What Is The Strength Of A Woman? Is It Wisdom Or Weakness?

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What Is The Strength Of A Woman? Is It Wisdom Or Weakness?
What Is The Strength Of A Woman? Is It Wisdom Or Weakness?

Video: What Is The Strength Of A Woman? Is It Wisdom Or Weakness?

Video: What Is The Strength Of A Woman? Is It Wisdom Or Weakness?
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Man and woman
Man and woman

What is the image of a modern girl? Of course, we are talking about a strong personality who makes his way in life on his own and flatly refuses help from a man. One has only to look through social networks, and you come to the conclusion that feminism is the main trend in building relationships between the sexes.

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  • 1 A woman's strength is in weakness
  • 2 The power of a woman in wisdom
  • 3 The power of a woman in caring
  • 4 A woman's strength in acceptance
  • 5 The power of a woman in the ability to motivate
  • 6 The power of a woman in seduction

At the same time, the girls continue to talk about those things that a man is obliged to do. If a man is in charge of a relationship, then these conditions, of course, are appropriate. But how can we demand a certain model of behavior from the stronger sex, if we ourselves are doing our best to take the place of the leader in the pair?

Let's talk today about how a woman can win over a man and get much more than pumping her rights and insisting on the natural duty of the stronger sex.

A woman's strength lies in weaknessi

A hundred times every woman has heard this winged expression. At the same time, the majority stubbornly denies that there really is a rational grain in it. We strive for equal rights, often going too far and foaming at the mouth to prove that a woman is in charge in a relationship. It is one thing when a girl wants to receive the same wage as a male colleague working in exactly the same position.

It's a completely different conversation if she carries heavy shopping bags from the supermarket on her own. At the same time, such young ladies always point out to their partner to fulfill his duties. What for? After all, you are doing great yourself.

Every second man thinks so. And there is logic in this. If a woman needed any help, she would probably ask directly for it. And so she does everything herself, and then she cuts because of this. You do not ask - they do not give you. This is the logic of people. There is no reason and motivation to strain once again and reach out to your chosen one.

Often this behavior is due to past relationship experiences that have not been analyzed and explained to themselves well enough. Suppose the previous gentleman reproached the girl for helplessness, pointed out low earnings, provoked the emergence of complexes. Now she furiously proves to herself and others that all this is nonsense and a lie. At the same time, he does not miss the opportunity to praise himself and belittle the current man or potential boyfriend.

The "iron lady" syndrome is characteristic of half of the female population of Russia. In this way, an attempt is made to cover the inner experiences and psychological problems. The girl herself does not even notice that she is becoming a man in a relationship. Not a single normal guy will take the initiative in a field where he is not expected.

A tender and fragile woman will enjoy much more success with the opposite sex. In such ladies, men see an object for caring. Here they themselves begin to wear the bags, and meet them from work, and more attention is paid in all other aspects. The fact is that it was so intended by nature. Feminism is probably smart.

But you should clearly understand that you should not demand that a man open the door for you if five minutes ago you spoke fiery speeches about your complete independence and strong character. If you give a man to be a man, to be the main thing in a relationship, then he will definitely try to surround his passion with love and protect him from unnecessary labor costs.

The power of a woman in wisdom2

To honestly admit to myself that you want to have a strong shoulder nearby, you need to have wisdom and inner strength. Almost any woman can show herself as a strong and independent person. Yes, it attracts attention, commands respect. But why go to extremes.

When a woman argues with a man to the last, especially if swearing and rudeness are used, then he will not be able to perceive her as his beloved girl. Suppose there is a controversy in the relationship between a guy and a girl. How to resolve the issue? First of all, the Russians begin to attack and study the opponent. All methods are used - threats, insults, blackmail.

And we advise you to learn from our Asian sisters. Why are Thai women among the best wives in all ratings? There are a lot of answers, but the main point is that they are not conflicting. From early childhood, respect for a man is instilled in them. Plus to this - eternal optimism.

Even if the partner is wrong and got a little excited, the Thai beauty will not raise her voice, will not start frantically dialing her mother's number in order to pour out her soul and explain to the man his doings together, she will sooner smile, listen and calm her beloved.


This is a great Eastern wisdom - not to sort things out in a state of emotional outburst. After all, how often do we say during a quarrel those things for which we then have to pay for a very long time. A word can really hurt more than a blow.

It is better to study the methods of negotiations, learn how to competently build a dialogue, analyze the situation and the partner's reactions. This way you can ensure that your opinion is not only heard, but also well thought out. If you start pouring claims on each other, the result will be the same - a protracted scandal and painful attempts at reconciliation for several hours or even days.

The power of a woman in caring3

A man who feels the care and attention from his beloved girl is able to move mountains for her sake. These are not just words. According to numerous studies and surveys, a man really wants a woman to want to understand him, to become a real friend to him. Women who make their man the main thing in a relationship prove this position by caring for their beloved man.

Even if guys don't say it directly, they still notice that their shirts are clean and neatly hung in the closet. It is nice for men to receive a delicious meal prepared by themselves from their chosen one. It is especially appreciated if a woman pays attention to the reaction of her boyfriend and prepares those dishes that he likes the most. In this case, there is a great chance not only to receive compliments for culinary talents, but also to be invited to a romantic dinner in a good restaurant more often than once a year for a holiday.

It is worth noting that sincere emotions, efforts to please and surround a man with care, play in the girl's favor, as a kind of investment. The more we give, the more is returned in return.


There are, of course, cases when a partner ignores a good reverent attitude towards him and takes care for granted. The previous point on wisdom applies here. You can say directly about your dissatisfaction, but there is an option to subtly hint. If the situation does not change, it is easier to break off the toxic relationship. There are people, both men and women, who are not able to give love and attention in response to a good attitude and affection.

A woman's strength in acceptance4

The word "compromise" is one of the fundamental tenets of a long and happy family life. A man should be the main thing in a relationship, only in this case he will reveal himself as a good husband, father, breadwinner and support. Therefore, girls need to learn to accept their chosen one, and sometimes imperceptibly adjust his behavior to fit their desires and needs.

You will be surprised, but life will become easier if you relax a little about the unopened tube of toothpaste or socks that your beloved gently folds under a chair in the corner of the room. These are such trifles. If you are very angry, then you can fix minor problems yourself. And also be sure to talk to each other. Perhaps, for the hundredth time of repetition of an undesirable moment, a man will begin to remember the annoying factor and stop throwing clothes around.

Another common problem is high expectations. So many couples broke up due to the fact that at the very beginning of the relationship they came up with a non-existent ideal image of a partner. And then his eyes began to open, rose-colored glasses slept, it turned out that his beloved earns little and he has a tummy, which he flatly refuses to clean with the help of training in a sports club. It's one thing if these changes happened after the wedding. Another conversation if they were present from the very beginning of the relationship.


Of course, a guy doesn't want to change overnight. Why would you? Yesterday they loved him the way he is. Today it became known about serious shortcomings. Moreover, the claims were voiced in a strange unpleasant tone.

You either accept him as he is, or help fix the situation, suggest options and actively participate in solving the problem. Everything suits something, he does not see a big problem in being overweight.

The power of a woman in the ability to motivate5

No matter how strong and independent a man is, a woman can always motivate him to great achievements and deeds. Let's remember the world of animals and birds. Here the male needs to try hard to get the best female. Why, then, our human “birds” cannot push the partners to achieve great results?

This is quite real, the main thing is to correctly approach the matter and not push. Now there is a lot of information about this on the Internet. For those who are especially interested, specialized trainings are held.

It is important to understand the ultimate goal and its meaning for both of you. Next, you should decide on the methods of achieving e to which the man will need to tune. The woman has tremendous power over the one who loves. It's even trivial to influence the mood or insist on choosing certain clothes for a business meeting. Men often do not want to bother with trifles, here the lady should come into the game. We are able to see the details, whereas for most men it seems like nonsense.

a man in charge of a relationship
a man in charge of a relationship

The power of a woman in seduction6

A man always strives to be in charge of both relationships and sex. Well, women almost always agree to give the reins of government in the territory of the matrimonial bedroom to the hands of men. However, we can show both overt and covert initiative in bed.

Not a single man will refuse an initiative mistress. Moreover, this is a rather rare occurrence. More often, the girl chooses the position of the concubine, from which she can do whatever her heart desires. The male turns on much stronger if the female unexpectedly shows her wild disposition and declares her own desires. Be sure to try to surprise your partner. If he usually manages the process, take his place at least once. Most likely, he will be grateful and ask for more next time.

You can use your feminine charm and take the initiative not so clearly. What is it about? Of course, about all sorts of feminine tricks like lace lingerie, creating a romantic atmosphere, relaxing massage.

A great idea is aromatherapy. It seems to us that smells are not able to induce us to change in behavior. However, it is a proven fact that scents can seriously change your sex life. For this, an aroma lamp is often used. Below are the most popular oils, using which you can be sure that tonight's night of love will be special.

  • Ylang-ylang - increases the sensuality of both partners;
  • Rose - gives the act of love the atmosphere of "first time", awakens past passion and desire;
  • Ginger - increases the duration of the sexual marathon;
  • Mandarin - defuses the atmosphere, adds adventurism and lightness to the relationship;
  • Bergamot - helps to forget about all the complexes, removes clamps in the body and liberates;
  • Pine - creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, has a relaxing effect.

The model of building a love union, where the man is the main thing in the relationship, is far from the worst. Rather, it is a normal situation that Mother Nature created. Of course, we don't argue, there are options when a guy consciously goes into a relationship with a stronger girl. Here the question is different - any woman wants to feel protected and fragile, even if she does not admit it directly to herself. Guys need to learn to take responsibility for their beloved, because then there will be children, whom he must take care of.

Useful tips for accurately identifying a strong and weak man can be found in the article at the link.

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