10 Tips For Couples If The Man Is Much Older

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10 Tips For Couples If The Man Is Much Older
10 Tips For Couples If The Man Is Much Older

Video: 10 Tips For Couples If The Man Is Much Older

Video: 10 Tips For Couples If The Man Is Much Older
Video: How To Approach Dating OLDER Men (6+ Year Age Gap) 2023, September
Ten commandments for couples
Ten commandments for couples

All ages are submissive to love, of course. But when one of the participants in this very love is noticeably younger, difficulties in communication may appear.

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What should couples do when a girl was born a little later than her companion?

The Philosopher's Stone and Eternal Youth

Many studies claim that the best way to prolong a man's youth and vitality is to have an affair with a young lady. Healthy food and green smoothies are cool, but not so much fun, you must admit.

Gentlemen of an age who are lucky enough to get a young girlfriend live longer and healthier than their peers, to whom the Universe has not given such a gift.

If you are already a deeply adult and lonely man, then know that not a single massager from the TV shop will charge you with such energy as a hot girl who barely found the USSR.

For everyone who is interested in their health and intends to blow out a hundred candles on a birthday cake, we offer top 10 tips that will help you attract and conquer a young lady.

PS Dear girls, read and remember spy information while we turn our backs.

Hot ten2

The only one, not one night

Girls have long learned to recognize the clever designs of pickup trucks and bring them out into the open. They have learned the rules of the game and will not allow themselves to be fooled. By games, we mean these ridiculous "disappearances" for three weeks, and then a playful message like "how are you?)", Nightly "miss you, come" and so on.

How to date an older guy
How to date an older guy

“When I meet a guy my age, I assume that there is a certain amount of infantilism in him that will have to be tolerated,” says 26-year-old Maria.

“In the past, I had two affairs with older men, and in both cases I was fully confident that I could not be afraid of immature games. In addition, this is a person who has learned a lot from past relationships and mistakes made in them”- another revelation from the female side.

"Older men looking for relationships with young girls should remember that we will not tolerate any crap just because we are young."

Not only sex

Yes, having sex with an older man is fucking great, but unless a man is dating a nymphomaniac, he shouldn't make sex the most important part of the relationship.

In a relationship, you need to pay enough attention to romance and spiritual contact.

“As if they had to get you, they relax. They forget what it means to “date,” complains 25-year-old Rebecca.

Relationship with an older man
Relationship with an older man

Behave your age

“Most of my men were older than me. If there is a big age difference between partners, then there are certain expectations. According to your age, I expect you to be a mature person, from whom you can learn a lot, who is looking for a serious relationship and who knows who he is”- Shekina, 30.

Leave childishness in the past

There is a specific reason why I choose older men - I don't want to deal with an infantile, inexperienced, naive boy … So don't be like that.”- Kristen, 27.

Everything has its time

“Don't make us live in your rhythm of life. If I'm not ready for what you ripe for years ago, find yourself a lady by age and leave me alone. Do not force us to do anything (wedding, children, etc.)”, - Johari, 29.

Honesty is the head

“What attracts you now may start to tire later, when you both get old. So, be honest with yourself and decide what attracts you to a girl."

How to build a relationship with an older man
How to build a relationship with an older man

Be young

Yes, we were told to behave according to age. But you do not need to turn into an old fart (only if this is not a fetish for the girl).

“If age is just numbers, then don't act like a grandpa. We love to go out and have fun, so get ready to shake your ass! - advises Carly, 29.

So if you don't like to hang out and get drunk or knead dirt at music festivals, you probably shouldn't look for a young woman.

Not everyone is looking for sponsors

“Not all of us are financially helpless. We need a partner, not a daddy.”35-year-old Anna is a strong and independent part of the female sex.

Meet the parents

“My boyfriend is closer in age to my father than to me. When I told my parents that I was dating a much older man, they were very skeptical - but as soon as we celebrated the first anniversary of the relationship, they realized that everything was serious and wanted to meet him. It was weird, but I think my boyfriend did a great job.

Relationship with a mature man
Relationship with a mature man

He joked about the sports championship, which he and his father both met (and I, of course, not), and everything went smoothly,”- Sarah, 27.

Prepare to stand trial

When people see a couple with a significant age difference, they inevitably start to stare. They will also think that the man is next to the girl:

  • her father
  • her daddy

“I was ready for the trials that a girl goes through in such a situation, but I was clearly not ready for the condemnation that others expressed right in our face,” - Jasmine, 26.

“At the beginning of our relationship, we went to a bar. When my man went to the toilet, the bartender leaned over to me and said, “I know he has more money than me. But I can do things that he is too old for, if you know what I mean.

I was terribly angry, I had no words. When my boyfriend returned, I told him what had happened. I thought he would say something to the bartender, or at least be as upset as me. But he said that he was sorry, but this had to happen, and all we can do is not let someone else's ignorance spoil our relationship.

He was right, this happened more than once. In such a relationship, both sides should get thick skin and stop paying attention to other people's opinions."