Choosing A Girl - How? Choosing Between Girls Is Not So Hard

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Choosing A Girl - How? Choosing Between Girls Is Not So Hard
Choosing A Girl - How? Choosing Between Girls Is Not So Hard

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beauties have fun
beauties have fun

Situations involving a choice between two girls can arise in different contexts. Two or more girls can be in love with a man or one is in love and tries to beat him off from the other, this gives rise to a choice. A man must understand what he wants himself, and which of the applicants he likes more. There are also situations when a man likes several of the fair sex at once. A young man is faced with how to choose? It is also possible for girls to compete for the championship.

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  • 1 Assessment
  • 2 Views and interests
  • 3 Serious hour
  • 4 Recommendations
  • 5 Victory for one, defeat for the other
  • 6 The choice is made

Assessment i

Finding yourself in such a situation, do not panic and immediately take hasty actions. The main thing is to be honest with yourself and everything will be fine. The situation should be viewed from the position of an independent observer, mentally moving away from it. Think about what is expected of each girl. Do you need a serious relationship? Or it's all for a little while. You should not hope for lust, because this is a temporary pleasure, and a girl is long-term.

One can give joy and comfort, the other passion and despair. An analysis of the feelings with each girl will only be beneficial. Some common interests, character traits and preferences will also bring one of the candidates closer to victory.

Overconfidence or tightness? Each girl will influence the guy in her own way, forcing him to show certain features of his personality. It is worth paying attention to which girl is more comfortable with and which blood runs cold in your veins.

Everything for yourself, as they say. In no case should you deceive yourself. Chatting with other girls is recommended, alternative thoughts and views will help in choosing. Perhaps none of the candidates deserves to win.

choose a girl for a relationship
choose a girl for a relationship

Views and interests 2

A modest quiet man who loves to read a book on a quiet evening while sitting on an armchair will definitely not suit a party-goer. Everyone's value systems are different, so you need to choose your soul mate based on this. However, in the case of great love, a person's life can change dramatically. Again, the most important thing is to know your desires and goals. If the cupid hit right in the heart, then you will probably have to accept the changes in life.

Serious hour 3

A moment for self-determination. In matters of the heart, the brain often ceases to function normally. Basically, the mentioned heart and maybe one more organ work, but this is not certain. So, listen to your heart - it is the main indicator! You can analyze the pros and cons of each girl for as long and a lot as you like, but if your heart does not dispose to her, then there is no point in talking. Such a choice is always accompanied by mental anguish and all sorts of thoughts, but you cannot delay. There is a risk of losing everyone. Finally, you can ask your friends and family for advice. Hear an outside opinion and make a choice for yourself. Then comes the moment of recognition.

the right girl for a relationship
the right girl for a relationship

Recommendations 4

The choice must be made with a cold head in order to avoid a stupid decision and subsequent consequences. There are a number of tips to help you do the right thing.

  • To be youreself. It should be comfortable and cozy with a girl, she inspires a young man to do great things, so if you have to pretend to be with a candidate, you should exclude her from consideration;
  • Cheating is bad. Trying to seem like someone, lie or date several girls at the same time will be a desperate step, because if they find out this, the end will immediately come to reputation and relationships, as such;
  • Let it go? It is a stupid decision, if there is an interest in some girl, then you have to try to win her, and so, most likely, she will simply leave;
  • It is worth confessing sincere love seriously, you should not allow weakness in your words, a woman will not forgive this.
the right girl for love
the right girl for love

Victory for one, defeat for the other5

The moment of recognition has come. After the decision has been made, it is necessary to tell everything to the girls. It can be morally difficult, but it must be done clearly, meekly and clearly. So that the girls have no doubts about the decision. It is extremely dangerous to speak in general phrases, in unclear formulations, such a speech may not be taken seriously.

Solidity in choice is a fundamental factor in making such a decision. Subsequently, revealing to the chosen one will be a good form to start a relationship.

You can try to talk to the girl who lost, explain everything to her. Of course, this is unlikely to work, tears, snot will prevail, but it's worth trying!

which girl to create a relationship with
which girl to create a relationship with

The final step will be a marriage proposal, but this is already a very serious relationship, with complete confidence in each other.

Choice made 6

How to choose between girls is perhaps one of the most difficult moral questions. When choosing, you must take into account all the positive and negative sides, and ultimately listen to your heart. Chasing two birds with one stone will be a bad idea. Girls are also not stupid creatures, they will not wait long. They also need support, stability and guarantees.

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