A Guy Likes You - How To Understand That? Basic Signs And Gestures

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A Guy Likes You - How To Understand That? Basic Signs And Gestures
A Guy Likes You - How To Understand That? Basic Signs And Gestures

Video: A Guy Likes You - How To Understand That? Basic Signs And Gestures

Video: A Guy Likes You - How To Understand That? Basic Signs And Gestures
Video: 7 Body Language Signs He DEFINITELY Likes You | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs 2023, March
the guy likes you
the guy likes you

Girls love to invent relationships for themselves. We met a couple of times for coffee, and now she is already choosing the names of future children, and the place of the wedding. And he is not yet ready to even invite her on a third date, as he chooses between her and her pretty girlfriend. How do you know that a guy likes you so as not to get into strange situations? It seems that the authors of articles for girls are ready to write down simple politeness as almost sure signs that the relationship is developing by leaps and bounds and moving towards marriage. Which of this is true?

The content of the article

  • 1 Social media and our relationship
  • 2 How to tell if a stranger likes you on social media
  • 3 Dating, convention and sympathy
  • 4 Strange Guys Who Surround Us
  • 5 How to understand that your boss likes you
  • 6 Behavior of a man at large
  • 7 How to tell if your boyfriend likes someone else
  • 8 Good Old Courtship Where You Are
  • 9 By the way, reciprocity is welcome

Social media and our relationshipi

What do you mean by "like"? He can upload your photo, and immediately - a video with a typewriter, a cat, and a beautiful girl. What does he like more? And it is not at all necessary that the girl is attractive to him in appearance. Maybe he put a heart on the general mood of the video, where a beautiful and free guy and a girl ride an expensive car without material problems, and do not sit in the office for another report that is not interesting to anyone.

When communicating only in social networks, and on dating sites, it is false to understand something. How do you know if a guy likes you? Some girls develop real detective work. They analyze a guy's profile through social media promotion services to see who he likes more. Follow the feed to see the guy's comments there, and draw far-reaching conclusions on almost everything. And very advanced ones track subscriptions and unsubscriptions, and activity in profiles.

Let's say your boyfriend likes everything that appears in the feed. Perhaps he's just a student with nothing to do in boring pairs. Or is often in traffic jams. Then we will have to understand what and who he really likes in reality, and not in social networks.

How to tell if a stranger likes you on social media2

Everything is very simple here. If a man is added to you, likes, comments and writes in a personal - he does not just do that. The most typical way of dating "in a modern way" is through likes in social networks. But even here there are difficult cases. Let's say you run a top hamster breeding blog. Every day hamster lovers are added to you, they like and comment. There are men among them. How to understand that some of your subscribers are not here because of common interests?

It's very simple. Communication will definitely turn into a personal, and the guy will take an interest in something besides the life of your rodents. If he is mature enough, he will also offer to meet in reality.

But to understand what exactly they want from you is quite difficult. It also happens that by correspondence your new acquaintance is young, single and without material problems. And in his profile he has children, a wife and a loan car.

To understand whether you need such happiness is quite simple:

  • Look at the profiles of those who comment on his page;
  • Check who tags it in the photo

So you can find out if a guy is married, and what he does in general. Unfortunately, the likelihood that a "Friday cowboy" with a bunch of photos from clubs and other entertainment establishments will find himself in search of only love tends to zero, especially if he is over 30 and has in his profile not only a cute cat, but also adorable kids …

confused man
confused man

Important: any adequate adult man will try to translate acquaintance with a girl into reality. How do you know if a guy likes you? Just. Received an invitation to drink coffee? Great, it's okay.

Dating, conventions and sympathy3

A well-mannered man is unlikely to get up and leave, even if he does not like the girl. And he will pay the bill from the cafe or restaurant or some other entertainment. And he has your phone. And all social networks and instant messengers. But he won't ask how you got there, and he won't write again. Perhaps he will give a couple of likes to your blooming cactus, which you are very proud of, but this is also unlikely. It will just disappear.

Is there a rule that allows you to guess with accuracy whether a new acquaintance liked you if he does not make contact for a long time? Of course not. Anything can happen in life, maybe he has an urgent business trip to places where there are many minerals and there is no connection at all. Or maybe he was poisoned by rolls, and he just has no time for social networks.

Signs that you don't like:

  • They do not write or call you;
  • Your page is not visited;
  • They just called you a taxi and said "goodbye" and did not try to escort you;
  • They didn't call you anything at all, they just said, "See you";
  • During a date, the guy often hung out on the phone, was silent a lot and did not show any interest at all;
  • He lost interest after one of your remarks
man shows his best side
man shows his best side

Yes, men are subtle creatures. There are specimens that are ready to endure about 5 children from previous marriages, but are not ready to live with just one cute bald cat. And sometimes quite the opposite, they are looking exclusively for lovers of Staffordshire Terriers in order to introduce them to their pack. But has it really never happened to you that the prince suddenly turns into a "frog", as soon as he mentions his micro-garden on the balcony, his mother, a summer resident, and his love for the work of the Scryptonite group?

The strange guys who surround us4

Let's say at work one type constantly comes to you. Now he runs out of paper in the printer, then there are a lot of questions about contracts. Of course, he can order a pack of paper from the caretaker, and clarify questions with a lawyer. But he comes to you. What is this, an inept display of sympathy? All that remains is to observe. Many are betrayed by body language:

Visible excitement, change in complexion, unnecessary movements:

  • Change the timbre of the voice;
  • Attempts to help, support even where it is not needed and not appropriate;
  • Some ridiculous excuses

Congratulations, he really likes you. And yes, he’s shy, or gets kicked out a lot, or has some kind of fictitious problem like the wrong colored credit car or the wrong iPhone. You will either have to wait until the excuses run out and you will not be invited to a cafe, or you will have to take matters into your own hands.

nice man
nice man

How to know that your boss likes you5

This is the most embarrassing situation in the world. Your boss has a crush on you. And life is not a love story, where you will immediately be offered to live in his bunk apartment, and you will be appointed executive director. By the way, later it is better not to work in this team if the relationship with the boss develops, but this is not the point now.

A variety of options are possible here:

  • They will tell you directly, and they will offer something that does not always correspond to the norms of morality and your ideas about princes. Let's say the date will not be in a restaurant, but in a bath complex, and it is clear how it should end;
  • You will be diligently ignored as an employee, and in every possible way "push" your projects, but there will be more meetings with the authorities, and sooner or later, he will try to translate the relationship into a personal channel;
  • On the contrary, they will praise and bring you closer, but then it turns out that business qualities have nothing to do with it;
  • Almost every girl has had an affair with her boss, this is not a problem if you are not forced into it by circumstances. But entering into such a relationship, you need to clearly understand that the choice between career and love will have to be made. Well, or at least between a career in this company and the love of this man.

Behavior of a man at large6

Everything is very complicated here. A free guy somewhere in a club, on vacation or at a disco will just come up and meet. He will even try to continue the relationship. But problems will arise only at this stage. Let's say you meet in a club, have a drink, spend the night together and he doesn't call. Didn't you like it? Perhaps, but most likely, he did not set himself the goal of looking for a permanent girlfriend. This also happens, you should not be upset, unless, of course, it seems to you that you have met the love of your life.

how to show interest
how to show interest

By the way, he can then convince himself and those around him that he didn't really like the girl from the club. Say, she made me herself, and now I don't call her, because I don't like her. The "free" man is a strange creature. He is never ready for a relationship, and he likes literally everything indiscriminately. You do not need to take it personally, and even more so, overgrow from this complexes. That is how he is, an "eternally free" man. He gives himself to everyone, but does not give himself to anyone.

How to tell if your boyfriend likes someone else

This surprise cannot be called pleasant. But it is also not worth encouraging a constant search for a rival in yourself. Some girls are downright ready to throw all their strength in search of a rival. They track likes, read correspondence, make scandals and, according to the law of meanness, they leave them. Moreover, often not to rivals, but simply away from constant scandals and checks.

Signs that he likes someone are rather vague:

  • The classics seem to disappear into no one knows where, call some unknown person and start a strange hobby;
  • The appearance of a password on the phone;
  • Correspondence from bathroom and toilet;
  • Sitting in the evening on social networks, if earlier it was not typical for a person;
  • Making new friends with whom you are not introduced;
  • Frequent "delays at work";
  • Some corporate events in the evenings and weekends;
  • Sudden business trips
easy flirting with a woman
easy flirting with a woman

But all this may not be associated with infidelity, but simply mean that the person has changed jobs and is trying to earn more money, or he has really made friends or a new hobby.

Psychologists are usually against checking and reading correspondence. They transparently hint to us that if the guy needs to be constantly checked and monitored, maybe it's better to just change the guy?

Good old courtship where you are8

In the times that romantic films are celebrated, nothing had to be understood. You would have guessed right away if they brought you a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, or both. And they would definitely not miss the invitation first to coffee, then to lunch or to the cinema, and then to go somewhere profitable.

Why did men stop courting? Representatives of the stronger sex complain that the girls cannot be surprised with anything. And if you come with an ordinary chocolate bar from the supermarket, you can leave with it, seizing your grief. Of course, human relationships have become very commercialized. Girls are looking for better guys to get a better job. Guys also do not want to date beggar "natural beauties" in cheap clothes and with unkempt faces. No one wants to invest too much money, effort and resources in a relationship until it becomes clear that they are serious.

The girls try to understand whether their feelings are serious in terms of the number of likes and virtual gifts, the guys - in the style of responses in social networks and how quickly girls change their status. We judge each other by pictures, avatars, photographs, saves, but we pay little attention to each other.

a man caring for a woman
a man caring for a woman

By the way, reciprocity is encouraged9

Many beauties are so fixated on the idea that a girl should never take the first step, that for years they do not answer in instant messengers, and do not pick up phones simply because they are only texting. In reality, rather than guessing whether you like you or not, and whether it is serious or not, you just have to answer the communication once. Even an emoticon and a meme are better than long years of cold regal silence.

Girls should show attention to guys too. Even if they do not consider it acceptable to start communication, you can smile back, walk by, throwing an interested glance, and put the same like.

The Crown Princess's behavior is great, but if you really like someone, it might be worthwhile to somehow draw that person's attention to yourself and start chatting.

Usually, the signs of attention are quite obvious, and the girls ask their friends again, and try to observe from the side due to simple self-doubt. Many people do have low self-esteem, no matter where it comes from, because of their parents or simply because of life circumstances. But she, as well as constant insecurity, and prevent you from being happy.

So stop doubting the obvious. If you think that someone likes you, most likely they are. Hint that the guy is not indifferent to you, too, and become happy sooner.

And about how to understand that a girl likes you and not only, read our article at the link.

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