What If The Ex Wants To Communicate And Should She Answer?

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What If The Ex Wants To Communicate And Should She Answer?
What If The Ex Wants To Communicate And Should She Answer?

Video: What If The Ex Wants To Communicate And Should She Answer?

Video: What If The Ex Wants To Communicate And Should She Answer?
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The ex wants communication
The ex wants communication

As they say, two are always to blame for parting. She and her mom. A joke, of course not. In parting, both the guy and the girl are always to blame. Someone did something wrong, the other did not understand everything, did not finish, did not listen to it, did not endure. There can be a lot of reasons for breaking up and ending a relationship. But this article is not about that. Here you will learn what to do and why sometimes your ex wants to be together.

The content of the article

  • 1 A few simple reasons why she suddenly decided to write
  • 2 Watch your hands or some signs that your ex wants to come back.

In fact, no guy can answer with one hundred percent certainty why this is happening, and there may be several reasons for this. The simplest thing is that all girls are different. And if, under the same circumstances, one sends her boyfriend and leaves to live on the other side of the world, the other will desperately try to get him back and follow him, sitting on a bench in a long cloak with a pasted mustache and reading a newspaper.

The second reason why it is impossible to say for sure will be the reason and the very process of your separation. Again, you can still think about this topic if you peacefully agreed that the relationship was at an impasse, shook hands and quietly parted.

But on the other hand, her behavior can become completely incomprehensible if during parting you broke all the dishes in the house, threw all things out of the windows and kicked the neighbor's dog. But the biggest and most incomprehensible reason will be that they are women. Who can even understand what is going on in their heads. Maybe one of the cockroaches just accidentally confused your dossier and put it in the folder "current guy" or "love of your life."

Yes, even the girls themselves sometimes cannot answer this question with confidence, what is really there. But nevertheless, so that you do not have to catch the finalists of the "battle of psychics" on the street and not pay fortune-tellers fabulous sums, just for them to look at your palm and not play their favorite solitaire, the article contains the most common most common reasons, why the ex wants communication. And a man is not at all against having sex with an ex-girlfriend.

if ex wants communication
if ex wants communication

A few simple reasons why she suddenly decided to write i

  1. Perhaps the most important and simple reason is the girl's banal desire to return to her boyfriend. Even if she, under fear of breaking her nails and ruining her manicure, will say that this is not so, most often this is exactly what she achieves, even if she herself does not understand it. All other reasons are basically perverse desires to bring the man back to himself.
  2. It is possible that she writes in order to simply communicate, they say she is so used to your communication with her that now without it she feels some kind of inferiority. And it would be good if it were so, but then after a while she will say that she missed, and she wants a meeting, and then it’s like a knock-off.
  3. There is an option that everything in her life is not very good. These can be serious problems at work, or even with a new guy. And if in the first case she is simply looking for support from a person who once understood and supported her, then in the second case she can also look for an alternate airfield for landing, if everything becomes completely bad with the first.
  4. Well, or the most banal, she just needs another girlfriend. Simply put, he wants to send the guy to the friend zone. It's nice when a guy to whom you are not indifferent will do everything for you. But these are evil and insidious girls, so it is definitely not worth answering and resuming communication.
  5. It also happens that a girl just wanted sex. Well, there will be no advice here. Act as your heart tells you, or whatever you can think of in this situation.

So, here you are and found out several reasons why suddenly your ex wants to communicate. Of course, there were no options in the article that she just needs money, or that you are the only acquaintance of hers who can pick her up from the airport next week.

if ex wants communication
if ex wants communication

Next, you will recognize several signs by which you can determine that she wants to resume the relationship.

Watch your hands or some signs your ex wants to come back

  • The first sign is, of course, the resumption of communication. Calls and messages that arrive on your phone a little more often than constantly are a reason to think about what she needs from you.
  • The second sign is the desire to spend time together. Perhaps she writes to you that she wants to meet, asks about where you have been or where you are going, and then, unexpectedly, she meets you in the store or near your entrance.
  • The third sign that a girl wants to return to you is her request to remain just friends. Well, you understand these girls. In fact, if a girl asks to stay with her as a friend, it means that she simply does not want to lose her boyfriend, and feelings and the former connection are definitely involved.
  • It is possible that she begins to appear not only in your life, but also in the lives of your friends with whom she used to communicate. Either, if you have mutual acquaintances, then she increasingly begins to ask them about the guy and his life, or she just starts talking about him.
  • The next rather obvious sign is that the girl increasingly begins to remember what used to connect you before. Some general jokes, funny stories, or even your relationship. If this happens, then you can be sure she is nostalgic for you and your relationship.
  • One of the most obvious signs when you've already missed out on everyone else is flirting. If she becomes more and more relaxed with you, sometimes allows you to make a joke, touches you and generally leads as she does not allow herself to lead with other guys, then rest assured that she no longer just wants to be friends with you.
if ex wants communication
if ex wants communication
  • Well, the last sign may be your jealousy of the rest of the living world. If she gets angry when she sees you in the company of other girls, makes caustic comments under your photo with a friend on Instagram, then this is definitely one of the surest signs that she is not indifferent to you.
  • Jealousy in this case will be the best indicator that she has feelings, and sooner or later she will want to return.

But whether to restore relations or not, the question remains open for the guy. As a rule, when parting with a girl, both partners try to promise each other to part as friends, support each other and be always in touch, and after shaking hands with each other, with a feigned smile, they disperse on different sides and try to never intersect again.

And as it turned out, this way of parting is considered the most normal and correct. And as research by scientists from a university in New Zealand has shown, people who maintain friendships with former partners tend to suffer from various forms of mental illness. More than 850 people helped scientists in the study.

Each of them was asked a series of questions, according to which they told how long they had been in a relationship, how they broke up, the reasons for the separation, their feelings after that, and whether there were contacts after the breakup.

In the end, having studied the behavior of each participant in the experiment, the scientists came to the conclusion that they maintain relationships with ex-girls, only people suffering from mental illness to one degree or another. so, for example, if a man wants to return a girl, this may be a sign of narcissism, in this case his possessive nature does not allow him to lose what once belonged to him.

Therefore, before you start communicating with an ex-girlfriend, you should think more than once. Remember, after all, once you broke up for a reason and is there any guarantee that this will not happen again. Plus, what if your ex is just moody and obnoxious who just doesn't want to let go of what belongs to her. In this case, scandals in such a relationship cannot be avoided.

what to answer ex
what to answer ex

But it also happens that enough time has passed, and looking back at past relationships, you both realized that you broke up essentially because of stupidity, and both are not opposed to renewing the relationship, then it remains only to wish you both good luck, patience and mutual understanding, and then everything will turn out as well as possible.

But how to get your ex-girlfriend back and is it worth it to "enter the river twice" again, you will learn from our next article on the link.

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