Why Women Cheat: Psychology And Reasons For Cheating

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Why Women Cheat: Psychology And Reasons For Cheating
Why Women Cheat: Psychology And Reasons For Cheating

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Psychology of woman's betrayal
Psychology of woman's betrayal

Almost half of the relationship falls apart due to cheating. Much of the blame falls on men's shoulders, but women, alas, are not perfect. If male infidelity is a more common phenomenon, which is habitually explained by the polygamy of the male, then female infidelity carries more serious psychological reasons. What is the difference between the psychology of infidelity of a woman from men? How to avoid it and preserve the relationship, more on this later in the article.

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  • 2 Reasons for female infidelity

Differences in perceptioni

A man sees cheating as a way to satisfy one of the oldest instincts through contact with several different women. A woman views the relationship as a whole as a strong psychological bond between two people. According to surveys in the CIS countries, more than a quarter of women say that they have no emotional attachment to their lover, and men in more than 70% of cases say that they are not emotionally attached to their mistress.

For a woman, the realization of the fact that problems with a permanent partner begin, brings the first thoughts of treason. Unlike men, there is no constant desire to realize sexual desires with different partners. In order for her to decide to end the relationship with her husband or boyfriend, just high-quality sex is not enough. You need a special spiritual closeness with a new partner, a sense of security, stability.

The psychology of a woman's betrayal differs in the approach to repentance: at the moment when a man tries to hide adultery from his partner, she does not hide. It is psychologically difficult to fulfill several roles at the same time and be the same loving wife and go give yourself to another man. Women more often confess to infidelity, repent deeper, more often look for reasons within themselves. Men justify their behavior by natural instincts and continue to live with a woman for years on.

Why is the girl cheating
Why is the girl cheating

Reasons for female infidelity2

No matter how frank women are, sometimes it takes a lot of time to understand the reason for the betrayal. The difficulty in dealing with the fair sex is that an emotional connection becomes the key to a long-term relationship. A woman needs to feel needed and loved next to a man. And if there are not enough emotions that men consider unimportant, betrayal begins.

The reasons why women start cheating:

  • Constant loneliness. Not all women are mentally prepared for the long absence of a man and his constant business trips and moving. Compensating for loneliness by cheating is the most common option.
  • I would like to end the relationship. It sounds strange, but sometimes she goes to treason to be found and abandoned. Here's a twisted way to end a marriage or long-term relationship.
  • Fateful meeting with first love. A sudden meeting with a guy who has been liked for a long time can awaken forgotten feelings. Now both adults, nothing prevents to be together for real. Hormones add spice to the fateful meeting and a mistake occurs which she will regret in the morning.
  • Problems with intimate couples. Stress, long-term relationships, boring postures kill marriage over time. And then in the most ordinary place there is an ideal man with a luxurious body, cheerful, witty, with relief cubes. Recklessness prevails and the most ancient instinct tells that this is a strong and reliable male for mating.
Female infidelity
Female infidelity
  • When male infidelity is revealed, anger, resentment, hatred begins to boil in a woman in 80% of cases, and a revenge plan begins to mature. Cheating with another in a moral sense compares the account and gives a sense of equality in actions.
  • Unrealized feelings with a man. It happens that a woman does not fully understand the difference between the guy she met and the ideal prince from erotic dreams. An immature person begins to think about changing a partner at the moment when he realizes his imperfection. An endless circle of search for a new and new partner begins, who will satisfy desires.
  • Narcissism. Parental overly affection and wrong attitudes lead to unhealthy self-esteem. First of all, the future husband will suffer from him. In the routine of life, it is difficult to get used to the idea that he is the only one who does not know how to guess all desires and does not buy and does everything he should. A girl with painful pride is not able to appreciate a man and is looking for where to fulfill her needs and find an ideal companion in every sense.

From the point of view of psychology, adultery in women is not associated with evolution and is not conceived by nature. There is one great desire to be liked, to see the admiring glances of the opposite sex, to know that she is desired and loved, they want her, they admire her. A partner who not only stops listening to her, but also notices a woman in her, rarely gives compliments, does not show signs of attention himself dooms himself to join the ranks of the offended.

Reasons for treason
Reasons for treason

Even an insignificant betrayal overturns the female idea of ​​relationships, sinks deeply into memory. The psychology of a woman's betrayal singles out betrayal without physical contact. Again, the reason is the lack of support from the husband and his indifference. She begins to share her experiences with a work colleague, ask how he is doing, trust him with secrets, and discuss family problems with him. Sometimes the husband does not pay attention to this and regards only physical contact as a violation of the vow of fidelity.

Women in terms of their relationship to contact with other partners are arranged in a completely different way. For them, this is not an every minute need, but a real attraction, falling in love with a new partner. If a husband or boyfriend does not reconsider his attitude towards his partner in time and does not stop looking at her as furniture, you can still fix it.

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