3 Reasons Guys Choose Older Women

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3 Reasons Guys Choose Older Women
3 Reasons Guys Choose Older Women

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sexy woman
sexy woman

It seems that men are always fascinated by the youth and freshness of their chosen ones. But it turns out that this is not entirely true. And many guys are beginning to realize that older women beckon them like a magnet. If not for a happy marriage, then at least for sex. So why are these beauties so attractive? There are, in fact, several answers.

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  • 1 She knows what she wants and knows how to have fun
  • 2 Give me an "understanding mother"
  • 3 I don't understand my peers

She knows what she wants and knows how to have fun

Of course, everyone wants to have fun in bed. But, for men it is also often important to be good lovers in the eyes of the chosen one. This greatly affects men's self-esteem. So, the older a woman is, the more she understands what and how she gets pleasure. Consequently, she herself reaches orgasm faster, and the man feels at his best.

Give me an understanding mother 2

Flowers, champagne, your own apartment where you can bring your girlfriend. How many different requirements are presented to a guy who just wants to have sex! And if everything is simpler? Just find a “understanding mother” who will feed, give to drink and bring you to her apartment. No, this is not a weakness. It's just that men don't grow up overnight either.

I don't understand my peers3

“Today everything was fine, and the next day she threw a tantrum and said that I must understand why,” user Sergo shares on one forum.

adult woman
adult woman

For older beauties, everything is easier - no tantrums for you, and if you don't understand the hints, they will tell you a lot to your face. Yes, and after a certain age, it turns out that menstruation is not at all a reason to deny yourself pleasure. The female cycle returns to normal. And many of the fair sex physiologically feel much less pain and malaise, compared to adolescence.

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