Man's Temperament Knocks Down! How To Resist Him

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Man's Temperament Knocks Down! How To Resist Him
Man's Temperament Knocks Down! How To Resist Him

Video: Man's Temperament Knocks Down! How To Resist Him

Video: Man's Temperament Knocks Down! How To Resist Him
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temperamental man
temperamental man

Temperament can be called a set of human characteristics, which has an impact not on the content, but on the dynamic aspects. Temperament is determined by behavior, actions and reactions to various kinds of situations in life. We often hear the phrase "temperamental man". What is the meaning of these words? What features does a male temperament have? This will be discussed further.

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  • 3 How to define a man's temperament?

Positive qualities of a temperamental man

If you hear about such a man, then immediately thoughts of Mexicans, Spaniards arise. Men of this nationality are passionate, active and emotional by nature. But do not forget that people are different and a person is greatly influenced by upbringing, environment, lifestyle. Therefore, men of other nationalities are also not deprived of such qualities and they can well be called temperamental. Such a man is the head of the family, he copes with all the problems that have arisen. He is distinguished by quick wit and intelligence. A temperamental man always has his own opinion and point of view, which he can competently justify.

Also, aggression and temperament cannot be equated. The reaction to a certain situation may be calm, but decision making and subsequent actions are instantaneous.

If a girl meets a temperamental man, then she may not worry about being at home around the clock. A young temperamental man has a large number of suggestions on how to spend a weekend, what to visit in the evening, what to do in his free time. Each date will be bright and memorable.

On the career ladder, such men rise quite quickly and take up successful and productive positions. These are mainly leadership positions. Their word is a weighty opinion for the authorities. Such men are the focus of leaders and can provide them with any information they need. Temperamental men want to be aware of the situation and try to have influence over all important areas.

Negative qualities of a temperamental man2

If he has developed such qualities as wisdom, ability to control himself, willpower, then negative qualities can be avoided. However, not everyone succeeds; irascibility and haste interfere with this.

what is male temperament
what is male temperament

Temperamental men are stubborn. They are always confident that they are right and do not decide it is necessary to reckon with the opinions of others. The desires of others are rarely taken into account. A temperamental man will stand his ground to the last.

Sometimes male temperament is not characterized by self-control and high emotional etiquette. Therefore, an immediate response will not always be rational. It can be accompanied by outbursts of rage, anger and ill-considered actions.

A temperamental man can be compared to an active volcano. At any moment he can "explode" and not every girl is able to withstand and understand such male behavior.

He wants all female attention to be directed only to him and if he suddenly feels that attention is not being paid to the maximum, he will become suspicious. A man will doubt his partner's feelings and will begin to look for a rival or other reasons that led to such female behavior.

If a man with temperament occupies a leadership position, then they can say too much and make a decision without considering its consequences in advance.

But if a man knows how to control his emotions and behavior, then it is quite possible to learn how to turn negative qualities into positive ones.

Male temperament
Male temperament

How to determine a man's temperament? 3

There are many different versions of the definition of temperament. The main one says that it can be high, medium and low.

1. High temperament inherent in those men who do not differ in attractive appearance. They look like distant ancestors. Many people say that men are womanizers and perverts in this category.

2. Almost the majority of men have an average temperament. They have an average appearance.

3. Men with a low temperament have tall stature and sophisticated features.

There are also 4 types of male temperament.

Sanguine people are mobile, balanced men. They are active and responsive. Easily switch from one case to another. May get angry about something that is not significant. Able to control and manage emotions.

Phlegmatic people are inert and strong men. They are also distinguished by their benevolence. They are not characterized by a tendency to change. They are distinguished by indifference to others.

all about male temperament
all about male temperament

Choleric people are restless, aggressive men. They are fickle, impulsive, but optimistic. They have instant mood swings.

Melancholic - sedentary and unbalanced men. They are not self-confident, passive. In addition, they are often offended and get tired quickly.

And what to do when the temperaments of a man and a woman do not match? Let's talk about it.

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