With A Cute Paradise Is Not In A Hut Or Why Girls Are Led By Money

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With A Cute Paradise Is Not In A Hut Or Why Girls Are Led By Money
With A Cute Paradise Is Not In A Hut Or Why Girls Are Led By Money

Video: With A Cute Paradise Is Not In A Hut Or Why Girls Are Led By Money

Video: With A Cute Paradise Is Not In A Hut Or Why Girls Are Led By Money
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Many men, especially wealthy ones, have personally come across mercantile girls who are interested only in the partner's income, and not in his personal qualities and appearance. Why are girls being fooled? Does everyone see only a wallet in a partner? How did it happen that the fair sex became spoiled? You can find answers to these questions in our article.

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  • 1 Why did it happen?
  • 2 Guys spoiled the ladies too
  • 3 Nature is to blame
  • 4 Women's education
  • 5 Experiments

Why did it happen? I

Everything in the world is changing rapidly. The same goes for relationships. So, for example, today it is generally accepted that if a guy does not have money for a girl, then it makes no sense to start a relationship with him, because a young man does not know how to earn money. Without this skill, nowhere. And if a girl wants to be financially dependent on a man and not get a job, then she is considered a kept woman. Both those and other representatives of the same sex are very upset, realizing that even despite the other pursued goals and true love, society will think of you differently.

But why are girls being fooled? Let's figure it out. Here are a few points that go into detail about this issue.

Guys spoiled ladies too much2

Men are to blame for this themselves. Why? Because it was the representatives of the stronger sex who began to select girls for themselves, arranging for them almost a beauty contest, as a result of which they chose the very best for themselves as their second half. The girls understood this and began to cheat themselves in every way, changing their appearance, principles, character and habits. Thus, we got a huge number of ladies who pretend to be rich, since the look and interests that they have acquired simply do not allow looking at someone with less income.

Nature is to blame3

Since ancient times, females had to choose for themselves as a father the offspring of the one who is better in all qualities. He had to be strong to protect from danger and quick to hunt and bring a lot of food. Now money is in control of everything, so girls are forced to look for someone who can provide for themselves, a wife and children without harming the budget, and so that an expensive car and branded clothing would be enough for rest.

Women's education4

From childhood, mothers teach boys to be real gentlemen, to please girls with gifts and chocolates. From here grow up young people who do their best to please and pamper women. Other ladies, observing a similar attitude from some guy to another girl, realize that they don't want anyone worse than such a man. And to be able to please like that, you need money, this is understandable to a fool. So they are waiting for a rich romantic, and they send inappropriate ones in plain text.


Bloggers also decided to find the answer to such questions as why girls are being led on money and whether they are being led at all. So, for example, one video blogger conducted the following experiment. He rented an expensive car and drove up to two girls. He decided to offer them coffee or something stronger, wherever they wanted. The ladies did not have to think for a long time, and they immediately got into the car.

However, after a couple of moments, the blogger decided to leave one girl and told the young ladies about his intentions. So one of them had to leave the warm car and go home. The abandoned lady was clearly unhappy with such a turn of events and before leaving she presented everyone, including her friend, with a choice obscenities and loudly slammed the door and proudly left.

hut paradise
hut paradise

While they were driving, the blogger decided to ask how long their friendship had lasted, to which she replied that since kindergarten. The guy stopped the car and showed the girl out, saying that she was led by the car for money and the road, and even abandoned her best friend, whom she knew from the cradle.

Another experiment was carried out as follows. At first, the blogger pretended to be poor enough and approached to meet girls. He asked if he could sit next to the lady, to which she repudiated him with a rude refusal and motivated this by her unwillingness to start a relationship. Then, making the most sad look, the guy retired a decent distance from the girl and changed into biker outfit and got on an expensive bike.

In this form, after putting on a helmet, he drove up to the same person and began to brag about his income, luxurious life, constant travel and so on.

kept woman
kept woman

Later, he made an offer to go with him right now to his expensive house for a cool party full of food, a famous DJ and expensive alcohol. The young lady, of course, agreed and sat down. However, no one was in a hurry to go anywhere, and then the blogger began to scold and scold the girl for how tactlessly she treated the poor man, in the role of which he was a few minutes ago.

The first experiment was carried out in Russia, and the second in Poland. And there, and there the girls did the same. It is possible that before finding the one that got into the video, the bloggers had to sweat a lot with the search, but we will never know. It is known for sure that there really are people who are only interested in money.