Smart Women In Relationships With Different Types Of Men

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Smart Women In Relationships With Different Types Of Men
Smart Women In Relationships With Different Types Of Men

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clever woman
clever woman

There is no single and unambiguous attitude of men to smart women. Someone from the stronger sex sincerely believes that the mind is the most important property of a girl, and will never build a relationship with someone who he considers more stupid than himself. Others believe that female intelligence is a hindrance to relationships, and prefer to communicate with ladies who do not shine with thinking abilities.

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And there will also be those who will question the very existence of smart women, because in their minds a woman is nothing more than a sex application with cooking and cleaning functions, and not an independent person. In this article we will try to find out how these types of men differ and how often they occur.

Mom's sexists

Unfortunately, the most common type of men, which can be attributed to about every second. In their view, a man is a creator and a titan of thought, and a woman is something like a service staff. And they are not at all embarrassed that in their entire life the crown of their "creation" is a mountain of beer bottles near the sofa.

The reaction of such men to smart women could be a good story for a comedy. Because they are absolutely not ready for it. The very appearance of a woman next to them, familiar with words, the meanings of which they do not know and competent in intellectual spheres, in which they are not guided even at the level of secondary education, causes a cognitive dissonance in them.

This type of men practically does not enter into relationships with smart women, since they are not able to hold the woman's attention and interest her for more than a minute. But if in some miraculous way they still manage to start such a relationship, their result is always predictable: the girl will face tyranny at home, caused by anger and envy. The best thing a smart woman can do is to stay away from these types. However, she perfectly understands this.

Condescending Sneakers2

More than half of the remaining men recognize the intellectual abilities of women, but always with a discount and reservation. Yes, yes, they still extol themselves, and it is from them that you can hear the phrase "you are very smart for a woman." It would seem that it is worth staying away from such people, but in life it often turns out the opposite.

Relationships with such men for an intelligent woman turn into a game in which she always wins, easily manipulating the arrogant and remaining in the shadows. He always makes only those decisions that are beneficial to the woman, and at the same time he is sure that it was his personal initiative, and the woman is reaping the fruits of her influence. Such relationships sometimes turn out to be surprisingly strong and durable, but whether they can be called healthy is an open question.

Dating a smart girl
Dating a smart girl

However, one should not deprive this category of men of the right to personal happiness. They are quite capable of building relationships with attractive girls who are not burdened with a baggage of deep knowledge, and live with them in happiness and love. For smart women, this type of men is only interesting from a consumer point of view.

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Equal partners3

Deprived of prejudice and intellectually developed men who see a woman as an equal person to them and understand that intellectual abilities are not determined by gender. Despite the seeming rarity, there are still quite a few of them, approximately every fifth man can be attributed to such.

They will respect their chosen one, they will always listen to her thoughts and arguments, but this does not mean at all that they will agree with her in everything. Equal partnership for the fact that everyone has their own head on their shoulders.

K / f
K / f

For a smart girl who is tired of a one-sided relationship, these guys are the best choice. Relationships in such an intellectually developed couple will become especially strong and interesting if a man and a woman have different areas of knowledge and competence.

Imagine a girl historian engagingly telling her boyfriend about the events of the Great French Revolution, and then listening just as enthusiastically about the prospects of machine learning methods. Yes, the clash of a techie and a humanist from an irreconcilable struggle sometimes turns into a whirlwind romance, if these two are of different sexes.

The disadvantage of such relations is the same as their plus - in equal responsibility. If a girl in a relationship with such an unattractive first type of men can push all decisions on him, then in the case of our equal couple, this cannot be done. However, if that suits you, be happy.

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Have a relationship with a smart girl
Have a relationship with a smart girl

Focused on intelligence4

A rare case among men, but it's still worth mentioning these maniacs. The intellectual abilities of their chosen one become for them something like a sexual fetish, and it seems that spending a night with their beloved's dissertation for them will be a more vivid erotic adventure than a night with her. At first, the girl is flattered by a sincere admiration for her talents and achievements, but over time it starts to scare her.

It is quite difficult to recognize a looped one, because he can mimic one of the two previous types. However, if a woman is obsessed with her intellectual achievements no less than such a man, their relationship can be stable and even fascinating. However, most girls will still prefer to stay away from such partners.

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