When A Girl Does Not Know What She Wants, We Will Tell You How To Be

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When A Girl Does Not Know What She Wants, We Will Tell You How To Be
When A Girl Does Not Know What She Wants, We Will Tell You How To Be
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the girl thought
the girl thought

The female soul is like a dark and dense forest. Getting lost in it is easy without a guide. But, sometimes, it happens that in these darkness the girl herself got lost. How to deal with this situation? Can a man help her get out of this wild? How to respond to a changeable mood when a girl does not know what she wants? And is it worth tying yourself in such an unstable relationship?

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Men have a whole classification, where each specific female type is assigned a place of honor. We will not go into details, but note that the list is quite extensive and was built on the basis of behavioral observations. So, there is a type in him, about which, within the framework of this topic, one simply cannot remain silent: an undecided girl.

It is believed that this type is the most common, therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid communication with such a special man. But once forewarned, then forearmed. Take a closer look at your potential partner: if she is dreamy and has a changeable mood, then congratulations, you fell in love with a representative of this type.

Not the brightest prospect. Such a girl does not know what she wants. Absolutely. Rather, in words, she dreams of pure love, serious relationships, children. After listening to her, you might think that cooking borscht for a loved one is just a vital goal for her. Still, because she broadcasts about it at every opportunity. The only problem is that there are no normal men, they seem to have died out. Interestingly, everyone around adds fuel to the fire and agrees with this version.

But in fact, everything turns out to be much more commonplace. The very long-awaited prince appears, and a series of doubts and torments begins: is this the man, is this really love, maybe it’s not so good with him and there is a more worthy candidate? And everything in this spirit. A flywheel starts, which no one can stop.

How the relationship with the undecided ends2

Having turned a bunch of thoughts about the imperfection of a partner, and of being in general, such a girl closes. Still, after all, meeting with a once beloved and desired man ceases to bring pleasure and all dreams collapse. What should a guy do at such a moment? Continue banging your head into the bulletproof defenses of years of built self-flagellation?

when a girl doesn't know what she wants
when a girl doesn't know what she wants

Any man gets tired of regular refusals, of female mood swings and the imposed feeling of his own worthlessness. It is more dear to yourself to stay close to such a girl. After all, everything was fine last night, and today no one answers your calls. It is difficult to imagine a family with such a special person, because you never know when the next closure will occur. As a result, the man simply disappears.

If you are not looking for easy ways and cannot imagine your life without such a girl with all her differences and merry-go-rounds, then the best option is to always keep your finger on the pulse. Don't be too intrusive, don't show that you can't live without her. It sounds rude, but it's important not to give her too much attention. And lo and behold! Then everything will be fine. Let the girl know her own interest in your relationship, and she will look forward to meeting you again.

Windy youth or what to expect from a girl under 25? ____ 25

It doesn't matter how old you are, but if your companion is less than 25 years old, then she is still at a problem age. Own arrogance, youthful maximalism, the desire to discuss everything with friends and make a common decision rarely leads to a stable relationship. Still, instead of one girl's head with her troubles and problems, you also get a gang of such heads in the form of her girlfriends. Believe me, they know about you as much as you do, and sometimes more.

In the case when your girlfriend has a more authoritative friend, then the outcome of your relationship will depend on her decisions. At a young age, not everyone knows how to think with their own head and take responsibility for themselves.

if a girl doesn't know what she wants
if a girl doesn't know what she wants

Natural instincts and the desire to get lost in the herd still live in them. Therefore, if you are dating a girl under 25, and she suddenly leaves you, do not look for the problem in yourself. Most likely, the decision was made at the council.

A girl at this age is rather frivolous and naive. She lives with dreams and momentary emotions, this girl does not yet know what she wants. For her, this is the time of friends, girlfriends, interesting acquaintances. The value system has not been formed, but hormones play so that you are healthy. They are quick-tempered, ambitious and very difficult with them.

Nobody claims that all girls under the age of 25 meet only these characteristics. Perhaps you are already lucky and you met a young and self-sufficient woman with her own opinion and willingness to build relationships on her own. And if not, then there is a great chance that yesterday's eccentric girl with regular kicks and mood swings will become a faithful wife and a good mother with age. So, it makes sense to have a little patience and help her decide. And believe me, with you she will know for sure what she wants!

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