What Mistakes Do Women Make In Relationships With Men?

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What Mistakes Do Women Make In Relationships With Men?
What Mistakes Do Women Make In Relationships With Men?
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the girl carries the guy in the cart
the girl carries the guy in the cart

What mistakes women make, then they regret what they have done, but it is often too late and it is not possible to fix something. Life is not written on a draft, right away. Unfortunately this is the case. You cannot wipe a pencil with an eraser or reprint a piece of paper. He did the deed, and he entered your history forever. It even hurts, everything was fine, but then the woman took a pose: "Oh, he's so ugly, he has his own opinion, but how dare he!"

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  • 1 Maybe mistakes, or maybe just such a whim?
  • 2 Before we got to know each other, something went wrong

And the scythe went to the stone, divorce, partition, with things to go. And he does not ask and does not apologize. For what? And no one even remembers what the occasion was. The man took his things and went to his half of the house to live independently. Children run to him, he loves children. He does not take anyone outside the house, he waits for what will happen next. The wife backed down, began to visit each other.

So they live, she is in her half of the house, he is in his. He no longer wants to live together. He already feels good, the children are nearby, his wife goes to visit, but she, as before, has no rights to him. One woman's whim turned life in a different direction.

Maybe errors, or maybe just such a whim? I

Why else did women not please men and what mistakes do women make? The first and main one is that the wife wants to do everything herself, does not trust her husband with responsible work, and then wonders why he does not help. Lost the habit.

Often hysterics about jealousy are arranged - I looked in the wrong place. This speaks of low self-esteem, which means she is not confident in herself.

The desire to guess at first sight himself. How well do you know your wife game. And the husband cannot read minds, his mind is tuned to the instructions from his wife. Everything is point by point, and if a cake for dinner is not indicated there, then it will not be.

Women love to be offended in silence in the corner. Sits, pouted, is silent. He is this way and that, but nothing changes. It is necessary to say out loud what does not suit you and to solve the problem together.

Try not to limit your personal space. He wants to be in silence and be silent, let him be silent. Then tell him how your day went.

mistakes in relationship
mistakes in relationship

Do not underestimate self-esteem, do not find fault with the work performed, it will be better anyway, on the contrary, to praise and encourage initiative.

Leave your bad mood outside the door and never grumble. This is very repulsive. Nowadays, everyone wants to live in a positive and enjoy life, and not listen to all sorts of discontent. Life is neither honey nor sugar, no need to aggravate.

Do not try to remake a person, it is useless, take it as it is: with an uncomfortable hobby, rustic friends - this is his life. It will not be possible to establish, you can only break it.

Don't show the public your possession of a guy. “He is mine” - let this slogan remain in your soul, you should not hang labels on social networks.

mistakes in relationship
mistakes in relationship

Look at home, decent: hair, manicure, home clothes should please the eye, like on a first date. No worn-out T-shirts or greasy hair. Stay always attractive and friendly. Otherwise, jealousy will settle in your house forever. Do not relax after the wedding! Men love with their eyes.

Do women's affairs, bring beauty, purity, and leave men's affairs to your husband, let him realize himself.

Do not take the position of “mom” for the husband in the family, remember that “mom” is not for sex, so he will look for him elsewhere. The ability to combine "mom" and a girl in love will add romance to a relationship.

Simulated behavior looks at least strange, more simplicity in behavior. The more we want to be liked, the further we push him away. The greatest art of flirting is when you push away with one hand and pull towards you with the other. This lies in the fact that you are always different, sometimes serious and unapproachable, sometimes a kind and caring fairy. He then does not know what to expect at the next moment of communication and he is interested. Not everyone succeeds in this, the main thing is to withstand the measure.

female mistakes
female mistakes

Before we met, something went wrong2

At the very beginning of communication, when an acquaintance only occurs, the girl should not make gross mistakes, such as:

- to look at strangers point-blank, this is perceived as a challenge, and who will be pleased that they are staring at him;

- not letting you know your sexual interest in the very first moments, it's not decent;

- not aimlessly look around the room, scatter attention and show all kind of indifference, such behavior repels;

- it is best to use a smile, short looks and relaxation, to create ease in communication;

stupid relationship mistakes
stupid relationship mistakes

- give the guy the opportunity to come up to you, do not immediately look away when you meet your eyes, show interest and favor, let him think that he chose you;

- makeup and clothes should not be very bright and provocative - this is scary and will not lead to good;

- if he came up to you, try to build a dialogue correctly, do not rush to him immediately on the neck, you are independent and know your own worth;

- flirting is also necessary in order to make sure for yourself that your choice is made correctly.

The right style of behavior will lead to long-term relationships and help eliminate mistakes that women make.

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