6 Reasons Why Women Love Married Men

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6 Reasons Why Women Love Married Men
6 Reasons Why Women Love Married Men

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women love married
women love married

Psychologists have long and often been asked the question - "why do women love married men?" That women are so attracted to people with whom they should not be together? It would seem that a woman is the keeper of the hearth, she was born in order to create a healthy family, keep her home and not destroy someone else's. So why is it attracted to a man who is obviously not free? Let's try to figure it out.

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  • 1 "Good males are taken apart by puppies"
  • 2 Ringed, which means you need
  • 3 I want well-groomed
  • 4 Am I the loveliest in the world?
  • 5 A married person can be around
  • 6 It's easier and easier to communicate with a married person

"Good males are taken apart by puppies" i

Yes, there is such a saying and there is a lot of truth in it. In fact, charismatic, charming, handsome and interesting men are sorted out even in their early youth. How does it work? Very simple. Handsome men, lucky ones and minions of fate are forgiven a lot, they can do anything. Who does not know that girls are only given their first kisses, only they run on first dates with them, and only they have the right to the first night.

And after the first night there are the second, the third … and then the guy has nowhere to go. As a rule, a pregnant girl is simply obliged to keep the future child of her father. In fact, she doesn't mind. And the handsome man simply has no choice.

This is one of the options. In most cases, the handsome man himself does not understand how he is ringed. But his charisma, charm, beauty, wit - they have not gone anywhere. And they attract not only the wife, but also other connoisseurs of beauty.

Ringed, so you need 2

Some psychologists argue that the ladies' interest in married men is purely historical. If you look at nature, you will notice that females always choose only the best, strongest and most worthy males for their offspring. In order to show this, males of birds, fish and animals enter into competitions with each other, and females give their love only to the winners.

Why is a woman worse? She also wants to give her feelings to the strongest. But … the problem is that the partners of animals can be changed every year, after mating the male is free again, single and the best of the best. Next year, he may make another female happy. But with people everything is different!

People create families for a long time (in any case, they strive for this) and, of course, the ring on a man's finger indicates that someone has already chosen him. That is, he is already stronger, smarter and better. And although wives do not welcome the desire of their "male" to make someone happy there besides her, this is what attracts free ladies!

three girls
three girls

I want well-groomed3

If you put an inveterate bachelor and a man who lives happily ever after in marriage next to each other, the result of the ladies' care will be visible immediately. Clean, fresh shirts, ironed trousers, pleasant perfume, polished shoes, a modern haircut, fashionable jackets - all this, as a rule, is worn by "married people". Women do not like when next to them is an outdated, unkempt spouse. It's just a shame.

But a bachelor can not always boast of fashionable novelties in clothes. Of course, there are exceptions, and these exceptions are not that rare, and yet. Therefore, needless to say that a fashionista will more quickly appreciate a stylishly dressed man, even if he is married, than a bachelor in a jacket of the last century.

In addition, a person dressed in a modern, stylish, beautiful manner feels much more confident. He is more willing to enter into a conversation, makes acquaintances, he is free to behave, which cannot be said about those who do not look 100%.

why women love married
why women love married

Am I the nicest in the world?

Yes, there is no escape from this, but women cannot without proving to everyone (and to themselves in the first place) that they are the most beautiful, sexiest, smartest, most fatal, most, most, most … prove? Only with the help of a man. Especially a married man. She was able to take her husband away from his wife - you are super! Oh, no need for conscience! In the end, the wife is to blame. And because there was nothing to walk at home in a dressing gown and without a hairstyle from Zverev! I could not take away … But, at least for the night!

And the man … well, yes, and in fact, why in a dressing gown? This over there, what a sweet!

Married can be around5

When asked why women love married men, she immediately replied, "Because they are always there." And this is another reason that lonely women's hearts are drawn to them.

In fact, two friends are friends, then one of them gets married, and the second … The second cannot be left alone, she visits a married couple. And more and more often he sees the husband of a friend (or sister). He looks after his wife and (attention!) For his wife's friend, he pours wine for both women, invites them to dance one by one, helps nail a shelf in a friend's house, understand the computer, and so on. It is not uncommon for the husband of a friend or sister to take care of the one who is left alone. Therefore, sometimes it turns out that an unmarried girlfriend, against her will, in the subconscious, takes someone else's husband for her. A friend's husband becomes her own. But a stranger's bachelor remains a stranger.

why women love married men
why women love married men

It is easier and easier to communicate with a married person6

An unmarried woman and a single man (especially if both of them are already aged), as a rule, are positioned as a potential bride and groom. Well, imagine - there are three married couples and one girl at a thirty-year-old friends' party. And then suddenly (oh, happiness!) A guy who is not married wanders in. It is clear that a single girl and this guy will now only be looked at as a potential couple. Every glance of the guy towards the girl will be examined almost under a magnifying glass, every turn of the head is the same story. Needless to say, how difficult it will be for these two to establish at least some kind of communication.

why women love married men
why women love married men

But if a married guy comes in, there will be no difficulties. And communication can develop very quickly. And the closest.

Here are just a few reasons why women love married men.

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