Who Is A Sapiosexual And How To Win An Intelligent Partner?

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Who Is A Sapiosexual And How To Win An Intelligent Partner?
Who Is A Sapiosexual And How To Win An Intelligent Partner?

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Modern tastes of men and women are quite varied. Guys drool after cute, slender beauties with seductive breasts. The girls sparkle with their eyes, watching a rich little man on the horizon. How many people, so many preferences. Some people like sports personalities, others are witty … And, the third like only smart, well-read people. Such individuals are called sapiosexuals. A person who falls in love with the "brain" of the opposite sex.

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  • 1 Lover of reasoning and philosophy
  • 2 Sapiosexual image
  • 3 Man is a rational creature
  • 4 Educated woman
  • 5 In love with the "brain"
  • 6 No rush
  • 7 How to win the "smart guy"
  • 8 The importance of the "inner" beauty of the mind
  • 9 Sequins for magpies
  • 10 When Silence Is Gold
  • 11 "Speak" and conquer
  • 12 Develop mental abilities
  • 13 Book is the best helper
  • 14 Excursions to the right places
  • 15 Personal development
  • 16 Do not include "literacy"
  • 17 A Few Bucks To Tell About Dante
  • 18 The mind adorns women and men
  • 19 What a sapiosexual doesn't like
  • 20 What a sapiosexual likes
  • 21 Thinking and emotion
  • 22 Decent Man

A lover of reasoning and philosophy

Sapiosexual is an extraordinary person. The very word "sapiosexual" reveals the essence of an unusual person. From Latin "sapio" means - "clever, judicious". A person related to this term has a sexual attraction to the opposite sex with increased intellectual abilities. They are strongly attracted by natures with sharp and daring thinking, able to reason and express their thoughts. A philosophical conversation with an intelligent partner is a wonderful prelude to the birth of great love.

Sapiosexual look2

Sapiosexuals have high IQs. They appreciate the ability to reason and express their thoughts when communicating with the opposite sex. An absolutely unimportant factor is the appearance and physical characteristics of the interlocutor, who shines with intelligence and punishes with eloquence. And at the same time, sapiosekuala will not be impressed by a pretty person in a new-fashioned wardrobe with a narrow mindset and silly jokes.

Sapiosexuals are imaginative, broad-minded and have a great sense of humor. They are characterized by irony and sarcasm.


Man is a reasonable creature 3

Sapiosexuals are very rare lately and nevertheless, such subjects exist. Sapiosexual men do not look at the sexy figure of the stronger sex. Instead of a fashionable hairstyle, he is worried about what is in the head of a pretty young lady. The wind and extravagant thoughts flying into one ear and flying out of the other will completely alienate the guy, even from the most sexy beauty.

Educated woman4

Among women, there are also sapiosexuals. They like to see and hear a smart guy who has read a lot of books and thinks about serious things. No matter how heavy his wallet is, the main thing is in which direction his brain functions work. Only educated guys are attracted to intelligent young ladies. They know how to think, reason, philosophize, indulge in deep reasoning, full of meaning.

In love with the "brain" 5

"Sapiosexuality" is not considered a separate sexual orientation. A person may belong to the category of "sapiosexuals" and not be aware of their own characteristics. At one point, he is no longer interested in "ordinary" people and is attracted only by educated and intelligent individuals. To understand that the subject belongs to the category of sapiosexual, it is necessary to highlight several important features.

people in love with intellectuals
people in love with intellectuals

No rush6

Sapiosexuals do not seek to immediately start a serious relationship. They have been carefully selecting candidates for the position of the "second half" for quite a long time. First of all, they pay attention to the mental abilities, intelligence of the opposite sex, his (or her) manner of conducting a conversation, the ability to reason. Sapiosexuals consider any rush in love affairs a frivolous and harmful decision.

How to win a "smart guy" 7

Do not think that getting the attention of a sapiosexual requires knowledge of the encyclopedia of the world. They value all aspects of emotional intelligence. They will be interested in natures with a good sense of humor, mature thinking and an extraordinary point of view. The person who is eloquent, reasonable, firmly convinced of his point of view and gravitates to various reasoning becomes the most attractive object.

The importance of the "inner" beauty of the mind8

If a girl is not smart and educated enough, she loses the chance to attract a guy - a sapiosexual. A slender body, fashionable clothes and a beautiful face pales against the background of stupid chatter, silly laughs and absurd questions. Limited thinking and poor conversation will not leave a trace in the heart of a sapiosexual.

intelligent couple
intelligent couple

Sequins for magpies9

Intelligent boys and girls are contemptuous of displaying wealth and popularity. They are indifferent to any tinsel and illustrative brilliance. They do not take much pleasure in going to clubs and discos. They prefer to spend time in a small circle of interesting people.

When silence is golden_8212

Most of all sapiosexuals are annoyed by idle talk, silly talk and feigned laughter. They don't like it when a person speaks out of place and tries to fill the resulting silence with chatter. They often leave or avoid the company if they are bored and not interested among those present. The best leisure for intellectuals is a good book or educational film.

"Speak" and conquer10

Sexually, sapiosexuals are very picky and attentive people. They don't have a lot of intimate experiences and won't go to bed on the first date. They do not understand the physical attraction to a person who does not attract with his mind. If a girl is not an interesting interlocutor, a sapiosexual guy will not have a sexual desire for her body, no matter how seductive it may appear. He does not need simple sex with a person with whom to talk about anything.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Develop mental abilities11

To attract the attention of a sapiosexual man, a woman needs to pay attention not only to her appearance, but also to her education. Love for "reasonable man" has a chance of reciprocity if you increase your own intellectual abilities. Such a guy will be impressed by his knowledge of foreign languages, quoting classical works, and the ability to maintain an intellectual conversation.

The book is the best helper12

Reading books will help expand your horizons and knowledge. It is not enough to have “tabloid” novels with a love story in your personal library. You need to read deep informative publications, which contain interesting information for thought. Fiction books by classics with a philosophical bias can make good teachers. Quotations that affect the mind and soul are best written out in a separate notebook. They are useful for deep life reasoning alone or when talking with a sapiosexual.

Excursions to the right places13

You can diversify the gray life not only by going to the nearest cafe or cinema. Museums, theaters and interesting trainings will help kill “two birds with one stone: have a good time and replenish your mental reserves. The flow of information received should be subject to reflection and discussion. An empty walk to such events will not help replenish your "mental reserve".

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Personal development14

To find an intelligent and interesting man, you need to become a reasonable and independent lady yourself. Self-development helps to improve your best qualities. A woman who is engaged in self-development becomes more interesting, smarter, more attractive and independent. She understands what she is striving for, what goals she is achieving and what kind of man she wants to see next to her. Such a girl understands many things, and at the same time does not become an "arrogant".

Do not include "literacy" 15

Having a head on your shoulders is good, both literally and figuratively. A meditating lady is a crown for her partner.

A smart woman will never make "stupid mistakes" that are destructive to the relationship of partners:

  • She does not demonstrate her intellectual abilities in a demonstrative manner.
  • Absorbing knowledge, the young lady not only understands, but also has a sincere interest in the information received.
  • A smart lady will not make fun of a person who is deluded in the "topic". Especially if there is a man in front of her - a sapiosexual, whom the woman is trying to conquer with her mind.
smart couple
smart couple

Intellectuals, women who are literate enough to understand in which situation it is necessary to show off the mind, and in which it is better to remain silent.

A few bucks for a story about Dante16

The feature film Spirit Slut tells the story of a man who cheated on his wife with educated prostitutes from a brothel. The hero of the film paid money to cheeky girls to discuss Dante's works. History clearly demonstrates how important thinking and education are in a woman, even to representatives of the "ancient profession". It is not easy for a sapiosexual man in the modern world. The percentage of stupid women or "empty-headed dolls" with bright, beautiful faces is quite large.

Mind Beautifies Women and Men17

Eloquence and developed intellect fill a person with special charm and charm. Such a person is an interesting conversationalist and a well-rounded personality. Even sexually, brains play a big role. Only a smart partner talks about what can please the other half.

The sapiosexual does not rush to the selfish impulses of animal passion. He develops a whole strategy, studies suitable literature, before going to bed with a young lady and making love. He collects and uses information to build relationships and carnal play. The sapiosexual knows where the erogenous zones are located on the partner's body, how to touch them and what to do for the woman's sensual pleasure.

intellectual girl
intellectual girl

What a sapiosexual doesn't like18

The number of sapiosexuals has recently increased significantly. To determine whether this or that person belongs to the category of "sapiosexuals", it is enough to speculate on the following facts.

Sapiosexuals strongly dislike:

  • Empty talk "about nothing."
  • People who are fixated on fashion news and appearance.
  • Sex on the first date.
  • Stupid and boring people.

Intelligent personalities withdraw from intercourse on the first date. They do not get married at random and in everything they act according to the rule: "Measure seven times, cut one."

What a sapiosexual likes19

The following statements confirm belonging to the type of "mentally developed" people. Sapiosexuals are positive about such factors:

girl with a book
girl with a book
  • Intelligent and deep conversations with partners.
  • In the presence of education and eloquence, a representative of the opposite sex seems more attractive and interesting.
  • The appearance of a man or woman fades into the background.

Don't think that sapiosexuals don't like pretty girls or guys. They will not be attracted by smart individuals who do not meet personal preferences at all. The appearance of the partner certainly matters. But the presence or absence of mind plays a decisive role.

Thinking and emotions20

Sometimes sapiosexuals are confused with demisexuals. The former are in no hurry to fall into a maelstrom of love feelings until they can fully be convinced of the mental merits of a guy or a girl. The latter are in no hurry to start a relationship with a partner until they feel a strong emotional attachment to the person. If the subject experiences a strong emotional connection when attracted to an intellectual person, then he refers to the concept of "demi" and "sapio" -sexuals.

Decent Man21

Nobody likes stupid people. Watching a man with the qualities of a sapiosexual, women sigh with admiration: "He is so smart!" They are certainly impressed by the ability to think, which is not inherent in every representative of the stronger sex.

who smart girls fall in love with
who smart girls fall in love with

Some people see the image of a "smart peasant" with boring notations and an impassive gaze. This is not true. A sapiosexual guy will not only tell something new, but also make you laugh to tears and support you in difficult times. A man clearly understands how and under what circumstances he should behave.

A sapiosexual partner is a rarity in the modern world. But you should not be upset if your beloved, instead of popular science literature, takes a hammer and sickle in his hands and reaches out for physical labor. To each his own. The presence of education does not remove from a person "inner beauty", which is inherent in all kind and simple people.

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