A Very Common Phrase "I Want A Successful Man" In The Modern World

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A Very Common Phrase "I Want A Successful Man" In The Modern World
A Very Common Phrase "I Want A Successful Man" In The Modern World
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successful man
successful man

As everyone knows, now, at this time, money plays a huge role in our world. The more you have, the better, because you can afford whatever you want. Therefore, in the modern world there are so many consumer relations between a man and a woman. In short, the essence of such a relationship is that a man gives a woman money for carnal pleasures. Therefore, from many women now you can hear the phrase: "I want a successful man who will support me."

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  • 1 The essence of consumer relations
  • 2 Sudden feelings between partners
  • 3 The role of a kept woman in a relationship with a successful man
  • 4 Why do people have these relationships?
  • 5 How to win a successful man?

The essence of consumer relations

Who was in such a relationship, he knows that in each pair everything is different. Some men can give a certain amount for intercourse and nothing else, others can invest very well in their chosen one, paying her rent for an apartment, constant gifts, payment for plastic surgery and much more. Not often, but such cases do occur when a man really falls in love with his kept woman, making her his wife. Many call it a kind of Cinderella story, from rags to riches, as they say.

Having read such stories, young girls, and women who are desperate in their lives, begin to think that they want a successful and rich man, because they consider this to be super easy money and profit. But do not forget that everything has a reverse side of the coin, which is not so beautiful and shiny.

Sudden feelings between partners2

Entering into such a relationship, girls, without noticing it, begin to feel warm feelings for this man, they see in him something more than a thick wallet filled with banknotes. In this case, the end begins.

As everyone knows, women are very emotional beings who sometimes simply do not control themselves. When a woman has tender feelings for a man, then jealousy begins, some suspicions, hassle and much more. But the bottom line is that when a man is ready to pay for sex and the time spent with him, he wants lightness and weightlessness, so that he would be gratified in every possible way, and not loaded with jealousy and brains.

In this case, the man himself chooses what to do next. He can leave you and find himself a kept woman, in whose eyes dollar signs will spin, and the sound of rustling banknotes will walk in her head, she will not need anything else from him. Or he may stay with you, and as mentioned above, perhaps he himself experiences something for you, in addition to animal instincts.

How to hook a man
How to hook a man

The role of a kept woman in a relationship with a successful man3

Girls who enter into such a relationship should not forget that such a relationship does not in all cases lead to something good and ideal, but only if a woman can hook a man with something. He understands that he is buying a woman, therefore, regards her as something fleeting and nothing more, but if a woman has at least something in her soul and there is something to talk about with her, she can cheer up and add some kind of positive to life., then a man will not want to let such a woman out of his life.

But, anyway, every kept woman should be prepared for the fact that such a relationship has an expiration date and when a man tries you in full, he wants to try another woman.

Why do people have these relationships? 4

This question interests many people on the planet, especially the very chaste. Their head just does not fit how you can sell your body or pay for tender and fiery feelings towards a person. Consumer relations look dirty and vicious from the outside, and many people are shocked by this.

I want to be with a rich man
I want to be with a rich man

According to psychologists, only cowardly and insecure men offer women this type of relationship. These men have some kind of mental trauma, perhaps a broken heart in youth, non-reciprocal love, or the loss of a loved one. After that, people close in themselves and no longer want to experience any feelings and demonstrate them to the whole world. Men are afraid of spiritual closeness, they are afraid of true and deep feelings not only from their side, but also from the woman's side.

Many men believe that girls who want a successful man and agree to the status of a kept woman cannot love, because they sell their bodies for money to the one who will give more money and gifts. But men are mistaken, because the status of a kept woman hides real problems when money is needed, just like men, broken hearts and wounded souls, disappointment in men and around the world, and much more.

How to win a successful man? 5

“I want a successful and rich man, but I don’t have an ideal figure and appearance, I don’t have beautiful expensive dresses” and such similar phrases can be heard from any woman who plans to become a kept woman. Of course, men are attracted by a good fit figure, a beautiful face, but this does not always happen. Every man is different, so everyone has different tastes, but every man is attracted by the smile on the woman's face, the radiance in her eyes, and cheerfulness.

How to win a man
How to win a man

No dress and beauty will help if you have eternal dissatisfaction with this world and eternal problems in life on your face, because then a man will understand that he will also endure these problems and feed on this negative energy. And as mentioned above, a man needs a consumer relationship in order not to be burdened with problems, difficulties, so that he cannot endure his brain, etc.

After watching movies and TV series, you can see that rich men fall in love with sad, unhappy and dissatisfied women, but in the real real world everything is completely different, so you need to add a smile to your life. A huge portion of a smile, based on this, men will be saturated with positive energy and reach out to you.

Learn to perceive your life as a game. Imagine that you have many lives, a lot of energy, and you can always start over. If some kind of failure happened, something did not work out, then do not be discouraged, but start over or start from scratch. It will become much easier to live like this, and men will begin to pay attention to it, because a woman player is always something interesting. And the woman herself will become much easier and more interesting to live, because every failure will be perceived as a step to success.

Of course, you can't do without mental abilities. Men love smart ladies. And especially the wealthy and successful, because it is thanks to their intelligence that they have achieved success in one area or another. A man wants to talk, and an intelligent interlocutor will be many times more interesting for him than one who cannot connect two words.

How to win a man
How to win a man

Smart women know how to adapt, they are like mice that can crawl into any hole. Reasonable women will always extol their man and show with all their behavior that it is the man who is the main in their pair. Let him think so, it is not difficult for a woman to play, and a man is happy and satisfied.

In conclusion, I would like to say that not everyone is able to hook a successful and rich man. Such a man can only be hooked on by a strong-willed, lively woman who has her own outlook on life and her strong opinion. Men are attracted by a character such that a woman does not put a finger in her mouth, she will bite off to the elbow.

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