Stages And Psychology Of The Development Of Relations Between A Man And A Woman

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Stages And Psychology Of The Development Of Relations Between A Man And A Woman
Stages And Psychology Of The Development Of Relations Between A Man And A Woman
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The main stages of the development of relations
The main stages of the development of relations

A love story always has its beginning and end. Ideally, this is just one life-long romance, but much more often it is multiple acquaintances, sooner or later leading to something serious. The main stages in the development of a relationship are not a canon to be followed. There are many points of view that view relationships as an endless cycle or a solid line, but they are all subtly similar.

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People meet and get to know each other, recognize each other and disperse. These days, it is becoming more difficult to understand where a full-fledged romance begins with many chapters, and where a modest affair leaves only disappointment. If you learn to determine where you are at the moment, you can easily determine if your couple has a chance. The article will consider the main periods through which all couples pass, as well as options for solving problems.

Your name

The first thing any relationship starts with is acquaintance. And not immediate, but visual. Before there is a desire to know what a person really is, people determine his value visually. Is he or she attractive in appearance, how sexy he is and what his gestures are. All this can be determined in just a few seconds, but on average it takes more time. There is a widespread belief that people can initially fit together. They are attracted to smell, non-verbal cues, a smile, or even laughter. Sexual energy can both bind members of the opposite sex and repel.

The biggest problem at this stage is preconceived notions. Many may misread some signs. For example, many people make an opinion based on the type of clothing. A sports suit means impudent and ill-mannered, a leather biker jacket and metal chains mean a rude and badass. But if you think more broadly, then behind all this "screen" you can see something more.

The only advice you can give people at this stage is not to think too narrowly. Indeed, behind the external simplicity or complexity, really important features can be hidden. In the same way, you should not "be led" on an attractive shell, because it is not a guarantee that everything will work out for you.

Closer Than It Looks2

The second stage is closer communication. At this moment, people are trying to understand how much they are disposed to each other. At this stage, they learn names, hobbies, lifestyle. Such a couple passed the first "test" - they found reasons to continue communication and open up a little more. Here people find common points of contact that could influence the development of the novel in the future. For example, if one person likes heavy music and the other prefers pop singers, this can be a reason for disagreement. Or vice versa, make people even closer, because opposites attract.

about the stages of development of relations
about the stages of development of relations

The main problem here is not to be categorical. After all, many believe that if the interlocutor does not pass according to some criteria, then he can be eliminated immediately. Girls want more attention to their person, gifts and romance, while the guy is clearly not ready for such a rapid development of relations. It is important to understand: not everything is given at once. You can recognize a person for many years, but still not fully understand him. This is the biggest injustice, because even if you are patient, no one can guarantee that everything will be fine.

The tactic of behavior here is to be attentive, but not to "cut from the shoulder." You barely met, you know little yet, so some shortcomings actually have serious reasons. Be tactful, listen to your interlocutors, and then you will succeed.

The world in pink3

The beginning of the emergence of real feelings is the third period. The stages of the development of relations have a different time period, but this stage can be called fleeting. For the first time, people begin to feel attraction to each other, to desire more than just communication. It becomes important for them to spend as much time as possible with their soul mate, and her absence next to her brings real discomfort. Butterflies in your stomach, your soul wide open, increased emotionality, irrational actions - all these are signs that you are in love. Many are sure that this is where true love is. However, this is not at all the case. This stage is characterized more by physical attraction than mental, and it is very easy to destroy harmony.

stages of development of relations in a couple
stages of development of relations in a couple

The problem of this period is the lack of logic in actions. Men and women are held captive by their ideals, so they often overlook the obvious shortcomings of their chosen ones. An obvious drunkard looks like a charming "joker", and an outspoken greedy person - thrifty and far-sighted. All you need to understand is that your feelings can overshadow the voice of reason, which later makes you unhappy. Many tend to romanticize this episode of their relationship, saying that any difficulties can be overcome together. But the fact remains unchanged - the largest number of mistakes are made by people in love.

The solution here is simple and obvious - to turn on the head more often. Falling in love is wonderful, but it should be a source of development and progress, not decline. It is sometimes necessary to soberly assess the situation so as not to be left with nothing later. If this relationship forces you to constantly sacrifice something important to you, then they are not so ideal. However, if a couple goes through this period, they become stronger and have a better chance of a long-term relationship.

Autumn for the senses4

Dizzying love gives way to a peaceful calm. At this stage, people most often decide to live together, so little by little they master a common life. However, as hectic as this moment may seem, it is a real test for couples. Many are convinced that there is nothing better than falling asleep and waking up with a loved one. And if you limit yourself to sleep, then it is. However, besides him, there are many other cases that have to be divided into two.

about the stages of development of relations in a couple
about the stages of development of relations in a couple

Paying bills, buying groceries, cleaning, washing, cooking - all these routine activities gradually begin to destroy the flair of romance that existed from the beginning. And the first serious domestic quarrels begin. And there is also an obvious dissatisfaction with the fact that romance has disappeared, that exciting feeling of meeting is no longer there and some excitement inherent in the beginning of a relationship has disappeared.

It seems so stupid and wrong to swear over dirty dishes or things that are not put in the closet, but there is no getting around it. After all, in fact, all these little things make up life. Without them, it is impossible to exist normally in the modern world. The future of your relationship depends on how much you learn to put up with the imperfection of your significant other and admit your own shortcomings.

Often, many are sure that you just need to endure, and then everything will work out by itself. But it is worth remembering that there is nothing more difficult than building competent communication with your partner. This period tests your ability to hear and listen. Here you cannot be silent and hide your displeasure, because in the end you will break down anyway, and it will only get worse.

The advantage of this period is that if you “overcome” it, then you will most likely no longer face everyday problems. No, they will still be, but your reaction to them will be calmer. The following stages of relationship development only strengthen your trust in each other and make you even closer.

Sorrow and Joy 5

Attachment - this is how this period of relationship can be characterized.

what are the stages of development of relations in a couple
what are the stages of development of relations in a couple

People have a warmer feeling, which makes the soul mate literally a loved one. Passion can fade into the background, you just enjoy being together. Comfort, security, tenderness - this is the moment closest to true love. However, this is still not the feeling that poets love to sing about and praise writers so much. This period only reinforces the confidence of two people that they really fit together.

There are no particular problems here. Many consider the lack of sexual attraction a significant drawback, but this does not always happen and not with everyone. Sex life can also be in full swing, regardless of age. As a rule, at such a moment the couple already have grown-up children, they went through the main problematic moments in their upbringing together, and this only tempered feelings.

If you realize that there is more to your partner than just sex and shared obligations, then this is the first sign that your feelings are real. They have been tested and shown that you can appreciate whoever is around you, as well as admit your own mistakes. Complete harmony and stability - nothing can lead you astray and scare you more than a break with your soul mate.

From now and forever 6

After going through hardships and adversities, overcoming the most unhappy and happiest moments together, you can reach the moment when you know true love. Many young couples are sure that the very first attraction to each other is love. But in reality, everything is much more complicated. After all, true feeling takes time, as good steel requires hardening. Without all this, even the most beautiful and loudest words will have no meaning.

stages of relationship development
stages of relationship development

There are no problems as such, because even any minor troubles do not cause you any reason for concern. You are completely confident in your partner, trust him and are not afraid of betrayal and betrayal. In principle, it cannot exist, since the period when you could think about other life partners has long passed. True love usually occurs when two have already experienced a lot. This is an adult, or even a mature feeling, rarely available to young hearts.

In order to once feel this euphoria, you need to understand that without hard work you will not get anything. Only considerate attitude, caring, tenderness and compassion, coupled with complete trust and sincerity, can make your relationship lasting. Otherwise, you will simply “step out of the race” even at the stage of the first check and remain with a broken heart and emptiness in your soul.

Love Inferences 7

Love is not just a label for sexual desire. There is so much deep meaning behind this word that no one can understand it right away. The phrase "I love you" is now pronounced on every corner, so its price has become too low. But the stages of the development of relationships show that every man and every woman face approximately the same problems, as they get to know each other.

what are the stages of development of relations
what are the stages of development of relations

You can consider this as a way to filter out everyone who is not able to give, but is used to only receiving. The fact remains that it is impossible to maintain a romantic attitude at all periods of your life. Sooner or later you have to become practical and tough. And your future will depend on how the other half reacts to it.

There is an interesting expression: "you love me black, and I will love you white." This means that a person is not ready to get rid of his shortcomings for the sake of loved ones, but he will evaluate a partner only by good deeds. Such selfishness is unacceptable for couples who expect to live a long and happy life together. If something goes wrong in your relationship, then just think - are you so critical of yourself, or are you used to criticizing only the one who is nearby?

It is possible that the answer will surprise you or even disappoint you. However, only by admitting your imperfection will you begin to change for the better. And along with this, there will be a change for the better in your relationship. And this is one of the signs that you will still get to the last stage of the "evolution" of relationships and know the pleasant feeling of true love.

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