How To Understand The Attitude Of A Man To A Woman? Relationship Tips

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How To Understand The Attitude Of A Man To A Woman? Relationship Tips
How To Understand The Attitude Of A Man To A Woman? Relationship Tips

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How to understand the attitude of a man to a woman
How to understand the attitude of a man to a woman

Love is the most wonderful feeling. It doesn't matter what causes it: an idle chemical reaction or some higher force. The main thing is that a person can enjoy emotions. However, not mutual feelings can hurt. What annoys a girl the most? That's right, the unknown. Often the fair sex cannot understand what men in love are thinking and how do they behave?

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  • 1 Eyes - the mirror of the soul
  • 2 Compliment Machine Gun
  • 3 Will help out in trouble
  • 4 That's how it rolled!
  • 5 Provocations
  • 6 Understanding the intentions of men
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For women, guys are a book closed for several locks. Silent, rude, discussing incomprehensible things and often trying to appeal to some kind of mistress logic. So annoying, but at the same time, so addictive. In order not to get confused in guesses, let's figure out how to understand the attitude of a man to a woman.

Eyes are the mirror of the soul i

The phrase is completely true. Therefore, always pay attention to the gaze of the beloved. If he has tender feelings, then his eyes will be gentle, a smile must shine on his face. He will furtively glance at his lips, especially when you speak. From time to time, instincts will take over, so his gaze can go down below his face. Don't think the guy is not a pervert. It's just that he is head over heels in love and, literally, cannot control himself.

If emptiness shines in his eyes, while he does not pay attention to his companion and during dialogues often looks around, then he considers the girl as a friend.

Compliment machine gun2

The lover will try with all his might to attract the attention of his betrothed. Since men naively believe that women really love with their ears, there will be a lot of compliments. You can literally drown in them.

The guy will praise the girl for every gesture, look, action. He cannot directly say: "I like you, let's start a family and die one day." These creatures believe that you need to approach the issue delicately and you can limit yourself to a couple of corny phrases to show feelings. If the man's heart does not torture, then he will communicate with the lady on an equal footing. That is, it will not limit itself in anything. Dialogues with guys and an uninteresting (in terms of love) girl sound about the same.

How clear is the attitude of a guy to a girl
How clear is the attitude of a guy to a girl

Help out in trouble3

Girls often get in trouble. If they have such a gift: to attract all kinds of adversity. We often have to seek rude male help. A man who is in love will break into a cake, but fulfill the request. If the lady is indifferent, then he will most likely tactfully refuse to help out.

However, there are unpleasant moments here. Some guys are too well-mannered to say no. Therefore, do not trust only one of the methods of exposing male emotions. They have to work in synthesis. Observing each action, you can understand how a man relates to a woman.

That's how it fell! 4

Often, a guy in love gives gifts. Usually, he tries to tie up their delivery with some more or less significant holiday. However, the most decisive showered with such prizes just like that.

If there are no gifts, then there are two options:

  1. He is not attracted to love;
  2. He has no extra money.

In any of the options, it is worth giving up this partner and finding someone better.

K / f
K / f

Provocations 5

There are such types of men as provocateurs. They try to use Pushkin's phrase: "The less we love a girl, the more we like her." Such guys try not to pay attention to the lady, while not missing every skirt flying by. This behavior looks exaggerated. It seems that the partner imagines himself the king of the stage and is trying to play Don Juan.

Believe me, this behavior is not difficult to distinguish. The main thing is not to confuse such a provocateur with a real man womanizer, otherwise you will not end up with grief.

Understanding the intentions of a man6

Often girls cannot understand what the guy wants from them. And hence a reasonable question arises: "How to understand the attitude of a man to a woman when you are already in a relationship?"

After all, perhaps the partner only needs sex. Or maybe he is already ready to start a family. If a girl is dating a guy for a long time, she understands him better. Therefore, you just need to analyze his behavior throughout the entire period of the relationship.

The attitude of a guy to a girl
The attitude of a guy to a girl

A person who is serious will show it in every way. Often talks about family, tries to joke about marriage. In addition, he will try to fulfill any desire of his half. After all, if the heart is aflame, then its fire is felt by everyone around.

Conclusion 7

Despite the fact that men and women are from different planets, they are able to understand each other. In this difficult task, the main thing is to learn how to communicate and carefully look at the signs. This is the only way to learn how to pick any locks on men's books.

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