14 Professions In Which Amateurs "go To The Left" Work

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14 Professions In Which Amateurs "go To The Left" Work
14 Professions In Which Amateurs "go To The Left" Work

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professions of infidels
professions of infidels

Many people have to balance their careers and personal relationships. There are those who are not averse to having an affair on the side - especially if the working conditions are conducive to this.

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  • 1 14. Politics
  • 2 13. Insurance and real estate
  • 3 12. Agriculture
  • 4 11. Jurisprudence
  • 5 10. Arts and entertainment
  • 6 9. Marketing and communication
  • 7 8. Social work
  • 8 7. Education
  • 9 6. Finance
  • 10 5. Service industry (for example, hotel business)
  • 11 4. Information technology
  • 12 3. Entrepreneurs
  • 13 2. Medicine
  • 14 1. Working specialties
  • 15 Certificate of honor: athletes

Ashley Madison, the owner of one of the American dating sites, discovered that people of certain professions cheat on their faithful more often than others. So, here are several types of areas where workers can be unfaithful to wives and husbands. Let's start with those where the rates of cheating are the lowest, and we will move towards the most dangerous professions for family happiness.

14. Policy 14

The infidelity rate in this area for men and women is 1%.

In a political environment, honor and dignity are very important. Perhaps that is why this area took the lowest line in the ranking.

13. Insurance and real estate13

  • The male infidelity rate was 3%;
  • For women - 0%.

Maybe real estate agents are in empty apartments every day; or every self-respecting agent should at least be able to flirt a little - in order to sell or rent an apartment as soon as possible … Who knows. But the fact remains: as many as three percent of men employed in this environment cheat on their wives.

12. Agriculture 12

  • The level of infidelity is similar to the previous one: 3% among men;
  • And 0% among women.

There are almost no traitors in agriculture; and almost no women. However, some male farmers still find opportunities to hike to the left.

11. Jurisprudence 11

  • Here the male infidelity rate was 4%;
  • Among women - again 0%.

A lawyer is one of the most stressful jobs. Tiredness, irritability, long hours in the courtroom … Although, perhaps, it is simply easier for a lawyer to imagine himself in the courtroom if his wife files an application against him.

The profession of people who like to change
The profession of people who like to change

10. Arts and entertainment10

  • The male infidelity rate was 3%;
  • Among women - 4%.

On the one hand, if you are a popular person, then you are always surrounded by fans and female fans. And with them you are more likely to succumb to temptation. But Madison argues that in this environment, the level of cheating does not depend on popularity. In general, 7% of people employed in this area cheat on their spouses.

9. Marketing and Communication 9

  • The infidelity rate among men is 6%;
  • Among women - 4%.

So, about 10% of the traitors from among those surveyed worked in the field of marketing. Ashley believes the ability to build a career is at play here. The more commercial success the respondents achieved, the more often they cheated.

8. Social work 8

  • The male infidelity rate was 2%;
  • Among women - 9%.

Typically, women have higher levels of oxytocin, the attachment hormone, in their bodies. In those areas of the social sphere, women quickly become attached to their wards, which leads to betrayal.

7. Education7

  • The infidelity rate among men is 4%;
  • Among women - 12%.

Most of the cheating women work in education. And the integral indicator in this area is quite large - as much as 16%. In another survey, 27% of teachers admitted to having sex with students at least once.

Cheating Professions
Cheating Professions

6. Finance 6

  • The number of cheaters among men is 8%;
  • Among women - 9%.

Surprisingly, finance is almost in the middle of this ranking. Perhaps stress is also to blame here.

5. Service industry (for example, hospitality) 5

  • The number of cheaters among men is 8%;
  • Among girls - 9%.

The specific sphere in which the person works also plays a role here; however, according to researchers, the retail and hospitality industries are still the most dangerous for family and marriage.

4. Information technology4

  • The number of cheaters among men is 12%;
  • Among women - 8%.

These results show that IT professionals are not as shy and withdrawn as they are thought to be. This area ranks 2nd in terms of the number of infidels among men and 7th among women.

3. Entrepreneurs 3

The infidelity rate among men and women is 11%.

Not a particularly impressive statistic for those in business relationships. Perhaps entrepreneurs feel that they can manage their relationships in the same way as they do business.

In what professions do people most often cheat?
In what professions do people most often cheat?

2. Medicine 2

  • The number of infidels among men is 5%;
  • Among women - 23%.

So, the highest chances of cheating on their wife are those men who tied the knot with a nurse or doctor. Representatives of the stronger sex, working in medicine, are not particularly in a hurry to break their vows of loyalty - although 5% is also not such a small figure.

1. Working specialties 1

  • The infidelity rate among men is 29%;
  • Among women - 4%.

And the rating is completed by the sphere of manual labor. It turns out that most of the male cheaters are electricians and plumbers. So, husbands, be careful: do not leave your mistress in the company of an insidious ZhEK employee.

Certificate of honor: athletes i

Finally, the bonus prize goes to workers in the field of sports. Almost 29% of those employed in this area get divorced. It's easy to understand where these numbers come from: after all, athletes have to constantly travel to different countries and devote time to grueling training.

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