If You Run Out Of Topics For Conversation With A Girl? What Else To Discuss?

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If You Run Out Of Topics For Conversation With A Girl? What Else To Discuss?
If You Run Out Of Topics For Conversation With A Girl? What Else To Discuss?

Video: If You Run Out Of Topics For Conversation With A Girl? What Else To Discuss?

Video: If You Run Out Of Topics For Conversation With A Girl? What Else To Discuss?
Video: 5 Best Conversation Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like (When You Run Out Of Things To Say) 2023, November
Run out of topics for conversation with the girl
Run out of topics for conversation with the girl

It so happens that couples who have known each other for a long time lose topics for communication. Either from routine and everyday problems, or from excised passion. Thoughts remain at work, household chores, and it is difficult to find common ground.

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  • 1 Simple and convenient - what can you talk about with her?
  • 2 Banal Groundhog Day - Everyone's Different
  • 3 Talk about her
  • 4 Non-trivial is also simple
  • 5 Talk about family values
  • 6 When you want to be silent more …

She does not want to hear anything, it is difficult for him to pick up, and as a result, both drooping sit opposite, are silent and try to come up with something that will start a talker half a turn. If they ran out of topics for conversation with a girl, they did not try to look for them. Although each girl naturally has different tastes.

Simple and convenient - what can you talk about with her? I

Questions about the weather, political debates are not the most interesting and appropriate topics. Girls pay little attention to the situation in the country. The weather in the house is more important. These could be topics related to her schedule or schedule.

She will be happy to tell you about her day, what she does on the weekend. Therefore, it is enough to take the opportunity to ask how she gets along with her brothers and sisters, her parents, or how often she sees her family. And do not forget to also tell about your own.

There is no hard science to know for sure how to conduct a conversation with a girl. It is easier for someone to start a conversation with a question, others - to answer them. In most cases, psychologists say, girls like to answer questions if they are interested in them.

For example, asking them about a manicure or the principle of the technique of applying the gel, they will be happy to talk about pains, lamps, how long it all lasts. And when it comes to children, then 2-3 leading questions are enough. True, you have to listen. If there is interest, it will be easy to endure a few hours.

Banal Groundhog Day - Different 2

One easy way to keep the conversation going is to talk about your day. The conversation can be about things that have already happened, or plans for the rest of the day. This method helps to develop the structure of the conversation - a question and two answers, hence the next one, and so on - to exhaustive information.

Talk about her3

Finally, you just need to get her to talk about herself! If you take a little interest in her as a person, she will feel more and more comfortable opening up. You can build on the topics that slip through the conversation, use what she has said to come up with new questions and answers that make things move organically.

conversation with beloved
conversation with beloved

Instead of challenging tasks and "harassment" that can lead to monosyllabic answers, the right questions are open-ended and give the girl the opportunity to "tell a story."

Be sure to take into account the interests of the lady. If she is passionate about work, the careerist will not share the details of her affairs. The answers will not be in-depth to fill in the gaps in the conversation. Another thing is when you want to pay attention to the subtleties - the details are always more difficult to describe in words, you need to select the terms you use.

At times, the answer equates to multiple comparisons. Let's say what is female intuition? The answers will be received in such quantity that it will be possible to "play" in the correct choice of the answer.

If you want to leave a good or serious impression, then it is worth trying less common things for conversation.

Non-trivial is also simple4

It can be difficult for a man to think of something to talk to a girl about. But discussing her passion can be a pretty interesting start to a relationship with her. When she says what she likes the most, you can encourage her to talk more about it by going deeper. Not for idle chatter.

when there is nothing to say
when there is nothing to say

It is necessary to combine the pleasant and the useful - she will open up to the man, he will support the conversation for her, and learn a lot of new things for himself. Then you can use it when preparing a surprise.

For example, if her passion is gardening, you can take your girl to a nursery she likes and help her choose the plants of her choice.

Talk about family values5

All girls love to talk about their parents, brothers and sisters, and friends. Therefore, if you start a conversation with her about family values and culture, she can also talk about the family. Maybe even the most unusual and mysterious things. Or secret, whatever you like.

It will also give an idea of whether a girl is truly the right type, traditional or modern, and how much her family will affect her life together if the relationship continues. So you can extend the "limit" of knowledge, learn what you could never know if you had not started a conversation.

what to talk about with a girl
what to talk about with a girl

You need to ask about the craziest thing she did. Of course, she may not immediately answer, but the hint will sound. At least on the face it will be clear what's what. Couples who have been in a relationship for a long time probably know something exclusive. Therefore, for a change, you can turn this activity into a game - someone makes a guess, while the other does crazy things, but within the framework of what is reasonable and permitted by law and the Criminal Code.

When you want to be silent more … 6

And this can also be taken as an example for many couples. No matter what the difference in age, prosperity and well-being, sometimes you just want to sit in silence, enjoy the silence of the aroma of the body, hear the beating of the heart, breath, read desire in the eyes and plunge into the passion of earthly pleasure. It is at these moments that the truth is born, which will replace a thousand phrases when the topics for conversation with the girl are over.