is not at all what she imagined him to be, which means that interest quickly disappears.

In this case, both partners remain at a broken trough - the girl, having lost her illusions, suffers greatly, and the man does not at all understand what is happening.

Why does a girl lose interest in a guy
Why does a girl lose interest in a guy

Psychologists believe that this scenario is quite logical in modern society, when almost every girl believes that she is not complete, if not with a man. However, when there is no faithful companion on the horizon, and friends on Instagram have already posted bouquets from their husbands, there is a desire to quickly find a boyfriend. And only our neighbor Vasya is nearby.

The girl comes up with those characteristics for Vasya that she would like to see in her boyfriend, but then she is severely disappointed. Despite the fact that this option is quite absurd, it is quite common. The enlightenment comes at the moment when one of the same friends opens her eyes, declaring that this is not the same handsome prince, but still the same Vasya from the next doorway. All illusions quickly collapse, and the guy does not understand what happened.

Girls are hunters too4

In psychology magazines you can often find such words as "ladies, do not rush, because men are hunters …". In fact, girls also like to hunt for enviable gentlemen, and in order to achieve what they want, they put a tick in their minds "Hurray, I did it."

Such a relationship is doomed from the very beginning, because it is just a game and passion. If a man does not interest the girl so much that she wants to completely surrender to him, interest disappears.

the girl loses interest in the guy: the main reasons
the girl loses interest in the guy: the main reasons

There is only one way out of all situations - not to create unnecessary problems for yourself and not to fantasize. The idealization of a person often leads to sad consequences - in reality, he turns out to be completely different from whom he wanted to see next to him, and a beautiful picture collapses like a house of cards slightly touched by a finger.

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