Why Does A Man Manipulate A Girl And How Does He Do It?

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Why Does A Man Manipulate A Girl And How Does He Do It?
Why Does A Man Manipulate A Girl And How Does He Do It?
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Couple in love
Couple in love

Many women do not understand why a man is manipulating them, but in reality everything is simple. Representatives of the stronger sex do nothing just like that, if they use tricky things for manipulation, then they want to get something, be it sex, attention or something else.

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Why does a man do this? I

To understand why a man is manipulating, you need to try to understand what he wants to get. More often than not, men simply use various manipulation techniques in order to persuade a woman to have sex. However, the hardened manipulators and pickupers go further and thus lure money, help, connections from a woman.

There is also manipulation in relationships, when a partner wants to achieve what he wants, for example, wants to watch a movie that he likes, or get a delicious dinner. Managing girls in a relationship can be the most cunning and subtle, but most often it is completely overt, and a woman clearly understands that she is being used, but agrees to it.

Techniques used by men2

If a woman wants to understand why a man is manipulating, she should be aware of the techniques used.

The first sign is that a man categorically avoids an argument with a girl, but at the same time he continues to clearly insist on his own, without even listening to the position of his partner. The stronger sex does not use female tricks, such as resentment, scandals, men just leave the conflict. They say they disagree, but they are not ready to argue and are simply silent. This is the most open manipulation, and it is used quite often in relationships.

Complaints about health and in general any complaints can also be attributed to the types of influencing women - they are especially sensitive when a loved one asks for help or complains, and are ready to do whatever they ask, even if it has nothing to do with health.

Frequent declarations of love, if at the same time there are no actions other than words - the most impudent manipulation. Overly romantic men probably want to get something from a woman, since such behavior is not typical of them by nature. The stronger sex can confess his love, and even do it often, but if after each phrase “I love you” he asks for something, then in this case manipulations take place.

handsome manipulator
handsome manipulator

If a guy compares his beloved with his ex, for better or for worse, the girl is trying to understand why the man is manipulating. In this case, it is most likely that he is still in love with his past passion and is trying to develop similar habits, manners, even external features in the new lady in order to feel closer to his true love.

Girls who follow the lead of such manipulators often lose their identity, and when they are ready to give up, they no longer understand what to do. Therefore, we suggest studying our next article about which girls are at risk for male tricks or why men use it. We read further on the link.

There is one more, the most powerful and impudent trick used by manipulators - the game "I pack my suitcase." With every quarrel, or even a small squabble, when a woman does not give a man what he wants, he begins to pack his suitcase and prepares to go to his mother or a friend. A relationship with such a man is doomed to failure in advance, since not a single, even the most patient woman, can tolerate such behavior for a long time.

ways of manipulation
ways of manipulation

At first it may seem that women are more skillful and cunning manipulators who easily get money from a man for new shoes and dresses. However, the divorce statistics suggest the opposite - a larger percentage of the submitted applications are found precisely from the beautiful half of humanity.

This means that in marriage, many men begin to manipulate the lady in order to get what they want, and as a result, the partner is terribly disappointed, because she dreamed not about this, and cannot understand why the man prefers to behave in such a strange way.

Psychologists believe that men are manipulated for several reasons - primarily because they want to feel loved, desired, strong and dominant. This is the main reason why even the most ordinary man can start such a cunning way of controlling a woman.

However, those representatives of the stronger sex who use manipulation consciously do it in order to please their ego, as well as to overcome the challenge thrown to themselves. If a man has problems that he cannot solve on his own, he can manipulate a woman, playing on her emotions, thereby filling a hole in his own soul.

male manipulator
male manipulator

It is interesting that it is the love of a woman that enables a man to manipulate her in any way he wants. Several months after the start of a relationship, he can be an ideal partner, deliberately looking for weak points in a woman, recognizing her addictions, features.

When he knows everything about her, the fairy tale in the relationship ends, and a girl who is head over heels in love with a man, even if she notices an insincere attitude towards herself, will endure him for a long time. How to understand that you are being used in a relationship? We have an answer.

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