What Kind Of Man Is Ready To Become A Sponsor? We Will Tell You In Detail

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What Kind Of Man Is Ready To Become A Sponsor? We Will Tell You In Detail
What Kind Of Man Is Ready To Become A Sponsor? We Will Tell You In Detail

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ready to become a sponsor
ready to become a sponsor

Not so long ago in human history, relationships were about two people meeting each other, starting to spend time together, having lunch, drinking coffee, going to the cinema or going to the beach. And of course, all this, step by step, led to the fabulous ending "and they lived happily ever after." But in fact, this did not always happen.

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  • 2 General rules for a male sponsor
  • 3 What does it mean for a girl to become a kept woman?

Even before the advent of the Internet, men kept women, and the man is ready to become a sponsor now. Who are these people?

Sugar Daddy i

In English there is the concept of sugar daddy, literally "sugar daddy". In slang, this term refers to a male sponsor. This is a rich, wealthy man who pays a young girl to keep him company with or without sex. This is more or less a stereotypical definition.

Specialized dating sites have more romantic wording. Sugar Daddy is a financially successful person. Also, this person enjoys success in any area of ​​social life. They always have clear goals and plans for the future.

In summary, male sponsors are people who enjoy a good, beautiful relationship with a girl, including sexual.

Some people think that male sponsors are always old and ugly guys who do disgusting things to make money. This is usually not the case.

A relationship can start with someone in their early thirties. And he is at the very peak of his career.

In a relationship, a man provides a monthly income for a kept woman, which depends on the quality and amount of time that the woman spends with him.

man is ready to become a sponsor
man is ready to become a sponsor

Most of the conditions are usually negotiated in advance. For example, if a man wants to spend evenings with a kept woman, then the number of days and hours that they will be together is discussed. It is also discussed in advance whether sex will be or not, if the partner is ready for this step.

Basic rules for a male sponsor2

When people hear the concept of "sugar daddy", the majority of them immediately pops up the image of Hugh Hefner in a burgundy dressing gown, a captain's cap and a plastic smile, whose wrinkled arms hug two busty blondes around the waist. This is a stereotype, and most of today's male sponsors don't look that way.

Not all men have Rolls-Royces or a weird daughter complex. You can simply present yourself as a noble boyfriend or a wealthy beneficiary.

Honesty is the best policy

It is worth considering in advance what is required of a potential kept woman. Will it just be two dates a week, or do you need a travel partner? If the candidate clearly indicates what she wants from a man, you should not waste your and her time on persuading communication on other terms. A keeping woman is an expensive pleasure, so you need to sensibly assess your financial capabilities. Be clear about what you can give her in return. Both sides are looking for a similar relationship for certain reasons, you should not try to jump over your head.

man is ready to become a sponsor
man is ready to become a sponsor

Stay active

Don't be afraid to show interest in a girl. Send the message to the lady you like first. A real profile picture, even if it cannot be identified as the owner of the page, will help increase the response rate to messages sent. Don't hide behind other people's photos. But more recognizable angles can be left for private correspondence.

Be stylish

There is a false belief in most people's imaginations that male sponsors are looking for girls exclusively for sex. It should be understood that kept women are not employees of an escort agency, so they want more than just money for their services. When you bring a girl to a hotel room, this does not mean that she should immediately surrender to you. But you can try to break the ice by offering her a drink or dinner to get to know each other better.

Respect others and you will be respected too

This does not apply to all men. Since some people respect women very much, but I want to repeat once again that a kept woman deserves the same attitude as any other woman. Be generous when the situation calls for it. Treating someone is bad because money does not define this relationship correctly, and is very rude. But don't get sentimental.

man is ready to become a sponsor
man is ready to become a sponsor

Most of all she loves large bills

Contained women are looking for something more than a canonical relationship with a man. Some sponsors are worried about the monetary aspect of relationships, but it is worth remembering that despite the actual payment of the time that a girl spends in the company of a man, no amount of money will give the special feelings of closeness that arise between two people, which can develop into a long-term relationship. The desire to discuss money and not skimp on expensive gifts as a bonus is a very important thing that will make this relationship work.

Traditional relationships are possible too

You should not look for a girl for a traditional relationship among the kept women. Women sitting on specialized dating sites are looking for other relationships, and not just because they are greedy, but because most likely they are not interested in it. There are usually two types of kept women: ladies on certain periodic payments, when it is known in advance that the relationship will not be serious, or "naughty girls."

Serious relationships are also possible in such relationships, but they should be allowed to develop freely. It is worth showing a girl what the relationship will be like if she stays with one man, before deciding to cost a joint future.

What does it mean for a girl to become a kept woman? 3

Finding and meeting a male sponsor is only one part of the story. But building a lasting relationship from which partners will only take the best is a completely different story. After all, first of all, male sponsors are successful businessmen. And the relationship completely falls on the shoulders of the girl.

Here are a few things to focus on:

man is ready to become a sponsor
man is ready to become a sponsor

Love to have fun

A man who is ready to become a sponsor worries about something all the time. If this is not a drop in stock prices on the stock exchange, then the upcoming tennis tournament, which he is afraid to lose. The task of the kept woman is to make him forget about it. The main thing is not to overdo it, because otherwise there will only be even more irritation than help.

Make it yours

It is worth finding the energy and passion to remind a man of his youth, when you can stay awake all night in the arms of your beloved girl. You can massage a man's shoulders and distract him from his cell phone with an interesting story. Ask him to talk about the path to success. Men love to show off.

Don't get too attached

The main reason why men subscribe to such a relationship is that in them you can temporarily get away from current affairs and have fun. A woman should not think into the future what awaits her there. Even if a man asks for sex, this does not mean that the relationship will receive any development.

Be feminine (but not overly)

A man will do whatever he wants to be noticed by a beautiful, charming girl. A sleek appearance can allow a kept woman to earn a few additional thousand rubles. A woman should invest in her beauty. But do not forget that, for example, heavy makeup is used only by teenagers who try to impersonate adults. It is worth asking about the sponsor's career and interests to keep the conversation going.

man is ready to become a sponsor
man is ready to become a sponsor

Basically, men like attractive girls who are curious before getting new experiences together in exchange for paid bills.

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