Why A Loving Man Is Cheating: How To Find Out About Cheating?

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Why A Loving Man Is Cheating: How To Find Out About Cheating?
Why A Loving Man Is Cheating: How To Find Out About Cheating?

Video: Why A Loving Man Is Cheating: How To Find Out About Cheating?

Video: Why A Loving Man Is Cheating: How To Find Out About Cheating?
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Why is a loving man cheating?
Why is a loving man cheating?

Cheating partner jeopardizes the relationship of the couple. Is it possible to talk at all about some kind of love, if he has another? In fact, there are completely different reasons why a loving man is cheating. There are many prerequisites for betrayal, because in each marriage there may be several of them. Let's look at the main reasons for a spouse's infidelity.

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  • 1 Lack of love in childhood
  • 2 Midlife crisis
  • 3 Family boredom
  • 4 Lack of attention
  • 5 Woman's appearance
  • 6 Natural cause
  • 7 Money problems
  • 8 How do you know if a loving husband is cheating?

Details on how to find out about treason can be found in our article below the link.

Lack of love in childhood

The man sleeps with the other, because he feels the need for confirmation of feelings for him. This leads to the search for comfort in the arms of others. And all because, when he was a little boy, he lacked the attention and love of his parents. So he grew up, and there is a hole in his heart that he is trying to fill. And the love of one woman is not enough, there is not enough evidence for him. Cheating is a way to find missing feelings. In other cases, fear of deep relationships may appear, he needs new emotions, new women.

Midlife Crisis 2

In almost all men, this period is accompanied by an indefatigable desire to prove to everyone and to himself that he is still capable of much. Often a person devoted his whole life to work, family, and now there is a feeling that something has been missed. Instead of dealing with his problems of unfulfillment, fulfilling his desires, he uses the simplest way to increase self-esteem and raise the emotional level - an affair. The connection with a girl younger than him can cheer up, but only temporarily.

Family Boredom3

The more the experience of living together, the less diverse the couple's life is. And there are feelings, everyday life is adjusted, but nothing interesting happens. In marriage, it is important to maintain a vibrant, active relationship. Of course, having sex with another is a very tempting and invigorating activity.

Lack of attention4

When a woman does not find time for her husband because of children, career, household chores, he feels unimportant and unnecessary, and for a man this is one of the most important life needs.

why is a loving guy cheating
why is a loving guy cheating

Often during pregnancy, a woman begins to prepare for motherhood and is busy only with thoughts about the unborn child, proper nutrition, taking vitamins, restrictions, and forgets about her man. A man, on the other hand, cannot understand the reasons for the detachment, since, according to biological laws, he is not able to feel affection before meeting a child. Sometimes sex is limited due to the pregnancy itself for medical reasons or a mistaken belief in the danger of such a pleasant activity. A man has no choice but to find relief elsewhere.

Woman's appearance5

If the beloved wife cannot give him the feeling of a great lover, he will look for him on the side, just to know what he can. According to psychologists, the principle of addiction works. A woman in a long-term relationship is no longer so sexually attracted to a partner, there is no more passion between spouses.

Natural reason 6

Scientists associate cheating with natural instincts.

Why is a loving man cheating?
Why is a loving man cheating?

Men are polygamous individuals and even evolution, social mores cannot be stopped by the law of nature. Contact with another woman simply helps him to assert himself.

Money problems7

One of the most common reasons for divorce and cheating. In a family where financial difficulties there is no place for mutual love and understanding.

Studies in the United States have shown that only in 1 out of 4 families, spouses remain faithful to each other, in Russia, on the contrary, only in 1 out of 4 families someone can go to the left. Educated people cheat twice as often as Losers.

How do you know if a loving husband is cheating? 8

  • Change of appearance - new clothes, hairstyle, perfume. He began to watch himself suddenly.
  • Weird things. By chance, in the car or in his things, something was discovered that was not typical for him.
  • Smells. If someone else's female perfume is heard from him.
  • Lack of sex. If sex and attention to the girl absolutely disappeared between the spouses, then it went to some other person.
  • Reduction in kissing. If the family had a tradition of kissing, and then she disappeared, he forgets to kiss her before leaving home.
loving boyfriend cheats
loving boyfriend cheats
  • Hides a mobile phone. He carries the gadget with him all the time, sets passwords and gets nervous when he calls.
  • Under any pretext, he avoids hugs, sometimes his back hurts, sometimes an important matter.
  • Missing at home. The man does not spend time with his wife, he is very busy all the time.
  • The family budget has been significantly reduced. A new woman also requires investment.
  • Activity at the computer. If a man is suddenly interested in social media, maybe this is a way to communicate with his mistress.

A Swiss psychologist conducted an experiment in which he asked women a question: should you choose - a man who cheats on you, but thinks about you during sex, or is faithful to you, but represents another during intercourse. Almost all women chose the first option with the desire that he think only of them.

After a betrayal, it is very difficult to recover and a woman is visited by ambivalent feelings: anger, aggression, disappointment, emptiness. Know that the pain will subside and will pass over time. Why is a man cheating?

loving man cheats
loving man cheats

This does not mean that you are bad, but the relationship has cracked. He did not find in them what he found on the side. Therefore, you need to discuss the reasons for treason and make a joint decision on what to do next. It is possible to seek help from a psychologist.

And why the husband's betrayal is dreaming, you can find out in our article further on the link.