How To Win The Heart Of A Foreigner By Studying His Mentality And Using Simple Communication Techniques

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How To Win The Heart Of A Foreigner By Studying His Mentality And Using Simple Communication Techniques
How To Win The Heart Of A Foreigner By Studying His Mentality And Using Simple Communication Techniques
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Relations with foreigners
Relations with foreigners

And like any girl, each of us dreams of meeting a good husband, preferably from abroad. It's also prestigious and fashionable - to conquer foreigners, who already consider Russian young ladies the most beautiful and talented. And how many surprises there are in life, because for the sake of a dream it is worth getting to know them - you leave for another country and enjoy the standard of living, quality relationships and unimaginable luxury.

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  • 1 How to get acquainted?
  • 2 What to talk about with a foreigner?
  • 3 Who to look at?
  • 4 Courtship and relationship development
  • 5 What are foreigners afraid of?
  • 6 A safe bet
  • 7 What strategies cannot be taken?
  • 8 How to develop a relationship and stay with him?

Only relations with foreigners sometimes do not work out due to the mentality of non-local macho. To conquer an Italian, you need a strong character, and the temperament of the Spaniards leaves much to be desired.

How to meet i

The only way to find them is through dating sites with foreigners. There are also locals, and this is perhaps the only correct option in the ratio of the number of possible requests. It is rare to meet a foreign citizen in a company where you work, unless, of course, you are a top manager for the export of food products.

Waitresses from prestigious restaurants often see guests of the capital, but they rarely can retire with them, yeah, probably, due to their status, they should not. And so, the Internet is the limit for everything, and even marriage agencies, only there you have to pay and you rarely get to leave somewhere other than Turkey. By the way, about them.

  1. Turks often find girls on the Internet themselves, but not for communication and living together.
  2. If a man wanted to find a wife, he would never go to Russia. Moreover, according to the current laws, the Turks can sell their spouses there, take their children and, in general, cut off the oxygen. So this option should be immediately thrown aside.
  3. Italians are very impulsive people, like the Spaniards. If you look at Iglesias and Kournikova, of course, the perfect couple. But not all are like that, because Enrique was born of a Russian mother.

In order not to get hooked and not play a cruel joke with life, as it happens in television series about harems, it is better to rely on the experiences of other women and look for men over 30 years old somewhere in Sweden, Norway and Austria. In the USA it is the easiest to leave, and the standard of living is not good in all states. Europe is now breathing on fire, so there is not much choice. The French are masters of love, but very greedy.

They have been hammered into their heads since childhood that the girl herself should bear the costs for herself, even in a cafe on the first date, even after the birth of a child. What can I say about Finnish guys or Estonian gentlemen. They are not bad, but the language is difficult, the Finns and Scandinavians will not learn English, the girls will have to try to enter the language environment.

what are the relations with foreigners
what are the relations with foreigners

Therefore, the main rule is to look for someone who knows the international language of communication. This is a good reason to get to know even a Dane or a Swede. And their culture presupposes a great attitude towards girls, regardless of their nationality and stereotypes. Read more about how to make a pleasant acquaintance with foreigners in our article.

What to talk about with a foreigner? 2

Immediately overwhelming him with conversations about dreams of getting into his country and settling in his house is impossible. There are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. You register on the site, get acquainted.
  2. You fall in love, he offers to meet.
  3. The development of relationships takes place in reality, he flies to you on the wings of love.
  4. Then restaurants and then he makes an offer.
  5. Moving and a beautiful life.
what is relations with foreigners
what is relations with foreigners

… And now the reality! First, you shouldn't expect a man to answer or write first. He has no idea that he only needs citizenship and a successful life on the Cote d'Azur. And if he is also the owner of a corporation, he will instantly see you through.

Raising men according to the scheme he is a hunter and a breadwinner is only in Russia. They are not raised like that abroad. They seek their place in life on their own, without parents and help. In America, since the age of 16, they lead an independent life, and no one will wipe up the snot and say which daughter-in-law suits him. Here, only a man makes all matters and decisions. In correspondence, he is not obliged to be nice to you, this is not his style.

Foreigner mentality: if you want to talk, find a topic yourself that you can catch on to. And this is just a reason to dream of a reply message. You cannot create the illusion that he will throw himself into an embrace. This will not happen. And talking about an imminent arrival to work in his country is not his problem. Nobody will lead you by the handle, you are not going to go to him. Suddenly, in general, you have a husband, but he is not free.

If the Turks write that they will give them gifts, buy clothes and take them to the paradise islands, you can guess why they are doing this, and how it all ends. You can often see typical stories on TV: I thought he loved, but in the end I can't leave the country. The Swedes, of course, are different. Here is a friend of mine who said that foreigners from Europe are almost the same - you can light up with a Russian, but they marry librarians with a residence permit in the EU.

relations with foreigners facts
relations with foreigners facts

So it's not worth building illusions. You can attract attention not by your appearance, if you want to wander abroad.

Who to look at? 3

Canadians and Germans - they may not only be interested, but also fly to Russia or Belarus for one meeting, no matter where you are from. There, the Slavic family is valued higher, since the demography of especially Germans leaves much to be desired. They will be honest: a girl from Russia can give birth to a handsome heir, who will partly be a relative of both the Germans and the Russians. Yes, yes, she played the role of the Second World War, when some families intertwined because of the war and the two nations got along well with each other.

To meet a man on his territory, you need to convince him that you are the right fit for him. If he believes, confides in you, then the meeting may not be the last. For this:

  • We need relevant documents;
  • Occasion;
  • Visas and money.
mentality of foreigners in relationships
mentality of foreigners in relationships

When the trip is scheduled for a certain date, the gentleman can meet you and take you to the hotel. He will not bring anyone to his home. This is not accepted, because almost all foreigners honor family traditions. And if it is customary to get acquainted with the parents after the engagement, then it will be so. Even if the man lives separately, the parents should be the first to know about the settlement of the companion in the son's house. So, whatever one may say, you still need to wait.

Courtship and relationship development4

In the West, courtship and flower-candy periods are not in vogue. Foreigners will not even try, since this is not the moment where you can try your hand. A banal meeting in a restaurant or cafe is a reason to invite a girl, and no one goes to a meeting without an oral and written (in an envelope) invitation.

It's not pretty and is considered disrespectful to a person. Usually men consider it right to invite a girl to a private meeting with colleagues, where they will first get bored and then drink. In the US, this could be a movie theater or a local pub with friends, booze, and coworkers. No one will just sit alone with you.

Until no one started the relationship, the meetings will be held in a friendly atmosphere. Then, in the status of a girl, the couple will go to other married couples and get acquainted. It is believed that the social unit, even the future one, should make friends for later, so that in family ties it has enough friends to turn to when the time comes for the wedding. They are the ones who are invited as witnesses, bridesmaids, etc.

peculiarities of relations with foreigners
peculiarities of relations with foreigners

What are foreigners afraid of? 5

Everyone is afraid of being deceived by a Russian woman. This opinion was formed after the 00s, when women fled from the country after a long ban. Back in the 90s, many tried to leave for America, just to break free. Then the women get divorced, build their careers and forget about their local husbands.

Moreover, on dating sites, many foreigners are afraid that they are needed only for gifts and money. Well, you never know, she wants to fly to the Canary Islands, eat delicious food that she has never seen before, and then fly back to show off to her friends. They perfectly understand that they are not handsome, they cannot compete with a Russian man under 2 m tall.

Half of the work falls on a woman's shoulders if she is going to marry a foreigner. When a man becomes kinder and softer, you can already plan at least some meetings and variety in your sex life.


The best option for dating is a middle-aged and older man who is already divorced or has not met the other half. You are both lonely, even if there are children. He is financially secure, or at least he can feed himself. Necessarily with work, otherwise you will have to look after him herself, rub and iron the shirts.

Relations with foreigners
Relations with foreigners

Therefore, you need to ask questions, be interested, they like to talk about themselves. And the sooner you realize that he is your ideal, the more you can prove your need for his house.

He may ask you to send a photo - absolutely normal tactic. Also, he will be interested not to write, but to communicate on Skype. Foreigners love normal communication, so knowledge of the language is very helpful. Some people like accents when a girl tries to catch a thought and convey it to her interlocutor. Of course, you need to tell the truth about why she is interested in the foreign fiancé, ask why he is not against starting a family with a Russian girl, because there are so many marriages that originated precisely on the vastness of the world wide web.

What strategies shouldn't you take? 7

Relations with foreigners can only be built on complete trust, especially if the correspondence is long and takes place on the Internet. When communication crosses the boundaries of the site, you can relax and slightly increase the emphasis. It is also recommended to press on pity, but not hard. Usually Europeans are very sentimental, they love dramas in life, not on the screen.

They are interested in hearing true stories about a bad marriage, how someone was left with nothing and climbed the mountains. If the girl also did this, then there is no price for her, and they will definitely look at her. It is important not to cross the line of lies and always answer questions honestly.

all about there are relationships with foreigners
all about there are relationships with foreigners

After some time, the lie is forgotten, and repeated questions about the past are like an obsession about which you have to lie again. And when the options are not comparable with the answer, exposure begins. And even if you tried to please, then no one will believe in sincerity, although … anything can happen, depending on whether you graduated from "Pike" or other drama circles.

It is also not recommended to always make excuses or apologize. A girl who behaves obtrusively will definitely become a burden for any person. If a foreigner is interested in communication, you cannot be constantly late for a meeting on Skype or somewhere else. They are very punctual, most of them.

With "ours" such a number will pass, and the man will consider the girl busy, seek a window in her schedule to meet after work or see somewhere in a cafe, wait at the entrance. Foreigners never do this, it is easier for them to call and agree on everything there - a wedding, divorce or alimony. Much easier and without drama, although they love it, but not in their life.

How to develop a relationship and stay with him? 8

It is stupid to claim your rights right away. A man needs to understand that there will be a girl next to him who will react normally to checks and tests. Even if you have to go to a psychologist or donate blood for all sorts of infections.

what does relationship with foreigners mean
what does relationship with foreigners mean

Foreigners are very concerned about the health and future offspring, and so that nothing portends trouble, they, as if for show, arrange a bride (in Hebrew) and study in detail the medical records of future wives. In principle, this is normal, because the compatibility of two people is the key to a successful and happy life.

The most important rule is that a woman should never put pressure on him - neither about children, nor about living together. It works exactly the opposite with "pregnancy", so you need to build communication according to the foreign mentality. Despite the fact that they know perfectly well who Russians are, they only see them on the covers of websites.

And in life they are mistaken for "their own" who behave according to the rules. If a girl does not know about this, foreigners are disappointed. In the case when a woman understands him and is ready to make concessions, this is, first of all, not her real face (foreigners see girls that way).

And as long as she remains comfortable for him, which he loved, the man will make her happy by marrying her and inviting her into the house. The main thing is to always try to live according to their mentality. In the end, this is why the girl tried to build relationships with foreigners.

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