Who Is Better To Marry: A Russian Or A Foreigner?

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Who Is Better To Marry: A Russian Or A Foreigner?
Who Is Better To Marry: A Russian Or A Foreigner?

Video: Who Is Better To Marry: A Russian Or A Foreigner?

Video: Who Is Better To Marry: A Russian Or A Foreigner?
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Relationship with a foreign man
Relationship with a foreign man

It is clear from the statistics that the number of Russian women entering into marriage with foreigners is increasing. In 2017, more than 11 marriages with citizens of other states were registered in Moscow. This is 2.5 times more than in the previous decade. And this still does not take into account the unofficially formalized relationship with a foreign man.

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  • 1 Who is in demand among women?
  • 2 Why not a Russian?
  • 3 Does cultural difference unite or divide?
  • 4 Marrying a Foreigner: Pros and Cons
  • 5 Conclusion

Who is in demand among women? i

This is not surprising. It has long been considered a normal situation when people leave for work in other countries, settle, entering a multinational society, in which they find the only one. Sometimes social networks or marriage agencies help in acquaintance. According to statistics, most often the partners of Russian women are the British, Germans and Italians. Fewer partners from more exotic countries in Asia and Africa.

Why not a Russian? 2

Well, there are many reasons: some women are unhappy with their compatriots and do not imagine that they could again enter into some kind of connection with them. At the same time, they name their negative features, such as untidiness, negligence in everyday life, lack of culture, lack of respect for a partner, ambition and efforts in life.

The latter is especially striking in Russia, which ranks 4th in the number of women entrepreneurs in the world. It is no secret that modern women are much more active in taking advantage of development opportunities than many men.

Sometimes curiosity prevails. Someone is interested in dark-skinned men, they are attracted by the exoticism of a distant country with its culture. Some of the women just fall in love and build a relationship with a foreign man, without taking into account anything.

According to reviews from women's forums, Russians do not compliment women, do not regard them as princesses, and rarely talk about their feelings. Perhaps this is why many women choose relationships with people of other cultures.

car and girl
car and girl

Does cultural difference unite or divide? 3

Elizabeth, 30, whose husband was German by birth, says that the differences between her and her partner were not so great that there were difficulties in solving any

issues: “The characteristic people from Germany are restrained politeness.

In the beginning it seemed unnatural to me, but then I decided that in everyday life it is very convenient: it is better for

strangers to be kind to each other than indifferent. I speak German well, so we had no problems communicating.


Currently my partner speaks a little Russian, which gives me great joy. Our children will probably speak two languages, which I consider to be an additional advantage of our union."

Another Russian woman who married a German says: “Everything is on schedule for him. Even sex is scheduled for certain dates. " This is hard to imagine in Russian realities, but it is often found in Germany. And what seems to be the norm for the Germans is savagery for the Russians.

Marrying a Foreigner: Pros and Cons 4

Unfortunately, a relationship with a foreign man has both advantages and disadvantages. Differences in religion, culture, language barrier - all this appears in marriage with a foreigner in most cases. They say that the most beautiful children are born from relationships in which parents are very different from each other genetically.

So you can expect beautiful children if the marriage lasts until this stage. When getting married, you will need to make a decision to move. If the woman is the only child in the family, the situation is presented in the worst light.


Such relationships are associated with separation from loved ones and the country, as well as the need to adapt to someone else's environment. Parents will need to face old age alone. And it pulls back home. In addition, sometimes you cannot agree with anyone as you would with a compatriot.

With the help of language, we express our attitude to reality, so we will never understand anyone as well as a compatriot. In a conversation with a loved one, suddenly some word or its analogue may not be enough, so the text will never be as clear and understandable.

Of course, this is not the main obstacle, but in some situations it can be annoying and lead to misunderstandings. In addition, each nation has its own sense of humor, its own mentality.

But for many, the very fact of traveling to another country is an undoubted advantage, because one day you will have to see his family. Getting to know other people and learning about their customs is always a fun adventure. A Russian woman who has entered into a relationship with a foreign man expects the pleasure of research and new discoveries.


For details on how to marry a foreigner, read our article further on the link.

Conclusion 5

In most cases, happiness does not depend on the nationality of the spouse. People are different in all the peoples of the world. And over time, the differences between the spouses begin to fade, it will be important what they create together. For such a union to be successful, apart from feelings, respect, support, acceptance of “otherness”, curiosity and, above all, the desire to work on relationships are important.

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