How To Build Communication With An Ex-girlfriend If Feelings Remain

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How To Build Communication With An Ex-girlfriend If Feelings Remain
How To Build Communication With An Ex-girlfriend If Feelings Remain

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communication with an ex-girlfriend
communication with an ex-girlfriend

Any relationship in which a couple doesn't care about each other comes to a logical conclusion someday. That is why psychologists have written many articles that tell why people try to keep in touch with their ex-girlfriend.

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  • 2 How to build relationships?
  • 3 How to continue to interact further?

This is due to the fact that many young people, after committing a series of mistakes, want to return the person with whom he had the most passionate and ardent relationship. The text will tell you how to behave in order to rekindle the fire of love.

First of all, a man must decide for himself whether he really needs this relationship. And is this relationship really necessary for the girl? Maybe she was burdened with the presence of such a frivolous man all the time?

Is it so necessary that you reappear in the life of your ex-girlfriend and continue to step on the same rake further? If you know the answers to these questions and want to continue working on correcting your mistakes, the following text will simulate all the situations in which you may find yourself.

You can either remain friends or never communicate. You can continue the relationship for sex, or you can get back together and separate again. But each point is different in its uniqueness, because a man will be able to get answers to many questions that torment him.

Why keep in touch with your ex? i

Initially, you need to understand that in whatever relationship you broke up with your ex-girlfriend, you never need to rebuild communication in a bad way. Yes, you can write off and see each other no more than a couple of times a year. But this is better than making another enemy who may spread not the best rumors about you.

Rumors can affect you both sexually and in your behavior. At best, it will stay between your ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. At worst, you find out about your shoals through a bunch of best friends.

In addition, you yourself must understand that if people appear in our life, it means that we need them for some reason and will come in handy someday. The more people around you, the greater the possibility that when you have a difficult situation, someone will help you.

Communication with the ex
Communication with the ex

Plus, you can look for personal gain, both sexually and emotionally. When a considerable amount of time passes, men regret that they miss out on such women who can not only support, but also go with you through fire and water. And such people need to be appreciated.

Therefore, try not to leave a trace after yourself that can only worsen your situation. Communication after a relationship with an ex-girlfriend is not such a difficult process. Although the former lover may start a new life where there is no place for you. Ending a relationship in bad colors is a typical sign of cowardice when one of the couple did not want to sort out their own mistakes. It should also be remembered that a relationship is the work of two people who have come to terms with each other, that they will always give in to their soul mate.

How to build relationships? 2

First of all, you need to understand that your imposition of your personality is an attempt to arouse pity in the girl. Of course, she can suffer and miss you indefinitely. But this is a ridiculous and stupid job that ultimately leads nowhere. All these calls and long messages in which you list how great your relationship was, how much you love her - will only lead to an obligatory end.

Let your ex-girlfriend get enough of it into the vest of your friends and girlfriends. Let her understand the power of loneliness and plunge into emotional despair, where you no longer exist. After that, the pause force will begin to work, after which you can already start active actions.

Under cover of the night
Under cover of the night

Only the work will be built not on attempts to communicate with an ex-girlfriend, but on his own personality. If you broke up, the reason also probably lies in your own mistakes. They may lie in your excessive emotionality, low income, or disgusting behavior in which you did not put the girl in your plans.

After the plan of how you will work on yourself has been posted on the wall, proceed. Sign up for a fitness room, go on vacation, start learning programming languages, or foreign languages. There are so many interesting things in the world that you don't know and don't understand. After your results start to increase - do not forget to talk about it on social networks, using photos. A successful person is not someone who has learned many things, but someone who can put their knowledge into practice. Learn to use the fruits of your labors in relation to work or creativity.

Once you become successful, not only in your own eyes, but also in the eyes of your own friends and environment, you can afford to call your ex. At this moment, you need to clearly understand that now you should not attack her and shake your own increased potential. Building a relationship with an ex-girlfriend is a long-term perspective.

How to communicate with an ex-girlfriend
How to communicate with an ex-girlfriend

The first call should be as short and fun as possible so that the girl will catch on to your new exclusivity. Of course, she may not want to communicate with you, but try to convey the news to her in such a way that it looks like a typical whining in the spirit of "just look at me." Your call should sound like the dreary horn of a steamer from the past. So that the girl begins to load and remember the warmest memories with you.

After that, you will agree to call in about a week. Because you are no longer the same guy from the past who always had a lot of time. Now you have a lot of things to do.

How to continue to interact further? 3

Once you've made the first call, start really working on yourself. Improve your own qualities. Develop your data and communication skills. This will definitely lead to some interesting communication results.

Already from the second and third conversations, begin to develop communication in her direction. Ask what she has been doing all this time. Find out what she discovered interesting for herself. Where did I manage to go and what to see. If the girl is starting to open up to you more seriously, don't worry. Something will come out of your communication. Just be as careful as possible so as not to make the same mistakes that you stepped on before.

Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl

Invite your ex to see you. Of course, she will appeal with her busyness. But these are all excuses, because she thinks that she really needs to see you now. By pushing a little on the old levers, you can persuade him to go on a little date.

The meeting place doesn't have to look like an expensive restaurant. Also, don't buy flowers. Now they are useless. The best places to meet are museums, theater performances, or concerts.

During such a date, you need to be as cheerful as possible, but at the same time do not climb into the girl's panties, as it was before. Keep as low as possible. Once you start rejoining your own company, come up with an excuse to leave the event.

How to build communication with your ex
How to build communication with your ex

The girl will have a time when she will have to think about whether she wants to continue the relationship with you. And if you were able to build your new image, as needed, the meeting will go as smoothly as possible and has obvious prospects for the future.

Read the next article for the latest tips for girls about communicating with an ex.

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