6 Nice Gestures For Your Lady That Will Drive You Crazy

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6 Nice Gestures For Your Lady That Will Drive You Crazy
6 Nice Gestures For Your Lady That Will Drive You Crazy

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6 gestures of courtesy for a lady of the heart
6 gestures of courtesy for a lady of the heart

Regardless of whether you want to live with your chosen one all your life, or your relationship is at the starting point - from time to time you need to show her your favor. The days of chivalry are over, but women want the same thing - to be loved, the only one, desired, and so on. Here are some ways to help you show concern and ignite your passion as brightly as possible.

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  • 1 1. Compliment her
  • 2 2. Hear what she says
  • 3 3. Show your affection
  • 4 4. Look into her eyes
  • 5 5. Surprise her
  • 6 6. Spend time with her family

1. Compliment her 1

The woman who is able to resist an exquisite compliment has not yet been born. Therefore, do not stop telling your beloved how wonderful she is and how good you are with her. These things, of course, can sometimes rush through your head; but thinking is not enough - it is important to speak out loud. It doesn't matter if a few days ago your chosen one already heard that she is very smart and pretty. Remind her again that she is seductive like Venus de Milo and smart like Sherlock Holmes.

Dating expert Nick Notas advises not just general compliments, but the things your woman will love. “No girl wants to feel just“the next number on the list”, even if she sees her interlocutor for the first and last time. For generations, women have been won over with the right compliments. Therefore, it is foolish not to use such a powerful weapon."

2. Hear what she says 2

Girls are often not important about the essence of the conversation, but the very fact that they were heard. And your lady is hardly an exception. She doesn't always need someone to solve problems for her. The main thing is at least to pretend that you are participating in them.

So if she starts complaining about a terrible work relationship or a tyrant boss, just let her talk. Psychologist Manjit Kaur Khalsa explains that conversation for a woman is not just a way to convey information, but an urgent need. “During the conversation, the girl understands that she is being emotionally supported. And since many of the fairer sex do not have enough of this, they like to chat much more often than men."

Statistics confirm Dr. Khalsa's words. It is shown that a man pronounces about 2000 words a day, and a woman - about 7000.

Courtesy gestures
Courtesy gestures

3. Show your affection 3

The most powerful way to do this is with a simple touch. You can join hands in the park, accidentally touch your shoulder, or "brush an eyelash" from your cheek. Such gestures are necessary for women even after years of relationships. And even if there were unpleasant moments between you in the past, your friend will still wait for such gestures of attention. So why not provide them?

4. Look into her eyes4

The longer a couple is together, the less they look at each other during conversation. Do you notice that while communicating with her, you flip through your e-mail, or watch TV? Research shows that when couples look into each other's eyes for just a couple of minutes, they feel much closer emotionally.

5. Surprise her 5

You probably remember how it was at the beginning of the relationship. Both of you stuttered, blushed, and silently crumpled the subway ticket in your jacket pocket. In those days, I wanted to do everything just to get this girl for myself.

If your relationship is already several years old (or much more than a few), then it's time to restore that feeling of newness and surprise. Surprises may not be entirely global - the main thing is that they are unexpected. For example, clean her car of snow. Or wash the dishes. Or, meeting you from work, take them out of town for a picnic. Girls love to be surprised - so your lady will definitely fall in love with you again.

Niceties that make girls crazy
Niceties that make girls crazy

6. Spend time with her family6

Yes, the word "mother-in-law" is not the best in the Russian dictionary, as well as "son-in-law". But what to do: women are like that. They want to know that the faithful have tender feelings for their relatives. It doesn't matter that it will be pure self-deception, and Klavdia Ivanovna has already eaten your bald head with her lectures. Cross with your beloved halfway and drop in to your beloved relatives for at least half an hour. She will appreciate it.

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