How To Improve Relationships After Cheating? And Are They Possible In Principle?

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How To Improve Relationships After Cheating? And Are They Possible In Principle?
How To Improve Relationships After Cheating? And Are They Possible In Principle?

Video: How To Improve Relationships After Cheating? And Are They Possible In Principle?

Video: How To Improve Relationships After Cheating? And Are They Possible In Principle?
Video: Successful Relationships After Cheating | How Couples Recover And Survive Cheating 2023, March
Relationships after infidelity
Relationships after infidelity

The relationship of two people is a daily hard work that not everyone can do. There are many situations in life that partners look at in completely different ways. You have to find a compromise in order to move on. But there are more unpleasant situations against the background of which disagreements in everyday life fade into the background.

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  • 1 Moral treason
  • 2 Physical treason
  • 3 Is a relationship possible after infidelity?
  • 4 The point of view of psychologists
  • 5 Love is no more
  • 6 Relationship problems
  • 7 Internal problems
  • 8 Is this a betrayal?

One of them is treason. Relationships after betrayal are very difficult to maintain, as this is a kind of betrayal of a loved one. Not everyone knows that both partners are often to blame for treason. This, of course, is not always the case; it happens that nothing depends on the second spouse.

In the modern world, most of all attention is paid to physical betrayal, since it is easier to learn about it, to see it with your own eyes. Moral betrayal can be identified on many grounds, but it is much more difficult to prove a fact. Many people do not think of moral betrayal as betrayal in principle, because there was no intimacy.

Moral treason

With moral betrayal, one of the partners experiences love and romantic feelings. But not to your soulmate, but to another person. Usually, moral betrayal can be recognized by the changed behavior of a spouse. As a rule, a person will be late "at work", being at home - hovering in the clouds and answering the most common questions irritably. He will always try to escape from his partner under any pretext.

If a person devotes a lot of time to the object of love, constantly communicates with him and gives gifts, then moral betrayal will soon develop into physical.

Physical cheating2

Physical cheating means nothing more than intimacy with another person. Most often, physical betrayal is a continuation of moral, and in the future, these two types exist together.

Much less common is only physical adultery, that is, sex without a feeling of love. These can be casual connections that do not imply any continuation.

Is it possible to maintain a relationship after infidelity
Is it possible to maintain a relationship after infidelity

Is a relationship possible after cheating? 3

Each person has his own opinion on this matter. As a rule, most people cannot come to terms with this fact and sooner or later part. Each couple has completely different attitudes and feelings. Someone, on the contrary, finds the strength to forgive and continue to build relationships taking into account mistakes. There are times when the relationship after the betrayal became better, as the couple learned a lesson from what happened. But at the same time, of course, both spouses must have a desire, otherwise reconciliation will only delay the final separation.

Of course, after it became known about the betrayal, you need to clearly determine whether it is worth keeping the marriage. If it is decided to save the family, then the most important and most important rule is never to reproach for treason and not to remember it. After all, if you constantly discuss and blame a person for this, sooner or later it will end in parting.

The point of view of psychologists4

From the point of view of psychology, relationships after infidelity are possible, but it is very difficult to cope with such a situation. At such moments, there is no peace of mind, a person is filled with pain and emptiness. As a result, he begins to commit harsh and rash acts in order to quickly determine his further life path. This is due to the fact that you want to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible, which eats from the inside.

Relationships after infidelity
Relationships after infidelity

Family psychologists in this matter, on the contrary, advise against making hasty conclusions and sudden movements. Peace of mind must be achieved before making major decisions that will revolutionize family life. It won't be easy and fast. Psychologists themselves come to the rescue in such cases, conversations with whom will help not to go crazy. You also need to fill your soul with impressions and new emotions. You can go in for sports, travel, take care of yourself and your desires.

There may be several ways out of this situation, not necessarily all relationships end in parting. After a person has found peace of mind, he can sensibly assess what happened from the outside. After all, there can be several reasons for treason.

Love is no more5

This is the first and most common reason for cheating. Perhaps the partner stopped feeling love and simply did not find the strength to talk about it. Indeed, in long-term relationships, a habit plays an important role, which causes fear to change the usual way of life. If the betrayal was committed for this reason, one must find the courage to break off such a relationship, because in the absence of feelings there is nothing to save. You shouldn't blame your partner for not loving anymore, here it is his fault that he chose the wrong way to communicate about it.

Relationship problems6

This is the second reason for cheating. Relationship problems do not mean lack of feelings, rather the opposite. Thus, the partner is trying to unconsciously solve these problems. Instead of having a heart-to-heart talk and finding out everything, he seeks consolation on the side. This is a kind of compensation for what a person does not receive in a relationship. Psychologists say that sometimes cheating is the impetus for improving relationships. Subsequently, this situation is perceived as a lesson, thanks to which the spouses begin to treat each other more attentively, to take into account each other's interests.

Save a relationship after cheating
Save a relationship after cheating

Internal problems7

There can be a great many such types of problems that push a person to commit adultery. Here are some of them:

  1. Fear of serious relationships. A common situation when a person is afraid of moving to a new level of relationship and this inner fear leads him to betrayal. As a rule, he himself suffers from this, since some part wants a serious relationship, but fear interrupts the desire.
  2. Self-doubt. Often a large number of sexual relationships suggests that a person thus raises his self-esteem. He is trying to prove to everyone around that he is the best lover and winner in life. This problem is very deep and cannot be solved in this way.
  3. Stereotyped thinking. This reason has its origin in self-doubt, as following stereotypes means that a person is not able to have an opinion. A widespread stereotype: a man is a male, a breadwinner and must, in addition to his wife, have a mistress. Also, some people want to protect themselves from getting used to one person, because in the event of a breakdown it will not be easy. Therefore, they make connections on the side in order to avoid this.
Forgive treason
Forgive treason

Is this a betrayal? 8

Treason can be interpreted in different ways, someone considers her a betrayal and uncompromisingly breaks off relations. In order to understand and decide whether cheating is a betrayal, you need to take into account everything that happened in the family at that moment. If the cheated partner was depressed, seriously ill, lost his job, or was in any other serious condition, this is definitely a betrayal.

However, in other cases, you need to figure out what led to the occurrence of such a situation, because not always one person is to blame for treason. Relationships after betrayal are possible, the main thing in this matter is sincere repentance for the act and the desire of both partners to improve everything. Then cheating will serve as a good lesson and will allow you to work on mistakes in order to strengthen the relationship.

What do you think - is sex possible after cheating? We will talk about this in the next article!

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