What Are The Rules Of Conduct In A Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl

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What Are The Rules Of Conduct In A Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl
What Are The Rules Of Conduct In A Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl

Video: What Are The Rules Of Conduct In A Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl

Video: What Are The Rules Of Conduct In A Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl
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About girls and relationships
About girls and relationships

You can argue about girls and relationships indefinitely. Everyone will have their own point of view, since not everyone can properly treat their partner and then wonder why his passion treats him so badly, while some Sasha is doing fine? Relationships are always built with mutual support and common contribution, otherwise such a couple will not last long.

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  • 1 Rules of conduct for couples
  • 2 The rule of three "not"
  • 3 Do not believe
  • 4 Strongly enthusiastic about something and trying to convince
  • 5 Resentment and tears if a grand plan to cheat failed
  • 6 She answers your question with another question
  • 7 Tries to change the topic of conversation or in every possible way to distract you from an unpleasant topic for her
  • 8 don't be afraid
  • 9 Don't ask

Women rely on you, men, because you position yourself as strong and independent, and capable of solving all problems. However, when it is necessary to act, from the former confidence and the trace disappeared. You need to remember how to conduct relationships with girls, otherwise all your attempts to build a strong union will inevitably collapse, since the lady will not be able to carry everything on her shoulders for a long time. It is very important.

Couples Code of Conduct

Before revealing all the secrets about girls and relationships with them, you need to understand that you will have to strictly follow some rules and tricks that will be listed below. Of course, if the prospect of a short-term union does not scare you, then you should not exactly follow the material below. But it is still recommended to read.

Be a fatalist

Women don't need much, they need everything right now! Indeed, think for yourself. The more you give her, the more she asks for. Nothing can be done about it - this is the standard reaction of any person.

She just gets used to the fact that it should be so and every time she expects that this time the gift should be more expensive and bigger, the restaurant is better, clothes from well-known brands and so on. It is unlikely that she will be able to realize this herself, since she will reject your assumptions to the last and find explanations for all claims.

Plus, this craving for "bigger and better" may soon affect you. She will start looking for flaws in you. The puziko that she used to like about you will become hated, and she will push you to go to the gym with all her might. She will get bored with your clothes and she will force her to buy a new one, she will get bored with your hairstyle and you will have to change it too.

Because of this, many people think about girls and relationships in such a way that it is better not to mess with them. But believe me, not everyone will show their "want" so fatally. How lucky here. And a change in appearance is not always a bad thing and may even benefit you. But if this will strain and anger you, then it may end badly.

How does a woman see an ideal man? Imperious, successful, wealthy. Only with this will she be able to find real happiness, since she will be able to get what she wants and will not need funding for the next Wishlist, because there will be enough money anyway. At the same time, of course, it is important that there is enough love in such an alliance, otherwise tension and embarrassment in a couple will be felt, which will interfere with truly opening up to each other.

about girls and relationships
about girls and relationships

Also keep in mind that not always what a woman says and accompanies with the word "I want", she really wants. She won't get any worse if you refuse her or ask her to wait. On the contrary, she will understand that she is in a relationship with a domineering young man, and that is exactly what is needed. Over time, she will burn out and understand that this is not what she really would like.

Spend more time on yourself and strive for self-improvement. The girl will see this and appreciate it, but she definitely will not want to stand still next to such a successful, and becoming better and better every day. Therefore, she herself will begin to change, if only to fully approach you in a new way.

Don't forget about naturalness

Naturalness is not equal to the manifestation of their animal nature or blowing your nose on the street on the asphalt. This should be taken into account before listening to this point. Naturalness is the ability to be yourself, to remain an individual person and not to be influenced by others. Do not change for the sake of someone, just to appear to this person the way he would like to see you.

Later, this illusion will evaporate and the one for whom you pretended to understand who you really are. This realization, of course, will not make anyone better. So why waste your time? Plus, women are attracted to individuality and naturalness, so forget that your goal is to please at any cost. Do not do this in any case. Just be yourself.

Overconfidence and authority are what you need

Even in ancient times, girls were attracted by real wars and heroes. So it has survived to this day. Many persons are sure that a man is the head of the family and a lot depends on his decision, since they were brought up in this way. That is why you need to adhere to this main rule and do what you really need in life. But only in moderation. It is very easy to go crazy and lose your head from power here.


Don't forget that listening to your significant other is also very important. Consult with her and bring up your business and plans. If she is suspicious of one of your ideas, then most likely, in her opinion, it could harm you. Sometimes it is still very important to listen to the opinions of others, especially your beloved.

But it is not worth going on about all the time, since the woman realizes her power and will try to control you in this way from time to time. If this starts, then you should stop such attempts immediately. But you shouldn't be too rude. Everything should have a middle ground and you will have to find it yourself.

How do women feel about a man who calls them "chicks" behind their backs? We will tell you in our special article.

Sometimes think only of yourself

Nobody will love you more than yourself. Remember this always. Therefore, sometimes allowing yourself to be selfish is not bad at all, but even useful. In addition, a reasonable and understanding woman is always happy if she sees that her boyfriend is feeling good and happy with everything. If you are not too lucky with your companion, and she does not support this position of yours, then keep in mind that you should not adapt to her desires here again.

We return to point three and understand that in this case, the girl will begin to feel control and power, and control you for her own purposes. This will completely break the core in you and kill your individuality. Do what you really want, because if a woman were in your place, it is unlikely that she would start thinking about your opinion, since most of the fair sex are worse than some.

Of course, this does not mean that from this moment on, the lady does not play any role in your pair and only you decide everything. Do not forget about mutual respect and warmth that any union should be filled with. Just remember sometimes about yourself and your desires.


The rule of three nots 2

Three "not" - do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask. If you follow them, then questions about girls and relationships should no longer arise. You will succeed with any special female if you do everything correctly.

We will tell you absolutely everything about how to behave at the beginning of a relationship in our article at the link.

Don't believe 3

In our time, such a quality as sincerity has long ceased to belong to any of the people living at the moment. This is especially true of girls, since from childhood they learn to keep back and distort the truth, and sometimes openly lie. With such an insidious person, you must always be ready. It is very easy to understand that she is trying to fool you. Look for the following signs:

He speaks with great enthusiasm and tries to convince of it4

Experience of past relationships will help you to realize this trick. Remember, it happened that you were strongly asked for something and told a bunch of positive things, while the conversation was full of enthusiasm, and then a brazen deception followed? Here, too, you can immediately find your way around and understand that you are really being deceived. If the experience is not very great, then this is not scary.

In any case, you can understand that something is wrong. Then you will have to abstract a little and not listen to what she says, but watch her facial expressions, hand movements, emotions and so on. If all this is served by strong emotionality and attempts to prove and convince that this will only get better, then here he is a deception. It is worth at least to be wary.

Resentment and tears if a grand plan to deceive has failed5

about girls and relationships
about girls and relationships

Young ladies are used to manipulating their parents in childhood, letting down rivers of tears. This habit persisted with them into adulthood, so if your significant other cries after you refused her anything, then this is just a trick. Don't get fooled. For a while, she will cry theatrically, but soon she will calm down, but she will still be offended and may even declare a boycott to you. Please note that all this will pass after a short time and she will calm down.

Many men mistakenly believe that girls only cry because they are defenseless and weak and too vulnerable. Perhaps there are such people, but most of them try to manipulate in this way and get what they want, if only this performance ends. Or perhaps they are counting on you to feel guilty and want to make amends immediately, and for that to happen, you will have to do what she so strongly asked. As simple as that.

She answers your question with another question6

This is done in order to take the time to come up with a truly truthful excuse and justification for his words. So what if, after your question, “You don’t believe me?” Why are you asking this? You doubt me?" or any other phrases, then be careful. They are trying to dissolve you, because after such phrases, having received enough time to think, lies will be flooded into your ears.

Tries to change the topic of conversation or in every possible way to distract you from an unpleasant topic for her


Surely you have come across a situation where, instead of the required answer to the question posed, you get something completely different. For example, she may suddenly change the topic, saying that she has some important news for you and say some stupid thing, or suddenly passion sweeps over her and she wants you right now, after an unpleasant and dead-end question for her, and after that you already forget about what you wanted to ask.

There may still be a huge number of examples, but the essence is clear and something similar must have been for the entire time of your relationship if the girl is a liar. But it is quite possible that some situations really happened by accident, and not on purpose to distract you. To do this, just repeat your question after a while, and if something like this happens again, then something is wrong. The main thing is to remain calm, as a lot depends on your complete control of emotions and composure.

Don't be afraid 8

Women feel fear and if they understand that despite all your self-confidence and seemingly toughness, you are afraid of her somewhere deep down in your soul, then it may end badly. Most likely, a man will not even realize that he is afraid until he is faced with this face to face. And he will face a blow to the most important thing - self-esteem. You should suppress this in yourself and stop shaking over the fact that someone might think wrong of you. Then you will see that life has become much easier.

Do not be afraid that in some areas of life your friend will be much more successful than you yourself. Do not reproach or hate her for this. It is not her fault that she understands something better. Instead of such boorish behavior, it is better to support her and say how proud you are of her.

It will be much more pleasant for you and her, believe me. But if she reproaches you with the fact that she managed to achieve this, but you do not, and openly mock you, then feel free to drive such a young lady out of your house. This is an indicator of the meanness and narrow-mindedness of a girl, and you hardly need this.


Don't ask 9

It is definitely not worth asking your female soul mate for something, since it is simply not accepted. Even if these requests are elementary, like "love me a little more, have sex with me more often or ask my opinion." They definitely shouldn't be asked even by women from you. When she sees fit, she will give you everything and even more than you could ask for. This is an important rule, as she herself will feel what you really need. Just let her realize it and understand it on her own, otherwise there will be no sense.

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