Who Should Be In Charge Of The Relationship? And What Does It Mean?

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Who Should Be In Charge Of The Relationship? And What Does It Mean?
Who Should Be In Charge Of The Relationship? And What Does It Mean?

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Man and woman
Man and woman

Who is in charge in a relationship - such a question often arises among young couples. And, of course, everyone is trying to prove that he is in charge. It is especially surprising when girls begin to prove this, foaming at the mouth. I just want to ask, why do you, dear, need a rag instead of a man? But first things first.

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  • 1 Who is in charge in the relationship?
  • 2 What does this mean?
  • 3 Who is the boss in the house?
  • 4 Who would you like to be the head of your relationship?

Who is in charge of the relationship? I

Very often in the family, it seems, the husband earns decently, but the woman is the main one in the relationship. Or, on the contrary, the little peasant is unprepossessing, his wife rides around her neck all her life, and she only bends her head lower, and wipes herself off. How so? What is the yardstick for family leadership?

In the relationship between a man and a woman, the one in charge is the one who has more and stronger levers of control (we will call it that for convenience).

What does this mean? 2

When I heard such a song "… But the one who loves is weaker, and who does not love is stronger." And it is true. If a person loves his life partner more strongly, if he is afraid of losing, he will make any sacrifices. That is, if the wife loves more strongly, then the husband has a lever of control - he will be the head in the relationship, because he will yield to his beloved. And she can scream when she pleases, and arrange tantrums, without fear that the beloved will turn around and leave. In general, the man is not the head here.

Another situation is a man is simply a leader in character. There will be no questions here - of course, he will be the head. Why? Because, if he is a leader, then he is used to dictating to whom and how to act in everything.

By the way, the levers are not necessarily love. For some, this is money - a man earns more, is a breadwinner, which means that he is the head. A woman earns more, which means that she manages finances, makes decisions and dominates relationships.

Very often the child becomes the lever. That is, let's say a man and a woman do not live very well. A man cannot tolerate the headship of his wife, and she does not want to be number 2 in any way. The man would have left, but … children. And while they still cannot independently decide with whom to stay, the man endures everything in order to stay with them.

It happens that the lever is an apartment, housing, other factors (where people converge without serious feelings). So that the landlord does not ask to vacate the premises, you have to put up with his domination. It happens.

And yet, more often than not, the one who has a tougher character becomes the head of the relationship. It is generally accepted that this is a man, however, this is far from the case.

Who's the boss? 3

The head is a man. When a man is in charge in a relationship, or takes a leading role, this, I think, is right. It is the man who must make decisions, no matter how difficult it is, be responsible for it. This man should be the main earner in the family. Yes, a wife can work, but the main earner must still be a man.

who should dominate
who should dominate

It happens that a woman reaches more serious heights in her career. And still, never a real man will sit on the neck of his beloved. To protect, maintain, be a "stone wall" for a woman, this is all a man's destiny. That is why he is the head of the family. But it happens that this is not why a man becomes the head.

He becomes simply because he is stronger. Doesn't tolerate any objections. That is, why support and be protection and support? You can just raise your voice, or even swing your fist - and that's it! The whole family is like silk! I have never understood this and will not understand.

The head in a relationship is a woman. Failure happens and a woman takes on men's responsibilities. However, this is not called a failure, because it was not in vain that many years ago our beauties fought for equality. And even achieved it!

And now the unfortunate lady, after working at some construction site, rushes home, on the way runs into the kindergarten for the child, then to the store, flies home, and begins to cook dinner. Beloved at this time had already come home from work, fell on the sofa and patiently waits for the faithful to call to the table.

who should be the leader in the relationship
who should be the leader in the relationship

Beloved, of course, will call you to the table, and ask about the work, and say what needs to be done tomorrow. Well it is she who decides how her family will live. It is she who is the head of the relationship. And if a loved one dares to insert a word, so you can shout. For not fig! Well, family relationships like this are not uncommon. Although they look ugly enough, no matter what you say.

Relationships where there is simply no chapter. This also happens. At first glance, such a relationship strives for the mutual leadership of a man and a woman, but in fact, neither one nor the other tolerates any superiority over themselves. Any decision not made by him is taken with hostility, or complete indifference to each other's actions. “I'll go with the girls to a cafe, have some coffee?”, “What are you asking? I'm not holding you."

Or “Mash, I'm fishing with the men. What should I take with me?”,“What do you need, then take it, why are you asking me?”. These are couples who live together by pure chance. By the way, when they disperse, they are not too worried about this. They never became relatives to each other, but why worry about strangers?

A relationship where both a man and a woman act as the head. In such a pair, complete harmony reign, they understand each other, trust each other and accept everything that a loved one offers them. Everything is so correct here that even the word "headship" is not acceptable. Any decision of a man is made by his woman with the understanding “That's exactly what had to be done.

who dominates the relationship
who dominates the relationship

Well done you are with me,”but, again, a woman's proposal is always welcome. Major decisions are made together, together. It is not dominated by a husband-dictator or a hysterical wife, respect for each other always reigns here, which means joint leadership in relationships. Do you think this is a utopia? Well, why … Sometimes such couples meet.

Who would you like to be the head of your relationship? 4

Of course, it is best not to share this status as “Head of the family (relationship)” and not pull the “blanket over yourself”. If a loved one lives with you, this is happiness. Why do you need to be sure to control it, push him or her under your heel, insist only on your decision? Wouldn't it be better to sit down at the table in the evening, pour yourself some tea, and think about how to solve such a problem? No, it is customary, of course, for a man to solve all problems. But if your friend or wife considers this to be harassment, two people should solve the problem.

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