A Few Main Reasons Why You Like Fat Girls

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A Few Main Reasons Why You Like Fat Girls
A Few Main Reasons Why You Like Fat Girls
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Why fat girls like
Why fat girls like

Men may like to carry slender and tall women in their arms, but subconsciously, many of them are still drawn to curvy young ladies. Studies have shown that a large number of guys love girls in their bodies. There are several reasons why fat girls are liked.

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  • 1 Going to the cafe
  • 2 Reflection in the mirror
  • 3 Better in bed
  • 4 Inferiority complex
  • 5 Looking into the future
  • 6 Simple conversation
  • 7 Attention to yourself
  • 8 Self-irony
  • 9 Instead of a conclusion

Men may not openly admit that they like fat girls, but when it comes to the final choice, that is, before marriage, they choose curvy women, not skinny ones. You can look back and see many examples

Here are some of the reasons guys like tough girls.

Going to cafe i

If you are a foodie, then you really understand what this is about. You feel pretty awkward next to a girl who takes a green salad and water with lemon in a cafe, while a man, after a long day at work, prefers to take a burger with fries and not forget about dessert.

Just imagine how you will feel guilty that you are not such a conscientious person when it comes to nutrition. It is much better to be with a girl who has a good appetite, then the food will not cause feelings of guilt.

She does not torture herself with a diet, which means that she does not suffer from vitamin deficiency and is not angry with the whole world because she limits herself to food.

Reflection in the mirror2

Perfectly shaped girls are often too attached to the mirror. How boring it is to wait for a girl who constantly looks at her reflection and does not show interest in you. Obviously, the mirror is not a fat girl's best friend.

Even so, they don't need to constantly look in the mirror for a long time. It's much nicer to be with a girl who loves your company more than her own.

Better in bed 3

What is the noisiest thing on earth - two skeletons make love on a tin roof.

Do you really want to make love with a bag of bones? Real women have flesh. And apparently guys even like fat girls in bed, even if they have jelly-like tummies. Men like to have something to grab onto.

Men like fat girls
Men like fat girls

Skinny girls are not that alluring when it comes to the bedroom. The survey results showed that 67% of men around the world prefer to have sex with a curvy woman rather than a skinny girl.

Inferiority complex 4

If your girlfriend is in good shape and in good shape, you must constantly keep yourself up, this is another reason why you like fat girls. You will live under constant pressure from a slender young lady to keep up with her. It's much better to be with a fat girl who wakes up late with you on Saturdays and shares leftover pizza with you.

An inferiority complex mostly occurs when you avoid the way you look. A fat girl will not make you feel inferior, but a thin one can.

Looking into the future5

At the sight of a plump girl, a man is more confident that this particular woman can become the future mother of his children. Wide rounded hips, large breasts - these are the features that men are looking for in a woman on a subconscious level. Before the appearance of the cult of a thin body, overweight women were appreciated, the thin ones simply did not have the vitality left to give birth and feed a baby.

Reasons for liking full
Reasons for liking full

Simple conversation6

It is much easier to talk with a fat girl, as opposed to talking with a slender and fit young lady. Fat women are calm and carefree, and the conversation becomes normal, as it should be. In the case of women of the ideal size, they put a lot of boundaries.

They don't open easily. They create difficulties for men who look at them, because they are always steadfastly ready to reflect the signs of attention of men, in anticipation of that very pumped-up handsome guy. The problem is, most likely, he already has a boyfriend.

It is easier to meet fat girls, because they are more open to dating, you just have to come up and say "hello" and the conversation itself will flow in the right direction.

Attention to yourself7

Large girls pay more attention to their appearance and take care of themselves, they cannot boast of their waist, but most often “at the parade”, they are not ashamed to introduce them to friends and parents.


Such girls have enough reasons for self-irony and will always easily laugh at their peculiarity, but it is very easy to cross the border, so joke very carefully.

Why do men like fat
Why do men like fat

Instead of a conclusion9

Do not hesitate if you are a fan of rounded shapes. The most important thing is not what friends will say, but that you are comfortable in a relationship with a girl who does not limit herself to a diet and does not puff up to a sweat in training.

Perhaps if you yourself are a fan of sweating in the gym and snacking on chicken breast, you will not like this approach, but then you have a large selection of fit girls in the gym where you go.

You should not be judgmental of overweight girls. Perhaps this is not their fault, but the action of hormones, but even if being “in the body” is a woman's choice, there is no reason for condemnation.

But how to date a fat girl, you can find out in our article. Follow the link.

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