Seven Bad Habits Of Women: What Scares Men Off In Women

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Seven Bad Habits Of Women: What Scares Men Off In Women
Seven Bad Habits Of Women: What Scares Men Off In Women

Video: Seven Bad Habits Of Women: What Scares Men Off In Women

Video: Seven Bad Habits Of Women: What Scares Men Off In Women
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girl with oranges
girl with oranges

Many girls are interested in the question - what scares off men in women. In search of love, everyone, both men and women, wants to correspond to certain ideals and are ready for anything for this. Of course, you don't need to step over yourself, and this idea itself will not lead to anything good in the end. But there are a number of female habits that scare off men in women, getting rid of which you can not only find love, but generally become better in the eyes of the people around you.

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  • 1 Jealousy
  • 2 Pitying behavior
  • 3 Self-doubt
  • 4 The habit of comparing your man to another
  • 5 Sardonic
  • 6 Unkempt appearance
  • 7 Thoughtless spending


It's hard to call it a habit, but you can't argue with the fact that jealousy causes many problems and is very detrimental to relationships. Constant suspicions of the second half of infidelity and claims to his "too close" communication and "too frequent" meetings with friends, colleagues and just acquaintances girls - a sure step towards the destruction of relationships. If a man wants to change, suspicion will still not change anything, but an honest and loyal man under pressure may one day really give up and sin - you still blame him more than once, so at least it will be, for what.

Pitying Behavior 2

People who are always aching and pretending to be a victim, in principle, do not like anyone, because what should be a man whose chosen one belongs to this type of woman. She will constantly tell him that she misses, that only he contains the source of her happiness, call several times a day to find out how things are, and quietly get angry, accusing him that he pays too little attention to her, and he will nod her head and try to meet her endless demands. No, not every man will agree to such a difficult fate, and the unwillingness of a man to be with a woman who literally treats him as her other half is quite justified.


Just insecure women are one thing, and a man can cope with such a phenomenon as a consequence of some negative events in a woman's life. But what a man really scares off in women is endless questions whether her dress makes her look full, whether he considers her friend more beautiful and (this is the least favorite among men!) Does he love her.

what turns men off
what turns men off

If a man was not even a little satisfied with the figure, face and relationship with a woman, he probably would have initiated an unpleasant conversation himself. In general, men are generally not very accommodating to such topics, and the abundance of questions with which a woman wants to raise her self-esteem only tires him. A man wants to be a partner, not a self-realization coach.

The habit of comparing your man to another 4

Such a female habit very much hurts male pride and makes him doubt already a woman's love. Indeed, since her ex or a colleague is better at everything: his shirts sit better on him, and he has already bought a car, and he always lowers the toilet seat after him, then why should she be such a defective and imperfect man.

Many people mistakenly believe that comparing a man with others spurs his competitiveness and makes him try better, but in reality this only greatly offends his partner and sets him up against the woman.

what unattractive women
what unattractive women


It's one thing to compare your man with another, naively believing that this will motivate him, and quite another thing, in principle, to criticize any of his actions.

A man is by nature a breadwinner, but feeling like an alpha next to a woman who does not recognize his successes and laughs in his face is frankly very hard. Caution: in search of self-realization and recognition, he may turn in the wrong direction.

Unkempt 6

There are no comrades for taste and color: someone loves long-legged blondes, someone loves short brunettes with a figure, where, as they say, there is something to hold on to, but in one thing all men will be in solidarity: an unkempt appearance does not dispose to itself at all. And it's not only about cleanliness - clean ears and nails, but in general how a woman knows how to teach herself and how she relates to her appearance.

Not ironed shirt, bad posture, tangled hair - immediately "no" in the eyes of a man. And if a man and a woman have been in a relationship for a long time and a woman walks around the house in a torn and stretched dressing gown, let him not be surprised when a man begins to look after short skirts.

qualities repulsive men
qualities repulsive men

Thoughtless spending 7

Everyone is inclined to waste money thoughtlessly: both men and women, but, as a rule, men are more frightened off by this, especially those who get money with great difficulty.

Men generally do not accept thoughtless spending: every purchase must be motivated, every waste of money must be justified. Moreover, they like to count not only the money that they give to the woman, but also the money that she earns herself.

This is good: such an attentive attitude to finances shows that he is not averse to sharing life with a woman and keeping a common budget - provided that thoughtless spending will be done away with.

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