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Are There Faithful Men: Where Are You, My Beloved?

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Are There Faithful Men: Where Are You, My Beloved?
Are There Faithful Men: Where Are You, My Beloved?

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loyal men
loyal men

Every woman wants to be loved and the only one for her man. Therefore, any betrayal is always pain, betrayal, the search for something better. It is difficult to accept this, and sometimes it is simply impossible. Are there ways to protect your relationship from such a terrible "disease"? And in general, are there faithful men who value relationships and will never go left?

The content of the article

  • 1 Why is he wrong?
  • 2 The opinion of sexologists on male infidelity
  • 3 Forgiveness cannot be left

Why is he wrong? I

Male loyalty, in fact, like female loyalty, depends on a number of factors: some are laid in early childhood, others are formed by society and the close environment. So, to start curing a disease, you need to find the cause. A man's loyalty depends on his upbringing, parental relationships, the degree of responsibility, honesty and many other points. The concept is quite broad and multifaceted. So are there faithful men? Let's highlight the main reasons for the infidelity and try to figure out what to do about it:

Desire is gone. This situation does not happen overnight, but takes months and years. When everything goes wrong in the family, when there is no understanding, communication, everyday life jams up - as a result, there is dissatisfaction from the current relationship and a desire to get the missing emotions, even with another woman

  • New passion. Perhaps everything was fine with you, but at one moment an equally interesting person could appear on the horizon. The male hunter loses interest in his constant companion and wants to get a new toy. Passion flares up, excitement and the man goes all out;
  • Too young. If the age of your chosen one has not reached 30 years old, then perhaps he is not ready for family life. No, he loves you and the children, but how much is still beautiful and unknown in the world. And the speech, as you understood, is not about new cities and countries;

Desire for new experiences. When life with a regular partner is boring and monotonous, then some men have a desire to diversify it with another. Instead of adding color to your sex life together, a man goes to another woman for new experiences and sensations

Faithful men
Faithful men

Long abstinence. The reason is trivial, but if your man is forced to be away from you for a long time, for example, he was sent on a business trip, then physiological needs can prevail over feelings. Still, no matter how self-possessed and faithful a man is, it is impossible to let him go alone for a long time in any case

  • Alcohol. Sex under the influence of a green snake is a fairly common cause. There is a type of men who, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, are ready for any stupidity. At such a moment, he can decide both for a one-time sex with a stranger, and enter into a vicious and long relationship;
  • Such nature. A separate and tough category of men who simply do not know how to live differently. Cheating for them is just an ordinary event, like going to the store for bread. They do not see anything terrible in this. Alas, they cannot be re-educated.

The opinion of sexologists on male cheating2

Surprisingly, psychologists, for the most part, are convinced that male infidelity only strengthens the family and allows you to preserve both the mental and physical health of a man. Walking to the left allows a man to increase his self-esteem, bring new emotions into long-standing relationships and diversify his intimate life. But psychologists for some reason do not explain how to explain to his wife a bunch of new techniques that have appeared in bed?

The existence of faithful men
The existence of faithful men

According to such experts, men who periodically cheat on their wives look happier and more confident. The same representatives of the stronger sex who remain faithful by virtue of their convictions and upbringing are portrayed as rather exhausted and with a low mood. Well, I would like to believe that experts are sometimes wrong.

According to other studies, there are 24% of men in the world who do not look for entertainment on the side and even give up this prospect if possible. How to determine a man who is included in this happy and desirable percentage for women:

  • Type one. These men claim that they managed to walk up and try a lot during their youth, therefore they simply do not see the point in looking for something new, and are ready to develop only with a single and beloved woman;
  • Type two. On the contrary, they got married or got a single companion too early, and did not have time to reveal their sexual potential. They say that they do not change because of their upbringing, but psychologists say that such men have a banal fear. In the field of seduction, they missed a lot, and their sexual experience is rather meager and monotonous. It is these psychological aspects that do not allow them to conquer a new woman.
faithful man
faithful man

We have collected what you did not even know about the loyalty of a man and a woman in the article at the link.

You can't go away3

If cheating happened, and you caught your man in it. How to be in this situation? All women who have faced such a misfortune want to receive universal advice and shift the responsibility, at such a difficult time for them, to someone else. You can argue on this topic for a long time:

  • the betrayal was one-time or the man got a constant mistress;
  • it was planned out and on a sober head or under alcohol;
  • whether the man repents or pretends that everything is fine;
  • treason happened against the background of conflicts and misunderstandings, or everything at home is perfect.
How to find a faithful man
How to find a faithful man

We can say with confidence that there is no single correct way out of this situation. Someone prefers to pretend that they know nothing, and someone just leaves in silence. Without the right to correspond. What you really need to look at in such a difficult moment is the reaction and behavior of a man. If he stumbled, if he is overwhelmed with regret and if he really loves you, then he will do everything possible and impossible to regain your affection. Just feel the difference: he will do, not promise.

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