Three Types Of People To Avoid In Relationships

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Three Types Of People To Avoid In Relationships
Three Types Of People To Avoid In Relationships

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Three types of people
Three types of people

When you start dating someone, you can never foresee in advance how it will all end. The outcome can be completely different, from a quick parting to Mendelssohn's wedding march. But people who betray or disappear without any explanation, when the relationship becomes especially close and, it would seem, everything goes better than ever, inflict special pain and insult.

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  • 1 "Daffodils"
  • 2 Insecure
  • 3 Egoists

Gender Relations Consultant Matthew Hussey for Business Insider talks about three types of people who can strike your feelings as devastating, as they almost always play foul play in romantic relationships, both fleeting and long-term.

"Daffodils" i

Narcissism and overestimated self-esteem of these people are so great that they leave no room for strong feelings towards anyone other than themselves. They are always looking for confirmation of their exclusivity and irresistibility, because the love of one person is not enough for them.

Wanting to make sure that everyone loves and admires them, "narcissists" willingly encourage flirting, signs of attention, courtship of others and easily enter into sexual relations, regardless of the presence and feelings of a permanent partner.

Research has shown that narcissistic people tend to feel less committed to their romantic relationships, as they always feel they deserve better.

Insecure 2

We are not talking about an elementary, periodic feeling of insecurity, which, in one way or another, each of us is subject to. There are people who have such an experience that reaches the level of neurosis, and if you do not immediately provide them with your love, they will look elsewhere. Relationships with such partners are doomed to self-destruction.

types of toxic people
types of toxic people

If your girlfriend constantly demands your presence and confirmation of feelings, be careful, the girl desperately lacks self-confidence. In any relationship, we must be realistic. You will not be able to love her always with the same strength that you feel today, and as soon as you get tired of showing her your feelings or find yourself at a distance, you will most likely be betrayed.


Such people either lack moral standards, or the concept of them is too vague, ambiguous. They do not care about the feelings of others, they are guided only by their desires, needs and benefits, not bothering at all with the fact that they cause someone mental pain. Egoists easily cheat, abandon their romantic partners, look for relationships on the side. Often, such people are also hypocritical, that is, they ascribe to their unfavorable actions some lofty or pseudo-moral motives.

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