How To Find A Man For A Serious Relationship: A Tip For Women

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How To Find A Man For A Serious Relationship: A Tip For Women
How To Find A Man For A Serious Relationship: A Tip For Women

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How to find a man for a serious relationship, every woman thought about this at least once in her life. A serious relationship is not just sex, it is primarily a future that depends on the choice of a companion. According to the survey results, about 50% of single women consider the problem in choosing a reliable partner to be the cause of loneliness. Psychologists, in turn, assure that for a strong relationship you need to start with yourself.

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  • 1 Reasons for loneliness
  • 2 How to set yourself up for a decent man
  • 3 Where can you meet the man of your dreams
  • 4 Subtleties of female psychology
  • 5 Rules of communication with men

Reasons for loneliness

Girls dream, closing their eyes, of princes who will take them to their castle, give them love and care and never cheat with some busty blonde. But psychologists are sounding the alarm that living in dreams, a woman misses a real man who, together with her, is able to develop and create strong relationships. There are many reasons for loneliness and each woman has her own, but experts have identified two points:

  1. The search for a potential husband is complicated by the high bar of requests from the fair sex.
  2. Girls who have a boyfriend complain that they are in no hurry to call them in marriage and legalize the relationship.

Each relationship has its own problems, but you should not live with illusions, you need to work on relationships. Psychologists present the facts - 70% of women do not speak out loud about their desires, they are embarrassed to talk about intimate topics and problems in relationships. These numbers are critical, because accumulating resentment and misunderstanding, a woman will not be happy with such a baggage.

How to set yourself up for a decent man2

Psychologists who have been working on the problem of serious relationships for a long time have come up with useful guidelines for each girl, using them you can achieve the desired results:

A man for a serious relationship
A man for a serious relationship
  1. Create a clear model of the chosen one, present all the external qualities, draw a whole image of a man in your head.
  2. The next step is to write all the desired qualities on a piece of paper. To begin with, describe the appearance, after which the character traits, special wishes.
  3. Analyze everything written down and exclude incompatible items. For example: "a caring husband who spends all his time with his family" or "a workaholic who makes a lot of money." Define your top priorities.
  4. Even the smallest details are important. Do not forget about the wishes in the intimate sphere, how many children would like to be married, the intellectual level of the partner.

Such a detailed project will allow you to see the desired man from the outside, and, according to psychologists, all dreams come true, you just need to know what to desire. The question is how to find a guy for a serious relationship? Has a specific answer, which specialists are working on and present to the woman a list of effective advice.

Where can you meet the man of your dreams3

This topic is so relevant that experts display statistics on top places where you can meet the prince. Nightclubs, cafes and restaurants should not be taken into account, even if there is a man with ideal parameters, then in such establishments he pursues other goals, although there are always exceptions to the rules. So, according to polls and statistics, the most suitable places to meet the ideal man are:

Find a man for a serious relationship
Find a man for a serious relationship
  1. Conferences, business events, seminars. At such meetings, in almost 80% of cases, worthy gentlemen gather, but it is not a fact that they are free.
  2. Refresher courses, English courses. Improving your skills, knowledge and abilities is a big plus for a woman's karma. It should be noted that at such events you can easily meet a reliable man.
  3. Gyms, sports clubs. According to psychologists, lonely, self-sufficient men are more often found in the pool, so it is worth visiting this particular place, taking a new swimsuit with you.
  4. A common occupation, a favorite thing brings together, clubs of interest, this is a sea of ​​positive emotions, good mood. The hobby brings pleasure to both men and women, so you should take a closer look at potential partners of interest.

If you think for a long time about how to find a worthy man for a serious relationship, then there will be no time left to find a companion for life.

Subtleties of female psychology4

Psychologists note that most women cannot find a mate for themselves for personal reasons that hide on a subconscious level. If a woman cannot find a mate for a long time, then it is worth delving into the depths of her psyche, because each behavior is quite explainable from the side of psychology. So, according to studies, 50% of women fall into the traps of their subconscious and because of this suffer:

How to find a boyfriend for a serious relationship
How to find a boyfriend for a serious relationship
  1. High expectations from a man, in childhood every girl was told tales about a prince on a white horse who would come and save her from all troubles. But the girl grew up, and the installation to wait for the prince remained, so real and fictitious requirements for a man are mixed. Having such requirements, it is difficult for a woman to find a companion; she is in constant search of a nonexistent ideal.
  2. Self-esteem is a delicate matter; to form it correctly is a whole science. If from childhood they assure you that you are the best and deserve only the best, then a person believes in this. The second setting is similar to the first, but here the woman brings herself to the throne, and the man is simply afraid to approach the ideal.
  3. The fear of loneliness is the greatest fear for a woman, a picture of an elderly lady with a hundred cats, a terrible dream. In such a situation, a woman grabs hold of any man, her status, place of work is not important to her, she will do everything herself.
  4. A problem that has recently appeared in gender psychology is a woman's desire to show her superiority over a man. In the 21st century, a woman succeeds in many things, but it is not worth constantly demonstrating it, men, it only repels.
  5. Childhood position in a relationship with a man. Constant resentment, whims - this is initially the wrong position, it can attract a man, but not keep him.
How to find a girl boyfriend for a serious relationship
How to find a girl boyfriend for a serious relationship

Someone else's soul is dark, each person has his own attitudes and vision of the world, you cannot change all the negative moments in one moment, but you can strive to improve your qualities for new relationships.

Rules for communicating with men5

Communication between a man and a woman is a kind of game, entering into a conversation, both agree to the current rules. The opinion that men like light conversations about nothing - false, literacy, well-formed speech, this is the main trump card in which you can attract a man. For serious intentions, you need to correctly position yourself at the initial stage of the development of relations.

The conversation should start with the main thing, if the meeting took place at work, then the exciting issue should be discussed with all the details, having interested the man, you can count on continuing the conversation in the cafe. It is worthwhile to feel confident in the dialogue, some men are provocateurs by nature, when asking exciting questions it is important to see the reaction. You should not be led to such provocations, endurance and confidence will help you cope with such an exam.

The important question of how to find a man for a serious relationship has an answer in the works of specialists who analyzed and conducted special polls. Self-confidence is the key to the successful development of any communication, therefore experts recommend investing in your development. Attending seminars and trainings means making new acquaintances, acquiring personal qualities that will help you find the man of your dreams.

But how to find a girl for a relationship and create a strong family with her, you can find out in our article.

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