Relationship With A Girl And How To Maintain It. We Will Answer The Question

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Relationship With A Girl And How To Maintain It. We Will Answer The Question
Relationship With A Girl And How To Maintain It. We Will Answer The Question

Video: Relationship With A Girl And How To Maintain It. We Will Answer The Question

Video: Relationship With A Girl And How To Maintain It. We Will Answer The Question
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relationship with a girl
relationship with a girl

Any guy, sooner or later, starts a relationship with a girl, after which his whole world turns upside down. In such a relationship, the guy feels that he is attracted to the girl, not only because she is beautiful, but also because she has a beautiful inner world.

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  • 1 Few rules for guys to note
  • 2 Why a girl can leave
  • 3 Common mistakes guys make

It is at such a moment that a man begins to anxiously and very sincerely refers to his soul mate. How can a guy properly build a relationship with his chosen one if in the future he wants to marry her and so that she gives birth to his children? And how to prevent the girl from leaving?

Guys to take note of a few rules

The first thing that a guy should understand is that a girl is not a dummy and not a stupid creature, and you can't use her stupidly for sex. Girls are smarter than meets the eye. And, more importantly, in no case should you deceive the girls by simply trying to drag them into bed. By nature, they have a very strong instinct, and at some point they will reveal deception, and then expect a scandal.

Moreover, girls are very emotional creatures and therefore one should not show excessive negligence in relation to them. It is imperative to forget about your gentlemanly skills in a relationship with a girl at least several times every two or three months. Sometimes you need to pretend to be a bully, and allow yourself to perform small feats for the sake of your beloved. This is romance, and girls really need it.

Psychologists who study the relationship between guys and girls have found that if you adhere to certain rules of behavior, you can keep the union for a very long time and live a happy life. What are these rules? We'll find out now.

  • The guy should share his mental problems with the girl, and not hide his inner state from her. If a guy loves, then he must definitely share his thoughts and experiences. A girl must definitely feel that she is trusted, that she is appreciated and needed as a friend.
  • The guy needs to engage in his self-development. A successful relationship with a girl will develop only if the guy works for the future in his future. It is very important for a girl to become such a person to whom she can turn to during a difficult period of her life, and receive appropriate support. A guy should strive for good earnings so that his chosen one knows that he is a breadwinner, and that with him her life will not be like a sluggish existence.
  • The guy needs to tell the truth and be able to prioritize. You can't lie to a girl in order to escape to your friends, drink beer and watch football. It is very important to correctly determine the position of friends and the position of the girl. If she loves, then she will understand that the guy wants to spend time with his friends, because one day she will want to gossip with her friends.
  • The guy needs to learn to listen. It is very important in a relationship with a girl to immediately establish the rules, and be able to listen to her requests. It is necessary to understand what kind of behavior she likes, how she likes to talk, what she likes to do in her free time. This is the only way to make the relationship stable and learn how to please your soul mate.
  • The guy should delight with surprises. It is always pleasant to receive a gift from a loved one. And if some people think that gifts are pampering, and they can spoil a girl, and then she will sit on her neck, they simply cannot afford to pamper their soul mate.
  • Don't be jealous. Both the guy and the girl in a relationship must completely trust each other. Excessive jealousy can play a bad joke. Only complete trust will help maintain the relationship for a long time.
  • Think about the future. A guy should not be afraid to look into a joint future with his girlfriend. If he wants to get married, great! Thoughts about a happy marriage will help to jointly build common plans for a distant and brighter future.
  • The guy needs to forget about shyness. Only openness and sympathy will show the girl that the guy has serious intentions towards her. It's okay to show feelings. More tender words, more vows and then the girl will melt and make sure that she is really dear.
  • The guy needs to be confident. No wonder girls are called the weaker sex of humanity. Yes this is true. And in their partner, they primarily look for confidence in the future, that if necessary, the guy will protect her.
  • Confidence in a guy should be manifested in another way. The girl should see that the guy shows his character in relation to material well-being. That is, he purposefully entered the university to get a good education, which in the future will provide him with a good job, and therefore a good stable income.
  • Planning. In a relationship with a girl, you always need to talk about your plans. If a meeting with a girl is planned, and friends unexpectedly called to the bar after work, you do not need to call and lie as if you were late at work or you urgently need to go to your mother. Friends were not included in the plans, so it is necessary to refuse to meet with them, and adhere to previously built plans.
  • In any quarrel, you need to be able to talk. Quarrels with a girl are inevitable, even with the most ideal one. And the main thing that a guy should do in a difficult situation is to sit down and discuss the problem with his girlfriend. And most importantly, no insults.

Why a girl can leave2

The listed rules are simple, and in principle, if you follow them, you can really keep the relationship. But what if the girl leaves anyway? What's wrong? Everything about girls and relationships with them further in the article.

First, girls dump guys if they don't get what they want from them. Even if a guy is sure that he devotes a lot of time to a girl, it is not a fact that she thinks the same way. It is very likely that she still lacks tenderness, kisses and walks in the evenings.

And even if the guy disappears for days at work, the girl can still make claims to him that he devotes little time to her, and by the way, the girl does not even think that the guy is working in order to earn money, which in turn will then he will spend on it.

The girl may leave because the guy refuses to let her into his personal life, concerning, for example, his relationships with friends. All girls, without exception, want to know everything that happens to the guys when they are not around. And the moment they begin to understand that the guy will never share his personal feelings with them, they cut all ties and just leave, slamming the door loudly.

Another girl may leave due to the fact that the guy, on the contrary, pays too much attention to her. This behavior is a real death for the relationship. Girls from excessive courtship begin to realize that someone has climbed into their personal space, and is trying to fill it completely with their personality.


Sometimes men try to understand the behavior of girls by connecting their own logic. This cannot be done. If, for example, a man wants only sex from a girl, then one should not think that the girl will also just take and sleep without any obligations. She needs commitment. And by the way, 93% of girls, getting acquainted with a guy, strive to start a family, and even the most walking, are ready to wash, clean and cook for the sake of their beloved every day.

Sometimes men do not understand this and are very surprised why the girl left, because everything was fine with them. Of course, good, but for him. But she never got a marriage proposal and decided to put an end to the relationship.

It also happens that a girl may leave, deciding that her sense of dignity has been severely damaged. For example, returning home from work or school, she suddenly begins to understand that a grumpy grump is waiting for her, who is always dissatisfied with something and who will not even strike a finger for the common good.

And here the very thought appears in a woman's head: “Why should I tolerate this? I deserve the best! " And to be honest, thinking in this way, the girl is right. Why would she need an uncouth hamlo, always dissatisfied with this or that trifle, if a nice and practical guy with whom she would be really good is walking somewhere.

A relationship with a girl can also end for the reason that the guy just doesn't appreciate her and criticizes and reproaches her at every opportunity. It is clear that every guy wants to find the perfect girl in life, but you need to understand that there are no ideal people, and it is stupid to criticize a girl just because she does not correspond to a fictitious ideal.

If a guy tries to remake his girlfriend for himself, then, of course, she will not like it, and she will leave, deciding that it is better to find a guy who will appreciate her for who she is, and not try to completely change.


The departure of the girl, of course, can be associated with the appearance of another guy. It is possible that the boyfriend simply did not pay the necessary attention to his girlfriend, and she found herself someone more attentive.

The key to a successful relationship with a girl is maintaining a balance of importance. The ideal pair will keep this balance in the middle, preventing it from moving in one direction or another. But if a girl suddenly suddenly ceased to enjoy the meetings, and is reluctant to talk on the phone, then this indicates that the balance has shifted in her direction, and the guy urgently needs to do something to regain the lost balance.

How can this be done? For example, you need to call your girlfriend less often, and maybe even just disappear for a couple of days, give her the opportunity to spend time with her friends, and thereby let her get bored. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it and not to “cool down” sharply towards the girl, otherwise the relationship may end altogether.

Another guy should be a friend for a girl and a lover at the same time. That is, if something suddenly happened to her, you need to turn into a reliable listener and support, and if the girl, on the contrary, has a playful mood, then it will be ideal to start caressing and exciting.

Typical guys mistakes3

Any mistakes should be avoided in a relationship with a girl. Alas, not every guy knows what these mistakes are, and they often make them. The first thing a guy should never do in a relationship with a girl is to constantly give in. Girls don't like that. The guy starts to yield with little things. But after a while, this behavior can play a cruel joke with the guy himself.


Another big mistake guys make when dealing with girls is to put her first and forget about everything else. Of course, in the first months, you want to constantly be with your beloved and not let her go anywhere, and it is at such moments that guys forget about their parents, friends, study or work. You can't do that. The candy-bouquet period will pass, and people who have been forgotten will hold a grudge and it will be extremely difficult to justify themselves.

Nor should the girl be allowed to choose. And they love to do it. Such requirements sound something like this: "Decide, either me or your friends!" or "Forget about your mom, I'm more important to you." Such requirements will become more and more serious over time, therefore it is best to immediately dot the i's in such relations.

A normal girl will understand everything and will not give such ultimatums. And if it turns out that the girl is actually not normal, and does not want to compromise, then the best thing, probably, is to part with her.

It turns out that girls are really strange creatures and relations with them turn into some kind of paradox: a lot of attention is bad, little attention is also bad. Alas, this is reality. And before building a relationship with a girl, you need to understand this paradox and be ready for anything.

How to conduct a relationship with a girl correctly, we read in our article further on the link.

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