Why The Girl Stopped Texting And Calling: 7 Reasons

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Why The Girl Stopped Texting And Calling: 7 Reasons
Why The Girl Stopped Texting And Calling: 7 Reasons

Video: Why The Girl Stopped Texting And Calling: 7 Reasons

Video: Why The Girl Stopped Texting And Calling: 7 Reasons
the girl stopped writing and calling
the girl stopped writing and calling

This is really frustrating when it takes someone years to reply to a message, when in fact it takes about 20 seconds to reply immediately upon receipt. Although there have been situations with everyone where you carelessly open a message and plan to reply to it when you finish at the gym or when friends leave.

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  • 1 She gets the same messages from many other guys
  • 2 Too passionate about what is happening in her life
  • 3 Difficult game
  • 4 Availability lowers value
  • 5 you are too aggressive
  • 6 She was told something unpleasant about you
  • 7 You Don't Fit Her

But then - the clock goes on, and you suddenly forgot to answer the message. Many guys wonder why the girl stopped texting and calling. It may just take the girl a while to respond.

There can be many reasons for the response time. It's much easier to just call and speak in almost any situation. If your messages are not read or it takes forever to wait for a response, call.

However, if time passes and you still don't get an answer, here are some reasons why the girl stopped answering you. But before that, we propose to look at the main reasons why girls do not write first in our article using the link.

She gets the same messages from many other guys

Pretty much every girl you write to has a lot of ex-boyfriends and friends. And she's probably getting a lot of the same messages - that's why your message is “let's have a coffee” or “wanna go for a walk?” remains unanswered. Find a way to make yourself stand out. Don't write trivial things.

Too passionate about what's going on in her life2

This is the girl you probably don't want to be in a serious relationship with as she's too busy to make time for you. It is worth giving her time to figure out her life, so that she is distracted from everything that is happening around her, and she stops discussing new fashion items and the boss's new haircut with her friends.

If she never noticed you in the huge information flow around her, most likely you should stop trying to attract attention with messages and calls.

Difficult game3

For some girls, it is impossible to guess what they will do next. Perhaps she liked you, but she deliberately pauses to warm up your attention to her, thereby complicating the relationship, but heating up interest in herself. And how to draw the girl's attention to your person, we read further on the link. If a girl stops texting and calling, it may be a sign that she likes you, but she wants to add some spice to your relationship.

Availability decreases value4

It's human nature to want the unattainable, if you are ready to throw the whole world at her feet after the first smile, and she understands this, you have become easy prey. She is no longer interested in flirting with you. Depict mystery. Answer her coldly, step back.

You are too aggressive5

In this case, aggression is understood as a person's lack of understanding of the concept of social signals. This mostly concerns women, because women, as a rule, perceive and read the emotions of the interlocutor more easily than men. That is, when a girl responds with one word, it is most likely a sign that she does not feel comfortable and is interested in talking to you.

If you obviously haven't hooked a girl, but still constantly blow up her phone every hour an hour, sending your monologue in the form of five separate text messages at the same time with a bunch of inappropriate emojis, you're wrong, it's no surprise that the girl stopped responding.


Instead of coming across as a calm, collected, confident person, you are like a twelve-year-old girl who wants attention to herself every second.

She was told something unpleasant about you

Girls constantly discuss young people, if you wrote to ten of her other friends a couple of days ago, you can be sure that she already knows about this, and if she stopped answering, most likely she was not impressed by your illegibility.

If she knows your ex, this is your biggest setback, especially if you broke up on a bad note. Most likely, they have already washed your bones and considered you unworthy.

Don't despair. This situation can always be corrected by the same conversations with mutual acquaintances.

You don't suit her7

If you offered to meet, and she refused, because her cat is giving birth, and then stopped answering messages and calls altogether, most likely she decided that you are not suitable for her and it is better to stop communicating before everything became serious. You may have done or said something that she didn’t like, perhaps you jumped too early on dirty jokes or gave an ambiguous hint.

girl is freezing
girl is freezing

You should always be careful with your words, especially at the beginning of conversations, when the girl does not yet know what to expect from you and may decide that this is your normal state, and not stupidity that was accidentally said due to awkwardness.

In fact, as practice shows, the best relationships are those in which you do not doubt the person and do not need to worry about the second person. Relationships that just flow smoothly and organically, without hesitation, that don't make you wonder why this person is acting this way, doesn't respond to a message, and so on.

If the person you like forces you to ask questions about why the girl stopped texting and calling from the very beginning, you may need to abandon the relationship. Time is of the essence, and there are really so many people in this world, among them those who want to answer your every call and message.

The real reasons why a man doesn't call are only in our next article.

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