10 Tips For A Married Man's Mistress: Talking About The Pros And Cons

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10 Tips For A Married Man's Mistress: Talking About The Pros And Cons
10 Tips For A Married Man's Mistress: Talking About The Pros And Cons

Video: 10 Tips For A Married Man's Mistress: Talking About The Pros And Cons

Video: 10 Tips For A Married Man's Mistress: Talking About The Pros And Cons
Video: Consequences of dating a Married Man. Wife vs Mistress. Why do men cheat. 2023, March
Classic mistress
Classic mistress

By creating a family, young people are confident that love and happiness will never leave them, that the years of life together will be filled with harmony and understanding. But time passes, everyday life gets stuck, love disappears somewhere and she appears, beautiful and well-groomed, with impeccable makeup and chic hairstyle, self-confident - a classic lover.

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  • 1 Reasons that push women into the arms of married men
  • 2 Pros and cons of being a married man's mistress
  • 3 Should I agree to become the mistress of a married man?
  • 4 Tips for a woman - mistress
  • 5 Is it worth taking a lover out of the family?
  • 6 If it's time to leave

Unfortunately, the love triangle is a phenomenon that has become quite common. What drives spouses to cheating? What makes women try on the role of a beautiful mistress? Let's talk about this.

Reasons that push women into the arms of married men

Only sometimes are they the result of immoral behavior. For the most part, these reasons are psychological. Here they are:

Lowered self-esteem

Despite the outer gloss, the lady - the mistress - is a deeply unhappy person. As a rule, self-doubt pushes her to a supporting role. The reason for this uncertainty lies in the psychological trauma that overtook a woman at a certain stage in her life. It can be a betrayal of a loved one, love that did not meet a reciprocal feeling, childhood fears and psycho-emotional trauma, self-doubt.

Despite the seeming well-being, such a woman is deeply unhappy. But, having resigned herself to the situation, in fear of being left alone, she continues to be the shadow of someone else's husband.

The selfish nature of the relationship

The desire to live beautifully at someone else's expense pushes some women into the arms of a married man. They are not used to working. They are satisfied with any option, just to benefit from a relationship that is more like a deal. At the same time, the lover knows her place, does not remind herself unnecessarily, is content with the time allotted for her in the patron's schedule, and, of course, in no way makes herself known to the benefactor's wife.

A lady with similar views on life is not trying to get an education, to take place in a profession. If the relationship with her lover for some reason ceases to suit her, the woman quickly finds a new, more advantageous option.


Excessive gullibility

Having met a man, women sometimes do not even know that he is married. Lack of a wedding ring, free apartment (such options also happen), lots of time to spend time together. Unaware that she is playing the unenviable role of a classic mistress, a woman meets with the person she likes, makes plans for the future, and when she falls head over heels in love and starts talking about the wedding, the gentleman disappears.

Lack of other options

This is an option for women notorious, insecure. Having, in their opinion, an unattractive appearance, they generally do not hope to meet a worthy person in their life. And, when a family man appears on their way, such a woman accepts it as a gift of fate. For the most part, she does not pretend to be a wife, she does not even allow herself to think about it. She agrees to be an alternate airfield for her beloved all her life. Such a relationship with a mistress can last as long as a man is ready for them.

No need to have a family

There are women who, due to a number of circumstances, often stemming from childhood, are not ready to start a family and try on the role of a wife. Having become a witness of her mother's bitter tears in childhood over the endless love affairs of her husband, such a girl, as a rule, is afraid of such a fate for herself. To avoid this, and, fearing loneliness, is ready for the role of a supporting woman in a man's life.

Sexual dissatisfaction in marriage

Everything is as simple as daylight here. The mistress becomes a woman who is not satisfied with the sexual relationship in her own marriage. In an effort to diversify them, the lady is not averse to doing it on the side. And she is deeply indifferent to whether a man is married or not. The main thing is the result.

How to become a mistress
How to become a mistress


And, finally, no one discounts such a sacred feeling as love. Even if a girl was brought up in an atmosphere of morality and deep decency, she, having fallen in love with a married man, plagued by remorse, decides to be happy with him. She tries not to think about his family and does everything to win the reciprocal feeling of her beloved.

Pros and cons of being a married man's mistress

In any case, it will be a woman who decides whether to be the classic lover of a man burdened by marriage. Someone accepts it, weighing all the pros and cons, someone rushes into the pool headlong.

Let's start, nevertheless, with the arguments "against":

  1. Relationships tend to be about deception. Both the wife and the mistress become deceived. The third character of the love triangle is not in a better position either. He constantly has to look for new and new versions to explain his absence from home or from his mistress.
  2. The woman feels like a kept woman. After all, a man, trying to make amends for his long absence (it is not always so easy to leave home), tries to appease his mistress with gifts. Less often, but there are cases of opposite relationships when a man, in exchange for vivid sexual pleasures, does not hesitate to sit on the neck of his beloved.
  3. When dating a married man, a woman is wasting precious time for herself in order to build a normal relationship with a young man free from marriage.

The pros:

  1. If a lady does not seek to get married, finding a married lover to meet natural needs in intimate relationships is an option that suits her one hundred percent.
  2. A man comes on a date not out of duty, but at the call of his heart, so he is always well-groomed, in a good mood.
  3. Relationships in bed are bright and varied.
  4. Opportunities to get new emotions and new impressions push the adventurers into the arms of a stranger.
  5. Tasty feeding and washing your partner is not part of the lover's remit. The wife will take care of this.
  6. The very fact that a man is ready to lead a double life speaks of his material solvency, which ladies often openly use.
  7. A relationship with a married man can be easily nullified.
Relationship with a mistress
Relationship with a mistress

Should I agree to become the mistress of a married man? 3

For example, a woman, directly or indirectly, received an offer from a married man to become his mistress. Her further life will depend on the decision made. She must be ready:

To be for the chosen one only a friend. The desire to partially replace his wife, to bind him with care and gifts, should be left. Do not make comments to the man (even if there is a reason for this). The destiny of a mistress is to be always ready to meet a lover with an impeccable appearance and to organize pleasant communication

To be a supporting woman for a man. Even if the close relationship of the spouses has ceased to satisfy the man, he will never decide in favor of his mistress. The scales will always outweigh the scales on which - children, family, arranged and familiar life

To keep a man, a mistress should always be fully armed: not just keep herself in shape, but constantly look for new ways to diversify intimate life and not bore her partner

Relationships will always be on the woman's territory, in a rented apartment or in a hotel. Joint visits to the theater, club, guests, and even more so to relatives, are out of the question

A woman should not dwell on this relationship. She is free to decide how long they last

Husband's mistress
Husband's mistress

Tips for a woman - mistress __8212

Even if a woman decides to tie herself in a relationship with a married man, it is worthwhile to let him know once and for all that how long this relationship will last depends only on her decision. To make meetings with your lover desirable, listen to the advice of those who once burned themselves on this topic:

  • Do not turn into a caring mom for a man. Save your lovely trinkets, gifts for a fateful meeting. Remember that for a lover a gift is you, beautiful, desired and a little inaccessible. Therefore, try to always look perfect: discreet makeup, stylish, but not pretentious hairstyle, beautiful underwear, delicate perfume.
  • If you do not want to hear a lie, do not ask questions about your wife and children. Most likely, you will hear a stereotyped story about a bitch - a spouse and lack of intimate relationships. In fact, your friend's married life may be quite prosperous, he just wanted new experiences.
  • Do not build unnecessary illusions and remember that always and in everything in the first place for a man will be family, children and wife (even if not everything is safe in their intimate life). It is hard for men to part with their usual and measured way of life, home coziness and comfort. Therefore, be calm about the fact that as soon as he crosses the threshold of his house after meeting you, he will kiss his wife, children, sit down to have dinner with his family and your meeting will fade into the background for him.
  • Try to build your relationship with your lover in such a way as not to fall in love with him. And if this did happen, do not try to pull the blanket over yourself and take him away from the family. Having understood what you are driving at, a man will most likely want to leave. After all, he already has a family. He came to you for new emotions and intrigue.
Why do mistresses appear
Why do mistresses appear
  • You can introduce your lover to your friends (if they are reliable). But acquaintance with relatives is not worth it. He may see this as an encroachment on his choice between you and his family.
  • If you are applying for surprises and gifts, teach a man from the first days to come to you not empty-handed. How? Decide for yourself. Most importantly, do not forget that for a man you should be desirable, mysterious and … a little weak.
  • Remember that your personal life is your life. It is not at all necessary to initiate a loved one into it, but, in fact, a stranger.
  • Don't agree to build relationships according to his rules. Discuss in advance what you expect from the meetings. A man should respect both you and your principles.
  • Never throw tantrums and showdowns. If for some reason your “married man” did not show up at the appointed time, try to be sympathetic to this. otherwise, you risk being abandoned.
  • Live a vibrant and fulfilling life. Find time for sports, fitness, going to the movies, theaters, meeting friends. A man should see that in your life he is not the navel of the Earth. It is better if he adjusts the schedule of joint meetings to your rhythm of life.
The mistress of a married man
The mistress of a married man

Should you take your lover out of your family? 4

The relationship between a man and a woman develops according to different, often unpredictable, scenarios. Sometimes a woman falls in love with her chosen one and cannot imagine her life without him. Moreover, the idea of a fix is her desire to take her beloved away from the family. Often times, nothing good comes of it. But sometimes a lover still takes the place of a wife both in the heart of her beloved and in bed.

As a rule, such a development of events is possible only when a man realizes that his mistress is superior to his spouse on all fronts:

  • She does not bother him with her problems.
  • She is genuinely interested in his professional achievements and enjoys his successes.
  • She is an interesting conversationalist, can keep up a conversation on any topic.
  • She can listen carefully and keep the secrets told by her beloved.
  • She is always neat and outwardly attractive.
  • She creates the most comfortable living conditions.
  • She is a great hostess.
  • And finally, she is inimitable in bed.

If it's time to leave 5

Usually such thoughts come when the relationship is either dead end or outdated. In any case, having made a decision about parting, and it must come from a woman, she gives herself the right to a chance to build a relationship with a person who is not burdened by family ties. After all, youth, unfortunately, flies by very quickly, and you can waste time and stay like that old woman at a broken trough: no family, no husband, no children.

Relationship with a married man
Relationship with a married man

In conclusion, I would like to turn to women, whose status can be defined as “classic lover”: “Remember that the word lover comes from the word love. Love and be loved, and life will put everything in its place."

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