Should You Get Married Of Convenience? What Is The Consequence?

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Should You Get Married Of Convenience? What Is The Consequence?
Should You Get Married Of Convenience? What Is The Consequence?
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Rich groom
Rich groom

Among the 100 richest people in the world, only 8 are women. Only two of them got rich on the property of a rich groom, and later a husband. For example, Maria Franca is 98 years old, and she is now free. She was included in the list of the 100 richest people in the world by Forbes magazine, where her husband Michele Ferrero, the owner of such brands as Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello, Nutella, was also included.

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He gave her the title of the richest person in Italy. I could not help but give, although during marriage, without the consent of her husband, Maria Franca could not even buy buns. He was not angry. Always modest, always wearing dark glasses, he avoided publicity. But every cent saved.

My wife is my "thing" i

The stereotype of a rich husband's wife seems simple and, unfortunately, unchanged: this is a woman who does nothing, but has everything. And it is unlikely that someone who does not have experience of close communication with people who find themselves in such a situation will think that the wife of a millionaire must endure the tricks of a financial tyrant, that, it happens, they are treated like cars, houses, bank accounts, according to psychotherapists.

They can be a thing, for some this situation does not bother, but basically a relationship with a rich groom destroys mental health, leading first to neurosis, then to depression and alienation from their own desires.

These women are victims of violence. Economic, because violence is not only beatings. They have nowhere to go because people will not accept them. Shame paralyzes them.

Beautiful "bird" in a golden cage2

Employees of the Women's Rights Center are not surprised at such situations. Many people know that a woman who marries a rich person thinks that she has “caught God by the feet”. But it often turns out that it was she who let herself be caught in a trap.

Subordinate to husbands, who are the only ones in a couple who have an opinion in financial matters, wives do not decide anything in the house, do not have money for basic needs. Have to ask for the smallest things. Although they are often educated and could make a career, through their husbands they lose faith in themselves and become convinced that they can do nothing. And they don't try anything. Sometimes they sit for hours on the psychiatrist's couch.

life with a rich groom
life with a rich groom

The husband is not initiated into this, because they cannot “show themselves” from the other side, crying. Any fairy tale ends, and this is rarely a happy ending. According to the European Social Survey, up to 22 percent of women have no income of their own.

And although by law the money must be at the disposal of both spouses, it happens that the partner only occasionally provides access to the “safe” on his own terms. This can be called a form of slavery, it is difficult to get out of dependence.

Research by psychologists at the University of Michigan has shown that even if a woman “runs away,” she involuntarily returns to abusive partners, and the reason is financial problems.

But you need to flee, get a full-time job at enterprises, because not every “wife of a rich husband” will wait, like Maria Franca, to “leave” the financial tyrant. Someone keeps their first bank card as the most valuable memory. She reminds the woman of her release.

boyfriend flirting
boyfriend flirting

At first glance, women with a rich groom are happy. They live in luxury villas, drive the latest car models, buy clothes from world-class designers. They have the opportunity to invest so much money in themselves that they always look like from the cover.

Despite the fact that they do not work anywhere, almost everyone can afford it. In reality, however, their lives are like real torment. They pay a lot every day to be the wives of rich husbands.

"You are with him because of the money"; "Start up with an old guy"; "Relationships of convenience are your destiny" - have repeatedly heard women who decide on a relationship with a wealthy man. They struggle with the stereotypical image of a wife, which is an addition to their husband's luxurious life.

And some of them cannot afford too much, because they themselves earned for all the small expenses all their lives. Often, however, money is irrelevant and is a welcome addition, not the meaning of marriage.

Rich groom
Rich groom

Rich men seduce not only by how many zeros they have, but also by their position in society, which will require a lot of discipline and self-denial from them. And the habits of winning at work often translate into personal life.

The motives of women who decide on a relationship with a wealthy man are very different. Often times, financial matters don't matter much. For women, vital wisdom, intelligence, partner are important. They sometimes act as humble disciples.

The least optimistic case is when a woman becomes the spouse of a man who controlled her expenses all her life. Ambitious women decide to earn money for their own needs, less determined women put up with tyranny.

The stereotype of rich wives is unfair, as these women often spend their days at home raising their children. Despite this, they are very underrated and resentful. Being the wife of a rich husband is another role that a woman should play. It is a pity that few people remember how difficult and difficult it is. Contrary to popular belief, there are many victims of this role.

Striving for the rich3

And nevertheless, there are really many different courses and master classes aimed at meeting a rich groom. The pioneer in the invention of unusual courses is, of course, China. It also created the world's first course for young women looking for a wealthy husband.

about unequal marriage
about unequal marriage

The Beijing-based Center for Spiritual and Moral Education for Women offers a very diverse range of activities. The program contains, among others: the study of professional makeup, a course in making tea and reading body language. Mastering the art of conversation can also help in finding an influential husband.

In addition, the participants in the classes learn to read the personality and intentions of a person by his behavior. And all this so that they can prove their elegance and demonstrate themselves in all their glory. Most of the female students are from the middle class. Interestingly, many of the school's alumni claim to have married a rich man within a few months of graduation. From there, the idea of ​​such courses spread virtually to the whole world, and reached Russia.

Marriage of convenience4

It is a common phenomenon that more or less educated girls are looking for rich partners, sponsors, and husbands. You don't need to try too hard, sometimes beauty, sparkle in the eyes, common sense within certain boundaries and a trip to a disco is enough.

Young businesses grew like mushrooms after rain in recent decades, the mafia and smuggling developed just as dynamically, people made money on literally everything, social life flourished in discos, and there were active relationships between people, including one night.

life in unequal marriage
life in unequal marriage

And a woman has an instinct: to conquer a man who will successfully feed children. And beyond the eastern border of the country, everywhere there are announcements that beautiful young Russian girls are selling virginity to oligarchs (for such amounts you can buy very good apartments, and more than one). And often they succeed because the rich man wants to have new girls.

However, there is no such tradition in Russia. Probably because there are much fewer oligarchs. And in Russia, waiting for a man who will change a woman's fate is rather useless. In most cases, with a national mentality, it is best to have an equal partner.

Instead of wasting life and youth (the frontier of which has advanced significantly, especially for those trying to rebuild their lives), you can use the time and think about a strategy for life. And take responsibility for her and for the child, enjoying your freedom.

And how to be the richest woman in the world, and is it possible to get female happiness, we read in our article further on the link.

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