Civil Marriage Problems In Modern Times

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Civil Marriage Problems In Modern Times
Civil Marriage Problems In Modern Times

Video: Civil Marriage Problems In Modern Times

Video: Civil Marriage Problems In Modern Times
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boy and girl memes

Civil marriage is a legalized relationship through the registry office. Although at the present time, civil marriage is mistakenly called simple cohabitation. For various reasons, people converge and live without a stamp in their passports. Some because of the lack of money for the wedding, others are not sure of their feelings and are not responsible enough to provide for the family, others claim that the stamp in the passport does not affect love. From the side of the law, there are some problems of civil marriage if a couple breaks up after several years of living together.

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  • 1 Family illusion
  • 2 Problems with parting
  • 3 Cons of cohabitation

Family illusioni

Now it is impossible to surprise with cohabitation, every second couple lives without a wedding celebration. And here there are big disadvantages. First, the lack of responsibility for family and relationships. Secondly, for men it is an illusion of freedom, for women it is an illusion of a family. On a subconscious level, the couple feels freedom, where no one owes anything to each other. In such situations, women suffer the most, since the daily fear of losing a boyfriend overwhelms her entire being.

Children are often born when living together. Without a stamp in the passport, a young lady must take into account the desire of her lover, whether he wants offspring or not. If in a legal marriage procreation is a matter of course, then in cohabitation one of the partners has the right to abandon children. There is no one to make claims here, since this is a relationship for the sake of pleasure.

The financial side of cohabitation among people is not legally binding. Since no one owes anything to anyone, the money is spent at their own discretion.

Children born out of such a relationship take the affected position. They completely lack the concept of a family, which negatively affects their relationship with the opposite sex in the future. They also add to the list of fatherlessness.

Breakup problems2

When people, having lived together for several years, decide to disperse, a series of troubles awaits them.

  1. Complex process of division of property. If in a legal marriage everything is divided in half unconditionally, then during cohabitation it is necessary to prove the right of ownership of the property. To do this, you must provide checks, witnesses and other evidence. It takes a lot of time and nerves.
  2. In the event of the death of one of the cohabitants, it is difficult for the other party to prove the right to the property. Legal proceedings can last for several years and are often unsuccessful, because according to the law, all possessions are transferred to direct relatives.
civil marriage
civil marriage

If children appear in the process of living together, then when parting, it will be difficult for a woman to get child support. In a legal marriage, the father automatically assumes financial responsibility, and in cohabitation, a document confirming the establishment of paternity is required

In addition to legal troubles, separation is also negatively reflected on the moral side. Some men refuse to acknowledge children. In this case, women demand the establishment of paternity and alimony through the court. And, conversely, there are women who do not allow the former roommate to communicate with the child. Then the fathers are forced to resort to legal proceedings and insist on meeting with the children. Such litigation and civil marriage problems take a lot of time and nerves.

Cons of living together3

On the one hand, the life of a civil marriage is a good training for the real creation of a family through the registry office. People look closely to each other, get to know better. On the other hand, it is a fear of responsibility. Although women say that a stamp in a passport is optional, in the subconscious they dream of a wedding dress and an engagement ring. Every man who truly loves with all his heart offers to legitimize the relationship. If he does not do this in cohabitation, then he is not sure of his feelings.

the sorrows of civil marriage
the sorrows of civil marriage

When living together without marriage registration, a woman has no right to demand fidelity and financial assistance from a man. For the stronger sex, cohabitation is just a game of family. When everyday life replaces romance, the common-law spouse is carried away by another passion.

How to nudge a man to marry

When the cohabitation has dragged on for many years, you can hint to your faithful about the wedding. Psychologists recommend following some steps for this:

  1. Show him pictures of girls in wedding dresses more often.
  2. Accept invitations to other people's weddings.
  3. Tell me that I had a dream that promises an early marriage.
  4. Induce jealousy. The main thing is not to go too far.
  5. Jointly take housing on a mortgage.
  6. Watch any wedding movie together.
  7. Ask a direct question in the eyes, whether he wants to get married or not.
the nuances of civil marriage
the nuances of civil marriage

It is strictly forbidden to make attempts to get pregnant in secret from the chosen one, thereby forcing him to marry. The news of conception confuses men, and the reaction may be reversed.

We will talk about the phenomenon of guest marriage and its benefits in our next article.

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