The Girl Does Not Want To Live Together: TOP 5 Reasons Why This Happens

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The Girl Does Not Want To Live Together: TOP 5 Reasons Why This Happens
The Girl Does Not Want To Live Together: TOP 5 Reasons Why This Happens

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live with a boyfriend
live with a boyfriend

For many guys, it is extremely important that the beloved is with them constantly. Such people are very upset when they learn that the girl does not want to live with them and begin to look for reasons to still achieve cohabitation with the desired woman.

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  • 1 Romeo in Shabby Panties
  • 2 Parental controls in real life
  • 3 Shocking bedroom
  • 4 How I love you, my money!
  • 5 I want to know how many times you sighed during the evening!

Actually, why live with a girl together at all? For some, this means finally nourishing and tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners instead of the notorious dumplings, for someone - the ability to control your chosen one, someone is simply loving by nature, and for some, the very status of civil marriage is important, which helps for them to assert themselves as men who have a woman on their territory.

However, most males do not even suspect that it is in these reasons and often that the main problems of living together lie, because of which the girl does not want to live with her boyfriend.

What to do if the candy-bouquet period is already tired, dating is bored, and the heart asks for something cozy, family and household, fastened by at least some realities of everyday life, and the girl does not want to move? Right! You just need to find out why she is not going to do this, and eliminate these reasons, radically correcting the situation.

Romeo in Shabby Panties

The first reason is you … Yes, as it was sung in the famous song, “the first reason is you”. Surely any young man, getting ready to go on a date with a girl, puts himself in perfect order, puts on a cleaned and ironed suit, combes his hair … And everything would be fine, but at home he wears torn sweatpants and an elongated T-shirt, which, of course, will alienate any self-respecting lady.

OUTPUT: radically change your home look. You can buy a suit or pick up shirts with light trousers that match harmoniously. Your chosen one will change her attitude when she sees that at home you are exactly the same as on dates.

girl refuses
girl refuses

Real life parental controls2

The second reason is parents. Maybe the girl is not allowed to move in with you worried about her parents. If her loved ones are already "well over fifty", then leave hopes to convince them that their daughter will be cozy and comfortable to live with you. Until the very wedding, you will surely remain in their eyes as a "young fiddler."

OUTPUT: Try to convince the parents of your chosen one of your serious intentions. First, talk to the girl about how her parents see the ideal groom and follow the instructions exactly. If you do everything right, then the elderly will not resist the charm and courtesy of your person.

Shocking Bedroom3

The third reason why the girl does not want to live with you is her dissatisfaction with your home. It means not so much its type, how much cleanliness and order in it. No one will be happy to live among mountains of unwashed dishes, soda bottles, or surrounded by dirty socks.

OUTPUT: Before asking the girl to move in with you again, clean up thoroughly, take out all the old, ugly, unnecessary or spoiled things in the trash, buy new furniture and update the wardrobe and the contents of the closets.

girl says no
girl says no

How I love you, my money! 4

The fourth reason is financial position. Many girls are simply not completely sure of their partner, they are not sure whether he will be able to provide them with full financial support, while simultaneously managing their personal financial affairs.

OUTPUT: First of all, change the tactics in your dating. Try to give expensive gifts to the girl more often or drive her to more expensive places. This will show you your financial well-being. The girl will think that since you have the means to spend your leisure time in this way, then you can definitely pay the water bill.

I want to know how many times you sighed in one evening

The fifth reason is jealousy. Most girls don't want to move in with their significant other for this very reason. A house is a place where all personal belongings of a person are constantly in sight, and in full accessibility for a roommate. Maybe the girl does not want you to read her personal correspondence, does not want to make excuses for anything or discuss it with you.

girl versus relationship
girl versus relationship

OUTPUT: Show the girl that you consider her a free person, free yourself from overprotection, call her less often, ask less about her personal life. Seeing that you have changed, she will reconsider her decision to live with you.

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