Reasons Why Men And Women Go Left

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Reasons Why Men And Women Go Left
Reasons Why Men And Women Go Left

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All about men and women
All about men and women

A long-term, serious relationship is destroyed by the betrayal of one of the spouses. According to statistics, the loyalty of a friend is more important to guys, but they indulge themselves with random meetings. A number of factors will tell everything about men and women who are capable of cheating.

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  • 1 Why cheat in a relationship?
  • 2 Reasons for male cheating
  • 3 Reasons for female infidelity
  • 4 Is it possible to forgive a spouse

Why cheating in a relationship? I

The research, carried out over three years, collected the results of surveys of almost 500 people. These answers will allow you to find out everything about men and women who are cheating on their partner. And also why they do it.

  1. Lack of love. The most common reason why one of the partners went "to the left". Almost 80% of the respondents gave this answer.
  2. Passion. Animal gratification of instincts has become one of the popular reasons. No matter how wonderful the relationship is, if one of the partners dreams of a variety of sexual experiences with others, then he will change.
  3. No attachment. In a relationship, one loves, the other only allows himself to be loved. The first is changed much more often.
  4. Alcohol. 67% of those surveyed confirmed that alcoholic beverages pushed them to a fatal decision. Scientists argue that even though the intoxicant changes consciousness, it does not change the personality. If a person has changed, then he wanted it.
  5. Malice. Revenge and anger are often the cause. 40% of the respondents admitted that at least once they cheated on their other half just because they were angry with them.
  6. Sex. A banal reason, which was indicated by the majority of men. They only cheated because at that moment they wanted to satisfy the need.

In fact, cheating is selfishness and stupidity. Scientists have repeatedly conducted research that sexual desire is not an irresistible factor. An educated person is able to stop in time and reflect on the current relationship, and not succumb to animal weaknesses.

Reasons for male cheating2

It's a familiar situation, sadly enough, that families are destroyed due to male weakness. Society is more loyal to such manifestations. But there are a number of reasons that push the guy to a rash decision.

  • Few can overcome the increased interest in another girl. If a man is passionate, then he wants to try. Sometimes the bond becomes stronger, turning into a serious relationship.
  • Drunken mind. The guy is usually not interested in a drunken relationship. Therefore, the matter does not go beyond one passionate night.
  • Dullness of life. Crying children, a wife in a dressing gown, chronic fatigue - a lot of trouble. And against the backdrop of all this, a lovely stranger becomes even more desirable.
  • Different temperaments. Sexual excitement at the beginning of the relationship subsides, the man still needs frequent intimate relationships, and the woman refuses. A guy can realize himself only on the side.
  • Dream girl. A common situation if a man got married "on the fly." When he meets the same one, he no longer thinks about the family.
  • Life difficulties. Refers to guys who have not been able to realize themselves in life, have not learned to solve problems in an adult way. As soon as difficulties accumulate, such a young man is simply forgotten with treason.
  • A mistress is a must! Politicians, businessmen are obliged to have luxurious mistresses. For them, it is a matter of pride, like a car or a new toy.
  • Weakness. The absence of a male core, a weak character - all this becomes the reason for treason.
  • There is no desire for a spouse. If the girl stops looking after herself, then the man will start looking around.
reasons for male cheating
reasons for male cheating

Konstantin, 27 years old

“I have changed and will continue in the same spirit! I can't be with one woman, it's boring. In the beginning, everything is so pleasant, interesting, fun. And then she puts on a robe, I see her unshaven legs. Fu! I'd rather change partners and enjoy life than watch a girl turn into a shaggy monster in an apron."

Pavel, 31 years old

“I have never cheated on my wife, I have been married for ten years. Did you want to? There were thoughts. The office will host a gorgeous brunette, a model figure, pumped up ass. But I'm not a dog to rush at everyone, just to satisfy whims. I have a wife and two children, I don’t want it all to collapse because of a moment's pleasure”

Reasons for female infidelity3

Everything about men and women who cheat on their partners cannot be generalized. Even if the reasons are common, the motives are completely different.

Misunderstanding. Emotional girls cannot be in a relationship where they are not felt, understood, and disapproved. If there is a guy who surrounds her with love, then she is able to drop morality and plunge headlong into a new relationship

Reasons for female infidelity
Reasons for female infidelity
  • Wounded pride. If the husband cheats on his wife, he may wait for a reciprocal step from her.
  • Curiosity is not a vice. A woman can change for the sake of a different sexual experience, which her own man denies.
  • Not satisfied. If a guy is weak in bed, then a good sexual appetite will push him to another.
  • Not desirable. The husband can forget that he married the beautiful young girl he wanted in bed. Over time, his libido decreases, she ceases to feel desirable and turns to another.
  • Early marriage. Marriage before the age of 23-24 is doomed to fail in 70% of cases. Especially if the lovers decided on a stamp in the passport before they felt love and went through difficulties. The wave of euphoria will subside and the girl will go “to the left” for a new dose.
  • Loneliness. The guy works, travels on business trips, goes on a flight or under a contract. If a girl with low self-esteem, then she feels unclaimed and increases her self-esteem due to cheating.
  • Benefit. Cheating on a regular partner for the sake of profit is common. Sleep to get a promotion, a new gadget, a piece of jewelry.
Why cheating in a relationship
Why cheating in a relationship

Alice, 32 years old

“Verna has been married to her husband for 14 years. It turned out that he was cheating on me almost all this time. I even wanted to swallow pills, it was so hard. You look at him, a loving man, a wonderful father. And after work he stops by some girl and sleeps with her. How can this even be forgiven? On my knees I asked for forgiveness, but I filed for divorce"

Is it possible to forgive a spouse4

All about men and women will tell the reaction to betrayal. The lover always finds no reason to forgive. And the one who himself resorted to side trips, most likely, decides to break off relations at the same moment. Women forgive more often, although they fall into deep depression and despair. Having found out how many times there has been a betrayal, you can make an informed decision. If a partner has cheated once, drunk or in a long separation, then you can give a chance. But if an affair on the side lasts for months, then saving the marriage is useless.

mistress with a man
mistress with a man

Does the partner sincerely repent, asks for forgiveness, reproaches himself for the mistake? You can forgive. But if it all looks pretentious and pretentious, file for divorce is the best solution. Breaking up is difficult, but better than being a fallback. Children become the reason for keeping the family together. And it is not uncommon for men to use this, gradually ceasing to hide their adventures from their spouses. All this will last exactly until the woman decides to end the marriage. To forgive or not is everyone's personal choice.

Everything about men and women cheating in a couple speaks of unfulfillment in life or relationships. If a spouse has enough in marriage, he is surrounded by care, affection and attention, then he will not go “to the left”.

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