How To Keep A Man's Love Or What The Stronger Sex Wants

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How To Keep A Man's Love Or What The Stronger Sex Wants
How To Keep A Man's Love Or What The Stronger Sex Wants
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How to keep a man's love
How to keep a man's love

The woman finds him - the man of her dreams. Passion flares up between them, feelings arise, love relationships are struck. At first everything is good, happiness, peace and tranquility reign in a woman's soul. But then then doubts appear, which, in the end, make her think how to preserve the love of a man, not to lose him and not be left alone.

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  • 1 Why love can fade away
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Attitude towards a man
  • 4 What else does he need?

Why love can fade away

At the beginning of a relationship with a guy or a girl, passion, interest, emotions rule the ball, but feelings cool over time, you need to be ready for this, because this is their nature. Fire cannot burn continuously if nothing feeds it. You need to have time to take action, otherwise the connection between two people will start to disappear, and then they will completely move away from each other.

When should a woman be wary and start fixing her mistakes? Here are some signs that you are about to lose your lover:

  • constant quarrels and conflicts, for minor reasons;
  • communication was minimized;
  • he is annoyed by the habits of a woman that he used to like but now became her shortcomings;
  • many claims on his part;
  • he does not ask for advice, makes decisions on his own, is not interested in the opinion of his partner;
  • a man devotes less and less time to his beloved, disappears somewhere, lingers, looking for a reason not to be with a woman for a long time in the same room;
  • rudeness appeared in his attitude, he stopped calling his partner affectionate words.
what does the stronger sex want from a girl
what does the stronger sex want from a girl

How to find your love and keep it if alarm bells have appeared? It is necessary to do work on the mistakes that she could begin to make, not out of malice, but out of ignorance and misunderstanding.


Perhaps not the most important, but significant criterion. Women love with their ears, and men with their eyes. At the beginning of a relationship, trying to impress, ladies always choose the best outfits and spend a lot of time creating the perfect makeup. Later, they can relax and stop watching how they look alone with their beloved man. At the same time, outside the home, even just heading to the nearest store, preening.

Women's logic in this case is simple: he has already been conquered, why waste energy and strive for something else? Especially often this thought arises in the head of already married women who have reached, as it seems to them, the final point.

Attitude towards a man3

It is important to look good next to your beloved man, but it is much more important to treat him in such a way that he feels how important and appreciated by his significant other.

How to keep a man's love
How to keep a man's love

But again, the same thinking works as in the case of looks and clothes. It seems to a woman that further it is possible not to try at all and not to waste time on manifestations of love, such as tenderness, attentiveness, care. But a man also wants all this, especially from the one he loves.

What else does he need? 4

Respect in a relationship. In no case should their pride be hurt, as a person automatically becomes an enemy or ill-wisher in his eyes. No ridicule in his address, offensive or derogatory words, neither in private, nor even more so in the company of friends.

Confidence. Many women overdo it with jealousy. Constant questions about “where I was”, “what I did”, checking messages on the phone, in social networks, messengers, calls every 10 minutes, all this does not contribute to the development of healthy, trusting relationships. It will be simply unpleasant for a man that he is suspected of something that he did not do. His love is unlikely to endure this.

Freedom. Of course, this is not about being allowed to cheat with other women or do whatever he pleases, such as buying a wall-to-wall TV for a lot of money when you have to pay a mortgage. Here the question is about the personal space that every person needs.

what does the stronger sex want from a woman
what does the stronger sex want from a woman

He, like her, may have his own hobbies and interests. Don't forbid him from meeting friends at the bar after work. Restricting the freedom of men, women want to bind him to themselves, not to let him go anywhere, but everything happens exactly the opposite - they run from total control, such is the psychology of men in love.

In addition, after spending time apart, both partners will have time to miss each other, which will create the effect of starting a relationship.

Listening skills. He, too, really wants to speak out about the boil in order to take the load off his soul. A woman should not only listen, but also understand what he feels, support her beloved man. So he will not feel that he was left alone with his experiences, there is someone nearby who will always lend a helping hand and will be on his side, even if the whole world is up in arms against. Is this not a manifestation of love? You cannot dismiss his problems, no matter how insignificant they may seem to a woman.

Motivation. Men and women alike love to be praised. How to keep a man's love? Talk to him more often about how important, valuable and great he is. Praise for what he has done motivates him to new achievements, including for the sake of a woman.

Fidelity. Should I somehow comment on this point? Hardly, everything is clear. Relationships are impossible without this most valuable quality.

How can you keep a man's love
How can you keep a man's love

Sex. In addition to moral satisfaction, a man should receive physical satisfaction. Sex brings two people closer together, creates a strong emotional bond between them and brings happiness to both partners.

The most important thing is to love a man. If he feels the true love of a woman, then he is ready to give his own in return.

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