Who Should Be In Charge Of The Family And Why Does Patriarchy Lead?

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Who Should Be In Charge Of The Family And Why Does Patriarchy Lead?
Who Should Be In Charge Of The Family And Why Does Patriarchy Lead?

Video: Who Should Be In Charge Of The Family And Why Does Patriarchy Lead?

Video: Who Should Be In Charge Of The Family And Why Does Patriarchy Lead?
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Male domination
Male domination

Changes in behavior patterns have been observed in Russian society for several years. If you look closely at Europe, you can see even more progress in the reversal of the roles of men and women. Girls from a very young age learn that you can become an independent unit and be an important member of society on an equal footing with the stronger sex.

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  • 3 What traits does a woman appreciate in a powerful partner

However, the patriarchal order continues to dominate both the world community and our homeland. Male dominance in relationships continues to be the basis for building a strong and harmonious family, although feminist movements are gaining momentum.

I would like to touch upon the dominant function of men, but we need to add new facts to this stable system. Without this, society cannot develop. It is important for us to understand the conjuncture of the institution of marriage in modern conditions, taking into account all the features and changes in society.

An example from the animal world

Men aspiring to patriarchy often argue that in the animal kingdom, the male plays a dominant role, while the female and children play their natural roles. Very comfortable position. Just say that you are obliged to listen, follow the established rules and follow the intended path, just because the world was originally created that way.

At the same time, in the same world of wild nature, there are many examples, from which it follows that a family is the interaction of two self-sufficient individuals who help each other and precisely because of this harmoniously coexist. Let's turn to the facts.


Oh, the small and funny birds living in the permafrost would know that male dominance is the main way in building your own family. Until these interesting thoughts reach them, everything happens a little differently.

After the female has laid eggs, her body's nutritional reserves are drastically reduced and she needs to replenish them. For this, penguins must go to the ocean in order to get food and survive in harsh climatic conditions.

At this time, the male does what many people just do not seem possible. He, roughly speaking, goes on maternity leave. For several coldest months, the penguin dad is anxiously hatching future offspring. At the same time, he does not have the opportunity to move away, because then the eggs will cool and the children will simply die.

man blindfolds girl
man blindfolds girl

After hatching chicks, mother and father take turns to go to the ocean to hunt fish, function. It is for this reason that Emperor Penguins are considered some of the best fathers in the wild.


In the wolf pack, there is a vivid manifestation of patriarchal family building. After the birth of offspring, the female cannot leave the shelter for another half a year. At this time, the male actively obtains food for himself, his chosen one and little wolf cubs. At the same time, he manages to control all issues of safety and comfort of his own family.


And among the fish are representatives of male dominance. The non-standard responsibility of bearing offspring is assumed by the representative of the stronger sex. Arowans carry thousands of fry in their mouths, sometimes release them to swim and make sure that all the kids return to the shelter safe and sound.

Also, arowan males are always engaged in building a reliable home for their large family. Agree that this is a vivid example of a wise and caring father. He not only makes decisions, but also proves his dominant position through action.

girl at men's feet
girl at men's feet

How a man should behave if a woman wants equal rights2

No matter how women try to show themselves as an independent person, capable of making informed decisions and achieving tremendous success in their careers, almost each of them hopes to find a strong and reliable partner in their hearts.

The outer armor of a steel lady most often hides a delicate and fragile girl. She definitely wants to be helped, prompted and protected. A woman can achieve a sense of security only in a relationship with a real man.

If your chosen one constantly insists that she needs complete gender equality, freedom of action and decision-making, then try to prove your reliability by actions. When a woman feels that words are supported by actions, she quite simply gives up feminist ideals and begins to listen to the opinion of a man. Ultimately, the couples reach a complete understanding.

The important point is that you should not act assertive and arrogant. The fact that you are a man and she is a weak woman does not give you the privilege of imposing your position and forcing her to fulfill a certain role.

Often, male dominance can tire the chosen one. Each person is an individual. Any of us needs free time and personal space for our favorite activities, hobbies or the usual relaxation with a book on the couch. If a man who has not demonstrated vivid examples of his wealth and dignity begins to grossly violate the personal boundaries of a woman, she will fight for her right to free leisure and self-determination.

girl kissing a man's hand
girl kissing a man's hand

It is not necessary to dominate with primitive methods, banging your fist on the table and arguing with foam at the mouth. There are many more humane and effective methods. For example, a well-structured dialogue with a loved one, during which the position of a man is offered as one of the options. Further, it depends on you whether her spouse accepts her, or decides to do everything her own way.

You can often hear statements about female wisdom and cunning, which help to push a partner to certain steps and actions. So, a man can also learn masterly manipulations. Not only the weaker sex can attend thematic trainings on building harmonious love and friendship relationships. Take note of this and do not hesitate to resort to the study of various psychological techniques in family life.

What traits do a woman appreciate in a powerful partner?

The stronger sex is so named not only because of superiority in terms of endurance or fitness. The power is there, the mind is not needed. This catchphrase subtly makes fun of the fact that many men simply refuse to think about how to win the heart of their chosen one. It is much easier for them to demonstrate their authority, character, than to resort to the study and development of the qualities that attract women.

So, according to numerous studies, it became clear what traits an alpha male should have in order for a woman to relax and give him the leading role in the family without any questions.


How many guys meet, but only a few get the privilege of becoming the real head of the family. A woman chooses someone who does not speak, but does. It's great to listen to compliments and promises, but it's even better if the chosen one helps you take your grandmother to the hospital, supports you with a word in difficult times, and comes to the other side of the city at 1 am to fix a broken car.

Male domination
Male domination

There is no talk of a financial component here. Girls appreciate it when guys keep their promises. Pay attention to words and analyze them.


And among men there are lazy balabolas. They can make an appointment, and call in half an hour with information about unforeseen difficulties. Male domination is an unattainable pinnacle for these guys.

How can a woman trust her companion if he flatly refuses to take on any responsibility. Thoughts about the future family and offspring immediately creep in. If a guy can score in small things, then how can you count on him in later life.


One of the qualities that the stronger sex values in the weak is the ability to control emotions. Girls are much more susceptible to mood swings. But there are also men who do not control themselves and occasionally throw tantrums. The woman is immediately lost. What to do, because this is absolutely not a male model of behavior.

What if today he yells at me because of the unwashed dishes in the sink, and tomorrow he will not be able to contain his emotions and apply force to his words? How to raise children if the father regularly raises his voice to them because of the slightest offense. Successful men tend to be reserved and calm. So women understand that even in difficult circumstances, he will be able to keep a cold mind and find the most successful way to solve a problematic issue.

Male domination
Male domination


To become the head of a family, you need to develop in different directions. We are talking about work moments, hobbies, the psychology of family relationships. Maybe not all men are ready to admit this to themselves, but women trust responsibility for themselves and their children only to those who learn a lot and can teach.

At the same time, you should not think that you can stop, having achieved success in your career. A woman will not fully respect a man if he comes home from work tired every time, demands dinner in the living room, lies down on the sofa and opens a beer. Of course, we all sometimes need such a lazy and thoughtless rest.

However, I don't want to consult with a person who literally spends every evening in this way. You can't turn to problems either - in response you can hear a long tirade about universal fatigue and a lack of desire to help.

Very often this nuance is bad for the relationship between fathers and children. For a child, dad is an ideal, a person who knows even more than everything in this world. Illusions collapse when the baby receives an unintelligible answer or even silence on the next question.

Male domination
Male domination

The authority of the father is the most important task in building a family. It doesn't matter what your relationship model is. Even partners in equal rights should be engaged in building their image in the eyes of their offspring. If the father always shrugs off and continues to watch the news on the federal channel, then the child goes to the mother.

She often pays attention, is affectionate and will not send for a walk without an answer. This is how the bias begins, the dominant position shifts towards the wife, who acts as a greater authority for the child than a busy and tired dad.


I would like to note that all parameters are selected from the results of sociological research, and not taken from the ceiling. Being attentive to your woman is a very important part of the relationship between the sexes.

It's not about whims. It is really important to notice all, even the most insignificant, changes in the behavior of your beloved wife. Many family dramas can be avoided by learning to devote enough time and attention to your significant other.

male dominates
male dominates


Male dominance in relationships is possible only when the head of the family sets himself feasible goals and strives to achieve them as soon as possible. It is difficult to follow a person who has not yet decided where he wants to come. A woman analyzes a lot of possible risks and prospects. To give your life under the protection of an uninitiated man is a stupid waste of time.

Most often, people who do not have clear attitudes in life do not want to admit that the blame for their failures lies entirely on their own shoulders. Scandals and serious discord occur in families, people try to shift the results of their actions, or vice versa, passivity onto the shoulders of their second spouse.

It is also important to talk to each other. A full-fledged person without mental problems is unlikely to agree to follow the intended path of development if he is not told in detail about how it is built, for which it is necessary to move that way. Men in vain believe that their dominant role includes an additional option "silent obedience" in a woman's head.

Thus, male dominance in the twenty-first century is a traditional form of building interpersonal relationships. However, global changes are taking place in society, which would be foolish to ignore.

Male domination
Male domination

Women are not only successful as mothers or housewives. They actively express themselves in all spheres of social activity, they can compete on equal terms with men in professions where it was difficult to imagine them before.

In order to feel like a family leader and gain female approval, it is necessary not to demand, but to negotiate. The use of new techniques in building a dialogue, systems of influence on his other half, careful manipulations - all this will help a man feel like a real leader of the pack.

And how to preserve love and carry it through the years of your whole life, you will learn from our next article. But keep in mind - the result requires the work of both partners!