The Secret To A Long-term Relationship. How To Save Them - Advice From Psychologists

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The Secret To A Long-term Relationship. How To Save Them - Advice From Psychologists
The Secret To A Long-term Relationship. How To Save Them - Advice From Psychologists

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Long-term relationship
Long-term relationship

Many ladies dream of such a romance that will last a lifetime. To be like in a movie: first sight, first kiss, wedding, children and other paraphernalia. Do not deny - guys also have this desire. After all, there is nothing better than a long-term relationship in which you can fully open up and trust your partner. But what is the main secret of building this connection? There are dozens of answers to this question. After all, everything depends not only on the situation, but also on the personalities of the lovers.

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  • 1 Friend and lover in one bottle
  • 2 Sexual safety
  • 3 A promising future
  • 4 How not to destroy your own feelings
  • 5 Pure truth
  • 6 Transformation into children
  • 7 Selfless Soul
  • 8 Pleasant surprises
  • 9 General plans
  • 10 Gentle touch
  • 11 Inviolable time

It seems to some that this is simple luck. Good luck - to collide on the street or accidentally meet the eyes of someone who will become your soul mate for the rest of your life. But in reality this is not at all the case. Of course, there are concepts such as sexual, biological, psychological compatibility, but there are no ideal people.

Everyone can get angry, quarrel, regret, and make mistakes. Others are important - acceptance of actions and a sober reaction to them. It's one thing to be in the jovial state of being able to meet a nice guy or gorgeous girl and get excited. And another is to find a person close in spirit.

Long-term relationship … Many are wondering whether they are needed at all? After all, now there are so many opportunities for the realization of any whims that soon to get married and get married will become archaism. Next, we will look at the main reasons why finding a permanent companion is the right and sound decision.

Friend and lover in one bottle

Being with one person for a long time is not stupidity and a stereotype. We are talking about two full-fledged partners who experience genuine passion and feelings. Indeed, in this case, next to you will not be just a lover, with whom you can quickly relieve sexual tension. There will be a reliable and faithful companion nearby, able to understand your feelings, reach out and lend a shoulder. All this is not in fleeting intrigues. Designed for a simple animal to satisfy banal needs.

Long-term relationship what they are
Long-term relationship what they are

In addition, you will always have someone who will allow you to see yourself in a different way. Do not oppress with thoughts of your own imperfection, but accept your own body, character, habits as something natural. People living in long-term relationships are more confident in themselves and in the future, because they no longer have to rely on the opinions of others and unfamiliar people all the time.

Sexual safety2

Sex is one of the essential needs of the human body. Needless to say, the more often you jump into bed with a new lady of the heart or a new gentleman, the more sensations become brighter. All this is a rapidly passing moment that does not bring anything constructive. But it leaves behind the most unpleasant consequences. For example, the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases is much higher. Many "temperamental" personalities then run to doctors for a long time and wonder which of their "loves" has caused problems.

Intimacy with only one partner is a guarantee of your safety. Having feelings and knowing your soul mate can lead to greater satisfaction in bed. Statistics show that people who are in debt to marriage are more satisfied with their sex life. This is because no one is looking for an adventure to the fifth point, and they realize their fantasies only with their own passion.

Long-term relationship what is it
Long-term relationship what is it

You may not be sure that your casual lover will show the upper class in the bedroom, but you will know exactly what to expect from your permanent chosen one.

Promising future 3

Strong couples are much more likely to create something worthwhile in their lives. Don't just become another photo album on social networks, but live a bright life. To overcome difficulties together, to raise children together, to enjoy the little things together. A long-term relationship is all about looking in one direction. In this case, you can organize yourself a really bright future and count on success.

And in everyday life, living together with someone you really love is much more comfortable. You can always delegate some of the responsibilities to your soulmate, when you really can't handle things. Among other things, such pairs have a much more stable financial condition. It can be said that loyalty and dedication to a partner is an economically beneficial step.

How not to ruin your own feelings 4

Getting into a relationship, falling in love and getting closer to someone is not that difficult. It is much more difficult to keep all this for a long time.

Long-term relationship what is it
Long-term relationship what is it

After all, many are sure that over the years passion is lost, love disappears and nothing remains but a habit. And some also have dislike and sincere disappointment in the choice. However, the whole secret is that initially people choose a mate for themselves, seeing all these shortcomings. Maybe at the first stages they are not so striking, but they are still there.

For example, falling in love with a guy who loves noisy companies and fun, you are delighted. After all, life with him is a real holiday every day! But at this moment it is worth understanding that it is impossible to spend your whole life idle. It takes periods of seriousness when you need to let go of your weaknesses and do something important. And if you are ready to bear this responsibility, you will stay close to your "merry fellow". And if not, then you are simply not on the way and this is not your person.

Pure truth5

The most important rule of a long-term relationship is complete frankness. If something does not suit you, you speak directly, and do not wait for him or her to read the thoughts. Just be honest with yourself, because the "charming infantilism" over the years turn into an annoying frivolity. The first step towards rapprochement is learning to speak openly. Not rudely, not with accusations, but simply openly. Telling what you don't like, what worries you, and what you shouldn't do at all. At the same time, no ultimatums are already overt manipulation.

tips for long-term relationships
tips for long-term relationships

In order to discuss everything, you need a calm atmosphere. Do not start a conversation if either of you is very annoyed or upset about something. This can only "add fuel to the fire" and spoil everything completely. Delicacy and tact are important here.

Transformation into children6

Being serious around the clock is not easy. Especially if you have a hard job. Therefore, it is so important at least sometimes to get out of the image of a stone lady or an imperturbable aristocrat in order to remember your true feelings. Become children for a little while. Don't forget about those cute little things that seemed funny to you. A playful pillow fight, chasing each other around the house, tickling while lying in bed - all this allows you to sincerely laugh and let off steam.

Don't be afraid to look stupid and just relax. A person who has been inflated to the limit cannot be sensual and gentle. Surrender to the situation without thinking about your own imperfection. Bring the games to the plane of your love bed, where you can fully open up. Only having such moments for two can we say with confidence that you can build a long-term relationship with your soul mate.

Unselfish soul7

To love always means to give something for free. These may not be necessarily material things.

useful secrets of long-term relationships
useful secrets of long-term relationships

Smile sincerely and not expect the same smile in return. Declare your love without expecting to hear a similar response. All this will mean that you are confident in your chosen one and do not demand anything from him in return. By following these tactics, you may soon notice that you no longer seek to make claims about dry conversations or not too gentle greetings. Simply because you cannot be “tender” 24/7 and always enjoy life.

Pleasant surprises8

There are times in life when there is simply no time for anything but work and household chores. At this moment, it is difficult to find at least something that will make you break out of the vicious circle of obligations. In long-term relationships, partners are always looking for ways to surprise and impress each other.

It can be an ordinary note on the table saying good morning, a beautiful flower brought from work in the evening, a delicious dish prepared with your own hands. In order to rekindle interest in your soul mate, you don't need to spend a fortune. This does not require large investments, you just need to turn on your imagination.

the secret of a long-term relationship
the secret of a long-term relationship

In addition, you can add spice to sex games. Dress in beautiful lingerie, have a sensual and relaxing massage, just shower together - all this will allow you to understand each other better. Even in a severe lack of time, you can always find a couple of minutes to do something pleasant for a loved one.

Shared plans 9

There is nothing good or long lasting in a pair that does not have similar goals. If one of the partners wants to start a family and have five children, and the other dreams of constant travel and does not strive to expand the family, there is a high probability of a breakup. Even if you get exceptional pleasure in bed and do not experience difficulties in everyday life, this is not at all a guarantee of a joint future.

It's one thing when you just feel good together, and completely different when you intend to make one dream come true together. Buy a country house, move to another country, earn a million rubles - it can be anything.

The main thing is that both of you want to achieve the goal and share the joy of accomplishment for two.

what is a long-term relationship
what is a long-term relationship

Even if it seems that it will take too long to implement the plans or they are practically impracticable, dream. Do it with taste and detail, so that you can soon believe in the reality of dreams.

Gentle touch10

Physical contact is an important part of a harmonious connection. And it's not just about sex (which should also be regular), but also about everyday touching. Every time you embrace each other when you meet, lightly kiss on the cheek, or even just straighten your hair, you set a kind of beacon in the mind of your half. He will always remind you of warm and pleasant moments and associate them with you.

Another need for touch is that you become more receptive and sensitive. You seem to kindle the flame of passion and tenderness every time, forcing yourself to remember the exciting moments of the relationship. All this, one way or another, leads to the strengthening of your union.

Inviolable Time11

One of the problems that modern couples have is the lack of time. And this is sad, because incorrectly set priorities can destroy everything that has been built for a long time.

Long-term relationship
Long-term relationship

If you really want to maintain a long-term relationship without losing your feelings, then it is recommended that you set a certain time that you must spend together. So you can not only communicate and relax, but also make it clear to your partner that you are not indifferent to his presence in your life.

You can choose any activity for a joint vacation. This can be an ordinary walk in the park, a trip to a restaurant, or a trip to nature. Even just watching your favorite shows together can bring you closer together. The main thing is not to ignore the wishes of the second half, because it may turn out that your proposals are not entirely suitable. Choose what you both like and enjoy every moment.

A long-term relationship is a huge job. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to build a solid foundation for them. At the same time, it has long been known that there is not a single couple, even over the ears of a couple in love, who would never quarrel. This is normal and natural, but it is important to always deal with these situations correctly.

After all, the only thing on which alliances should be based is love. Without her, no one will be able to not only live for many years together, but even banal to bring their romance to the doors of the registry office. Therefore, be sincere and honest, and then you will be able to live a rich life next to your loved one.

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