The Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life: The Reasons For Total Bad Luck

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The Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life: The Reasons For Total Bad Luck
The Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life: The Reasons For Total Bad Luck

Video: The Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life: The Reasons For Total Bad Luck

Video: The Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life: The Reasons For Total Bad Luck
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The girl is unlucky in her personal life
The girl is unlucky in her personal life

How often in the life of every person there are situations when a not very beautiful, frankly plump "simpleton" comes across good, loving men, but a slender and stylishly dressed girl has no luck in her personal life. Why is this happening? Modern psychologists know the answer.

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  • 1 What reduces a girl's chances of a happy personal life?
  • 2 Female types that repel men

The problem is not spoilage, not a celibate wreath, or even men. The reasons for unlucky love lie in the girl herself, who suffers from it.

What lowers a girl's chances of a happy personal life? I

Employees of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and VGIK report which women are more likely to suffer from loneliness and unsuccessful relationships. The data was collected as a result of surveys of the fairer sex in Russia.

High expectations

Girls are told tales of princesses who are rescued by handsome princes on a white horse. They have an image of an ideal man. Many, having already become adult girls, are still looking for that very pumped-up and beautiful who will come with a bouquet of flowers, take good care of, ride in his Mercedes and carry in his arms. For a good fantasy for such women, of course, a plus.

But they believe that men "should", think stereotypically and are not ready to accept the individuality of the stronger sex. The guy they dream of just doesn't exist, so he's not attracted to them. And being in a relationship, such girls try to change the young man, which is unlikely to please at least one.

The solution for them: to really look at things and choose a man, assessing his strengths and weaknesses objectively.

Unlucky in personal life
Unlucky in personal life

Low self-esteem

The phrase, very popular in the modern world: "For someone to love you, you need to love yourself." An example is the 2018 film Pretty Woman for the Whole Head. A plump and not so pretty girl hated herself all her life until she hit her head and convinced herself that she was the best. And yet I met my love, becoming a happy woman.

It is ironic, of course, but in life everything happens that way. Worried about problem skin, small breasts or sparse hair, girls become obsessed with their shortcomings and too insecure to date a nice young man.

Solution: Work with a psychologist or read literature on self-acceptance.

Sexuality problems

A woman can be asexual or, conversely, flaunt it. In the first case, she does not look feminine enough, and decent men rarely pay attention to the "gray mouse". She needs to change her hairstyle, work on her appearance, change her wardrobe.

The opposite situation is when the girl behaves too relaxed. Photos in lingerie online, sex on the first date, revealing outfits - all this attracts men who are interested in only one thing. Solution: Become more humble and focus on your other strengths.

Why not lucky on the personal front
Why not lucky on the personal front

Lack of manners

"Dirty" speech, ugly habits, ignorance of the rules of decency attract the same guys into the life of a girl. There is only one way out: daily work on yourself.


Listening skills, sensitivity and empathy will show a woman as gentle, caring and kind. But if you talk only about yourself, do not show interest in others at all, then you can stay with your beloved for life. Such a girl is unlucky in her personal life, but this can be changed by opening up to other people and learning to enter their position.

Bad relationships in the past

Which give rise to stereotypes about men. A girl fixated on problems with her ex is not ready for a relationship, especially if she thinks that “these guys” are to blame for everything. She is biased towards men, considering all of them the same. Accordingly, she herself pushes them away or chooses only negative characters that correspond to her stereotypes.

Unlucky in relationships
Unlucky in relationships

Such a woman needs to understand that past relationships are just experiences. A lesson can be learned from them. Think about what she did wrong in them, and what her partner was wrong about. According to these findings, you can find a suitable man for a healthy relationship.

Female types repelling men2

The largest men's magazine in Russia, Men's Health, conducted a poll among readers and found out which girls are least interested in the stronger sex.

  1. Huntresses. These are girls who appear in nightclubs or other events only to find a man, and quickly make contact.
  2. Homemade. Passionate about household chores, cooking, not ready for crazy deeds. In general, ideally "correct" women. Older men who have worn out with other types are drawn to them.
  3. "Silicon valleys" and those who cannot take care of themselves.
  4. Boys. They often just become good friends with guys.
  5. Obsessed with work.
Why unlucky relationships
Why unlucky relationships

When a girl is unlucky in her personal life, she needs to look for the reason in herself, and not turn to psychics and blame men. Most often, the situation can be corrected in a short period of work on yourself.

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