What Men Want From Women In Relationships: The Four Desires Of A Male

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What Men Want From Women In Relationships: The Four Desires Of A Male
What Men Want From Women In Relationships: The Four Desires Of A Male

Video: What Men Want From Women In Relationships: The Four Desires Of A Male

Video: What Men Want From Women In Relationships: The Four Desires Of A Male
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What men want from women
What men want from women

Any relationship is the work of two people. Many articles have already been written about how a woman should behave. And in general, public opinion about what a woman should be in a relationship is already well established. There is a certain image and norms of behavior that a girl is guided by in a couple.

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  • 2 Female partner
  • 3 Woman-lover
  • 4 Woman-child
  • 5 How to behave: what men want from women in relationships

But what men want from women in relationships is a big question. In total, there are four models of behavior, by competently juggling which, you can create holistic balanced relationships.

Woman friend

In a relationship, it is important for a man that a woman is a reliable friend. So that she can help, support and listen. This is what is called "in sorrow and in joy."

With a friend, a person can laugh, have fun, spend time together. And a friend will support you in trouble, help with advice and will always be there. A friend is a person who can be trusted with almost everything. Absolutely everything can be entrusted to a female friend.

If a man is sure that there is a person next to him that he can rely on, he will feel comfortable in a relationship.

Woman partner2

First of all, a man is a breadwinner. By its nature, it is geared towards getting and seeking. Therefore, partnerships are important for a man. If earlier the mammoth was considered prey, then in the 21st century the prey of a man is his career.

This also applies to the relationship between a man and a woman. And both in everyday life and directly in the career. A man who respects his girlfriend will help her around the house. They are able to optimally share responsibilities around the house, so that both can do it. But at the same time, it is important for a man that a woman shares his livelihood with him.

companion woman
companion woman

Of course, there are relationships in which a girl is engaged in everyday life, and a guy is engaged in a career. But such a relationship will quickly become obsolete, as he will get tired of work, and she will get tired of everyday life. Therefore, today men prefer to divide these two burdens in half.


The sexual side of a relationship is one of the pillars on which this relationship is held. Yes, it is important for a man to be sexually satisfied. But just sex isn't enough. It is important for him to want a woman.

This means that she must be well-groomed, neat and attractive. For this, it is not necessary to use expensive masks, creams, peels, visit a beautician three times a month. You don't need to go for a manicure and pedicure once a week. No need for expensive clothes and stylish accessories. It is enough for a woman to take care of herself so that she is naturally beautiful. No excess plaster on the face and pouting lips. The neat, natural beauty and natural scent of cleanliness is much sexier than eyelash extensions and self-tanning products.


It's no secret that men need to take care of someone. Even if a couple has children, he will not be attached to them like his companion. But taking care of her is very important for him.

woman child
woman child

Feeling like a superman, a man will be much more inspired, which means he will be able to do even more for the family. Girls have long invented tricks that make men feel indispensable. Getting a can from the top shelf, opening it, fixing a door, carrying bags - all this actually makes a man more self-confident. In part, men themselves want to think that a girl cannot cope without them.

How to behave: what men want from women in relationships5

To be a worthy companion to your man, in fact, you don't need much. There are a few simple things that any woman is capable of and that will delight any man:

  • Laugh at his jokes
  • Prepare a delicious dinner or hot tea in the evening
  • Ensures that the home has what he loves
  • Give him the opportunity to be with friends
  • Allow you to sometimes spend your free time on personal interests
  • Support when hands down
  • Never scold in front of strangers
  • Feel the mood and stay warm
  • Be polite with your parents
  • Takes care of children
  • Taking care when he is sick
  • Share interests and hobbies
  • Speak directly, not in hints
  • Don't make life difficult with whims
  • Be a friend
what kind of women do men need
what kind of women do men need

Equally, most of the items on this list are just as relevant for men. Pair play in a relationship can make both happy.

All people are different and you never know what is in the head of another person. Therefore, in order not to complicate the relationship, you should speak directly about your desires or doubts. Discuss everyday problems, methods of solving life situations. The main thing is to make sure that it does not turn into daily nagging about the same thing. If a woman is able to express the necessary thought in simple words, then the man will hear her, and they will be able to make a common decision.

The main thing is to remain a woman in a relationship, then women's intuition will come into play, and the question “What do men want from women in relationships” will disappear by itself. But what a woman wants from a man read in our article at the link.

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